Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Burning money away!

It’s not raya if you don’t see people playing firecrackers, newspapers reporting stories about children fingers/limbs getting amputated, eyes being blown away and hair being singed all due to firecrackers. What is it about firecrackers that have people from all ages fascinated and excited by them.

When I was young, I had two prominent accidents involving them.

First, my pyromaniac brother, for some reason that only he can make sense of actually burnt a small hole on my left palm which left a small scar until now. The scar may not be that visible to the naked eyes but believe me its there! (yes mima, I’m talking about my one and only brother!). Once when I was challenged to see an astrologer for palm reading, she paused a while when she got to the left palm… she actually said that,’You have the mark of the ‘Special One’…. Shiiish!! I don’t look like Jose Mourinho do I?? Memang sah kencing punya kes!!!

Second, again the big bully punya angkara when he purposely pulled one of those cracker-jacks knowing how terrified I was with them which saw me running a 100km/h and tried to do a David Copperfield into a door…. the head-on collision (no airbags mind you..) split open my upper lip! And again, you may not see the scar but believe me its there! (and yet again, yes mima, I’m talking about him!)

Anyway, yesterday I bought a few for cheeky bom bom and my dearest and me to play. Surmise to say that I was a very very careful driver yesterday for fear of being hailed by the police. I could just imagine today’s headline:

“A banker arrested in possession of illegal firecrackers!”

Shiiish, the risk I take for my loved ones!

Enough said though, oh what a joy it was to see the big laughter on them and me!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Some kind of wind!

During our first road trip together, our relationship was still kind of new. Certain boundaries have yet to be crossed. But spend a few hours driving around together, and well, boundaries go out the window and into the cool UK air.

We were about to go on a pretty long drive but my tummy, however, was in no condition to go on a long drive. It hurt like hell. I went to a drugstore and stood in front of the medical supplies storage for about five minutes where nothing really seemed to describe my symptoms. I needed a drug that said, "For when you feel like you are about to give birth to a baby elephant with spikes."

I decided I would just suck it up and got in the car. The problem was that, we were about to head out to an unknown turf which my guess was that there wouldn't be many restrooms along the way.

So we start driving, heading into the middle of nowhere, my contractions were about 5 minutes apart.

I didn't know if it was moving into the higher altitude, but the urge hit me to pass some gas. Now, at this point, I have not farted in front of my dearest (at least none that he knew about). But I had no choice. My colon decided to emit at that point one of those nasty, silent farts that I can only unimaginatively describe as stinky-poo. It was silent, so I thought maybe I'd get away with it. But then I realized about .000000000001 seconds after I did it, that he would most definitely know about it, and he would know too much. There was no way he could not have noticed, because it was the kind of flatulence you needed an iron lung for. I almost died from embarrassment.

I've never smelled a fart so fast and so bad. So right after it happened, I said to him, "Well, the good news is I feel better..."

But before I could even tell him the bad news, he got the bad news. He pretty much had his head out the window trying to suck in as much air as he could. He was laughing and gasping and not believing I was capable of such a thing. As we drove by, I think I saw trees dying and a couple of cows were like, "Oh babe, was that you?"

By that incident, I measured my dearest as a potential good life partner. One who will cover my ass as I’ll do his...hehe!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Driving sensation!

I got lost today! Yes people, I am really really lousy with directions. I kid you not. When it comes to directions, I have shorter memory span than of Dory from Finding Nemo.

You put me in a new place; I get lost.

You let me practice driving to the new place for 2 weeks before hand, I still get lost.

If I haven’t been driving to a certain place for more than 2 weeks, I’ll most likely get lost.

Make me drive to a place in the daytime where I usually drive during the night (or vice versa); I get lost.

I keep getting lost, even on journeys I've done 100 times as a passenger.

Anyway, I was super early to work this morning but put it down to my luck…no parking spots! All my favourite spots were already filled up…sabar jelah. Being puasa month and all, I nicely cursed in my head. I decided to drive around trying to find another spot.

In the early morning darkness and quietness, it was quite hard to see where I was going. I just kept driving and driving, looking right and left, there wasn't another car in sight. I was actually driving for only few minutes (but it had seemed like hours) when I realized that I have actually ventured into a new ‘never gone before’ territory. Then the panic started to set in. I just kept thinking that I would run out of gas and there wouldn't be any other cars, and I would be stuck here and I wouldn't ever.... bottom line was, I panicked!

Swallowing my pride, I had to call my colleague for direction back to the office (like how spastic can I be!).

At the end, I had to park illegally.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taken from Star Online!

NEWS FLASH: DNA confirms body found in bag is Nurin

PETALING JAYA: The police have confirmed that the body found stuffed in a sports bag on Monday in Petaling Jaya is that of missing girl Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Petaling Jaya OCPD ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed, speaking to reporters here on Thursday, said DNA tests confirmed the body found in a shophouse at Jalan PJS1, Petaling Jaya Utama is that of Nurin, 8, who had been missing since Aug 20

The poor parents... Me, a stranger, a fellow parent, can shed tears over this...I can only imagine their state of mind right now.

May she rest in peace!

love-hate relationship with Ikea!

Everytime I go to Ikea I will end up with lighter purse than originally intended. And the weekend prior to puasa month was no exception. I guess by now, most people in KL would have gotten Ikea’s latest catalogue. And like all ardent fan of Ikea, I immediately spotted something (there’s always something *rolling eyes*) that I wanted which would have cost me a mere RM7.90 only. Dirt cheap! So I thought…

Laden with past experiences, I had hardened my heart against other possible temptation right from the moment I set my foot out from home. I was determining to be a hunter and not a food gatherer!

So did I achieve my target to get just the measly RM7.90 vase?

Yes and no!

I got the vase along with so many other things! WHY????!!! Why can’t I be focused??

Why must I be tempted with the bland Scandinavian food? The cute little gizmos? The adorable things that is no use to me at all? WHY???

As if in a demonic Mona Fendi trance, the act of slinging the bright yellow nylon bag across the shoulders is automatic. Trying to act and tell the world subtly that you’ve just moved to a new duplex condo in Mont Kiara??? NOT!!!

I should have just gone in lenggang kangkung, took what I wanted, pay and get out.

But the thing was, each item that I picked seems to be cheaper than the last. But when you actually get to the counter to pay…MAK DATUK! It was no longer RM7.90! Plus the lunch itself was 3 times that! That much I can tell you!

So what have I learned (but never wisen up)?

Ikea have good but malicious marketing ploy!

1. Design really simple made from cheap stuff but with class and cool modern design sense, they can charge a premium!

2. Post up the designer’s face by the product as if its John Galiano or Tom Ford as though its couture (Designer carpet, frying pan …yeah right!! Apek buat Terompah kat Batu Pahat tu pun couture lah kot! ) and they can charge a bomb!

3. You’d have to assemble these items yourself to save their cost (Have u ever bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or Stella McCartney evening gown…then Assemble them yourself??)

4. They then make the exit embarrassing for those who don’t buy anything. So most people ended up buying any of the cheap items in the heap just before the cashier….afterall, can rebate the parking maaa….

But then again, I am a shopaholic!

You might think with their rocketed daily sales, Ikea would be smiling to the Bank?? Apparently the smile is not wide enough for its management, they have changed the menu for the worse…no more the ever popular meatballs but substituted with some sort of processed meat slice (Which is the same as the meat balls but flat) I figure they can sell less meat for the same price…at the consumer’s expense. The free flow Espresso & Cappuccino is GONE!!! Its just coffee and milk only….for the same price as before!!

And the worst oxymoronic fact is ….. I still dig the place!! Aaaaaaargh!!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How's everyone today?

Oh, hello. My, how I've neglected you. Sorry. I've been busy and not caring about my blog.

I'm still not sure I care, but boredom has urged me to create a new post, although I've got nothing to tell you of great importance.

Wow, I'm getting bad at this whole blogging thing, no?

I am very tired. I want to say that I've been this tired for the last 10 years or so. But that would be a lie.

I used to wake up at 6 AM. Now that’ its fasting month, my schedule changed to 5 AM. Oh, the big 1 hour difference. Then, I would still be tired here and there, but now, I’m in a constant state of being tired, I am beyond tired!!

I daydream about sleeping. I actually take naps. Naps! My yawns are monumental. Not only are they contagious, but they've been known to cause sudden narcolepsy in those who witness them. I urge people to treat me like the sun when I yawn; don't stare directly at me. It can hurt.

Oh, I know there are people worse off than I with worse schedules and worse commutes and worse lives, but I don't care much for them.

I care about my life and how tired I feel and what utterly nonsense I’m putting down here..shish!

But the good thing is, I am so bogged down with work that time just slipped by quite fast.

The bad thing is, by 5pm I would have to fight tooth and nail with other drivers all rushing home to berbuka!...yes, whilst yawning and all!

Monster on the loose!

Child found sexually assaulted and killed
PETALING JAYA: She was just a little girl. But that did not stop some sick monster from killing her after sexually assaulting her.

Her naked body was stuffed into a sports bag and left at the staircase of a shop lot in PJS1/48 Petaling Utama yesterday.

There were bruises on her neck, suggesting that she may have been strangled. There were also bruises on her hands.

Petaling Jaya police chief Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohd confirmed a post mortem report that the killer had placed a cucumber and a brinjal in the girl’s private parts.

“She must have endured so much pain before she died,” he said.

As a mother, I couldn't bring myself to read the full story; it’ll just stress me out. The bits and pieces I heard was enough to make want to puke. What kind of sick, twisted, mentally ill animal-person would do such a thing? Aren’t there enough prostitutes around for him to have a bit of fun? Why a child? Why kill? He disgustingly and violently took a small girl’s life away, easily!

We were all born with a brain and a heart. At some point in his life, surely someone would have taught him to use either one. Did he forget?

I hope once he’s caught, he will be put away for life. I am totally terrified if we EVER release known killers. How can any person ever recover from taking life? Who wants them for a neighbor, mechanic, hair dresser, WHAT??????

Thursday, September 13, 2007

History made-1st day ramadhan 2007!

PETALING JAYA: A powerful earthquake shook western Indonesia for the second straight day Thursday morning at about 7.49am (Malaysian time) and triggered a tsunami warning in Indonesia.

Although tremors were felt in parts of the Klang Valley at around 8.15am, the Malaysian Meteorological Department said there was no tsunami threat to Malaysia at that time.

The tremors were felt at high-rise buildings in Kuala Lumpur including the Menara TM building in Lembah Pantai and Nikko Hotel at Jalan Ampang. - Star Online

Me and my colleagues felt the tremors this morning! Most of us were quite relaxed about it though, in fact i think we were more excited than scared…

I've always wondered why those people who died in collapsed buildings due to earthquakes did not ran out from the buildings the moment they felt the tremors...now I know why!

It was surreal!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dashing a dream!

I have visions of a new house. I have visions of a master bathroom with a big oval bathtub and dual sinks. I have visions of a nice kitchen with dark cabinets, sprawling counter space and stainless steel appliances. That is all I'm really asking for. The house doesn't need to be 3000 square feet. Heck, it doesn't even need to be 2000 square feet. A spacious 1800-1900 square feet would be fine! The kitchen counters don't need to be granite and the sinks and bathtub don't need to be marble, they don't even need to be porcelain. My requests are not high end ringgit, just functional and nice. Space is the main request. Counter space. Bathroom space. Closet space. Living room space.... mega space!

But why is so difficult to find my dream house within my budget in the vicinity I want in Kuala Lumpur? Why??!!!!

At the rate we're going, most likely we will just renovate our current house. I reckon we could probably increase the space to 2000 square feet. It's no bunglo but bolehlah. Which also mean that most likely we will stay put at this tempat jin bertendang and Ally will have to prepare her kids as if they are going for a long journey balik kampung if ever they have to visit me..hehe!

And so here we go...

