Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Monday, March 31, 2008

A taggie!

I was tagged by Tiena to come up with 10 random guilty pleasures. The thing is, it's not that I could not find 10 sins that can give me endless pleasures, it's just that I cannot limit myself to just 10! *grin*

Besides, what I have listed on the right panel of my blog are enough to give you a glimpse of the person that I am....

"Simple yet crazy, nice yet naughty, sweet yet a bitch, cool yet pretty nuts, spend thrift yet shopping spree addict, lovable yet a tigress, love to eat yet on lifetime diet, love to travel yet struggle to find free time, open minded yet strict at times"

Go figure!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcoming myself back from busyland!

I was not buried alive under a mound of cow manure! (just mounds of paper works)

I was not trapped in a smart tunnel!

I was not adopted by Angelina Jolie!

I didn't run away to join the circus!

I was not even in jail for petitioning for a certain politician to step down!

In reality, I have just been super busy this week. The annual report pretty much took up whatever free time I have. Now that its finally out of the way, my life suddenly seems pretty normal again.

All in all, I need a lot of TLC, a good nights sleep and some warm sunshine. Unfortunately, it's been raining almost every afternoon making everything wet and gloomy. My throat hurts as much as my head does. The coughing is pretty bad!

Regardless, once things settle down, I'll rejoin the ranks of bloggers and do my best to entertain the masses *if you can consider my writing entertaining*

Go ahead, lie to me. Constructive criticism has no place here... bold face lies about my awesomeness are much more appreciated!

See you in my next exciting post *grin*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Living up to the bitchy image!

Some of you may be sitting there right now thinking, God, if only I knew what Minah Sepet has been up to lately! I just can't go on with my life until I know!! *yeah right* Well, I'm here to oblige you.

Last week was a big blur to me mostly because my memory sucks.

What I remember most was about me being emotionally up and down. The big red mama paid a visit last week and it really played havoc with my emotion. One minute I was happily humming getting ready to go bowling, the next I was throwing tantrum, threatening to run away from home, over something mundane like a broken compact powder and unwashed dishes.

Although, I do remember about us looking at the empty cage that Prince and Snowball have outgrown and decided on the spot that we should get rabbits to fill it up. We even went to 5 different pet stores to survey the rabbits, went to a rabbit farm in Semenyih where me and the kids (nieces, nephews and cheeky bom bom) nearly died with excitement playing with the cute cuddly flurry rabbits and a guy in Shah Alam promised to bring us to see him newborn rabbits. This rabbity business is extended to this week as we have another appointment tomorrow to see another rabbit farm which hopefully will see us finally deciding on the types of rabbits we are going to add to our little animal farm.

So you really can’t blame me when I tried to recall my activities for the week before and all I get are images of me in a fit of anger and lots of fluffy rabbits!

Btw, anyone has any experience on how to take care of rabbits? Err…and also how to control the mood swing? I was really quite a bitch last week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Now Brown Cow?


“undi BN=Barang Naik, undi PAS=Pasti Anda Silap, undi DAP=Dalam Alam Percintaan (Berangan saja laa..), undi PKR=Pasti Kau Rugi, undi BEBAS=Boleh Engkau Buat Apa Saja. Rumusan: Undilah BN kerana jika BARANG NAIK isteri semakin sayang”


Besar mana Roket hang, panjang mana Keris hang…kalau datang Bulan, simpan dalam seluar saja lah roket & keris tuh!!


“Sahaja aku undi keluar barisan kerana naik roket menuju ke bulan kerana keadilan”


“Sesiapa yang terjumpa seorang rakyat Selangor, rambut putih, berkulit licin semacam, keturunan jawa, agak pendek dan gemar pegang penyapu, sila hubungi balai polis berhampiran. Minta dia tolong PAS kan kunci pejabat MB”

Whatever it is, we all know now the surprising outcome of it all. Sentiments are high ranging from happiness to sadness to anger to disinterested….kinda like the feeling evoked by Petronas adverts.

Come what may, the People have spoken, LOUