Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Im ol...der : (

As a birthday treat to mua, ive decided not to be a blogger virgin anymore. why you may ask? coz I hate the fact that im facing the big 3-0. for a couple of years, ive been telling people that im 18 plus minus few years…woohoo..plus minus few years my foot! more like adding a gazillion years. It doesn’t help that I have added 5 miserable pounds to my weight..boohoo. what laugh laugh? cannot meh? more to love me what??

Anyway this year I thought I would make things easier for my family and friends. This year, instead of receiving things I don’t need or want (ma, I still have that blender. Anna, I still have that all dressed up coconut? and bob, u still own me the other half of that jail stripe sock!) I decided to tell people what I needed.

A few minutes ago, I told tina that I need a new perfume (CD finished oredi). you know what she said?!

Erm, no. I think I’ll get you a fitness first membership card. What??? Can like that wan meh?!! People ask for something they need and they get something they totally don’t need? Ok, ok, I do need it…but…I really need the perfume : (

Fine, be like that, I’m getting you a blender for your birthday…. Muahaha *devilish laugh* what? (innocently) I do need to give someone the unused blender…

p/s i received so may frames this year...why??? im not a camerawhore and never will be so why the frames?? Just received another pressie from bing and 10 points for the right guess! Yupp u got it right, its another frame!!!! Although i have to commend his effort coz it may look like a frame but its not really a frame...i mean it is a frame but its one of those frames that comes with an album..get it? Ok im getting confuse myself...i'll stop explaining here. but if u ever need a frame, u know where to find me! Its all about recycling now..heh!