Thank you to all the new commentators out there who came out of hiding or just found me. I love getting comments just like everyone else, from legitamate bloggers of course and not the spamtastic assholes. I also found some great new blogs to read and I have also learned to be a better comment leaver!

It's obvious that I don't have many readers, but there are a few faithful ones. So, it's time for me to say thank you. Really. Thank you for actually reading this boring little blog of mine. You make me feel like I'm not just talking to myself.

I realize I don't have anything unique going here, I'm not hilarious and I'm not creative or original. This blog is just a reflection of my thoughts day to day. That definitely isn't saying much nor is it typically worth anyone's time.

As for the blogs I read regularly, just know that I visit as often as I can and try to comment but don't always get that chance. Please don't think I'm not reading or anything. I am, sometimes I just don't have anything to say back or don't have time to comment.

Anyway, many many thanks to all of you.

And so ends my sentimental babble.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


That is what I think of my blog lately. Welcome to Emo City, population ME!

I read thru a few recent posts and tried hard not to slap myself. You could have all slapped me instead, just to let me know how stooopid things have been. Really. I count on your honesty. Just don’t drink and leave a post!

My creative juices are dry, nothing exciting is happening (not that it ever does) and I'm just fresh out of entertainment. Ok, well, it's not like I'm known for my entertainment value, but at least I can come up with something to say in most cases, boring as it may be.

... I just wrenched my back.

Yep, this is a suckolicious, craptastic day.Now my mobility is limited, picking up cheeky bom bom will be, well, difficult if not impossible and it hurts.

I hate having a bad back.

My hair and makeup better look damn good today... at the very least!

Its lunchtime now and I’m not having any lunch to get my tummy ready for the puasa month ahead. So I think it's time to step away so that I don't write something even more stupid and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the day.

Have a nice day uols!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I would like to proclaim that a certain supposedly high-end Thai Restaurant located in GE Mall have just been nominated as THE WORST #@%$&?! EATERY in Kuala Lumpur! It was by far the crappiest service I’ve ever been subjected to. Paris Hilton was treated better in the slammer! As efficient as a wooden frying pan, even worse than that famous Chinese restaurant in Soho, London, the irony is that the one in Soho ‘IS’ designed to be rude as part of the exaggerated ,’in your face’ kinda service. My dearest used to have a laugh when he brought his square English friends & office mates there to be welcomed with , “U with ugly blouse, how many? 3?…up!up! upstair!....(after 10 minutes ) So? Ready?What u want?. The MatSallehs would go, “Oh! How very rude! Like Jajar Binks would say….

Anyways back to the story.. 12 of us came in at 8.30pm with growling tummies to celebrate mum’s ## birthday. ½ an hour later, the dishes came 1 by 1! Guess what time the rice came? 10pm!!! 10 fricking pm! 2 hours before midnight! The thing was, no one came to explain or apologized! This is Thai mind you not a Chinese dinner course. The thing is, it wasn’t as if we were the quietest bunch of people. Each one of us played our parts in being the disgruntled unsatisfied customer.

Finally it took 1 Bangladeshi staff with balls of steel the size of coconuts to say that the rice would be ready in 5 minutes time and the delay was because they ran out of rice! It was the most oxymoronic stating the obvious statement of the year. Surely the Manager (The one with Nata de Coco balls the size of an Amoeba) could have foreseen the shortfall! It wasn’t as if we just came in. The family who arrived the same time was happily burping away at the next table. Surely he could have bought some rice from Cozy Corner next door! But no! The brainless twit prefers his customers to blog about how shitty his services are rather than explain the situation to us!

Please! Pretty please with roses on the side. If any of you happen to be in the food business or in any business dealing with hospitality , please don’t ever treat your clientele like that. If I experience a good meal, I might tell my good friend but if I am served as above then I’ll bitch and bitch and bitch with as many of its potential customers…. Word of mouth goes a long way….especially bad ones.

People deserve better for what their money is worth!

What's worse was that we were playing host to a couple of Singaporean. On the eve of our 50th Merdeka some more! shishhh....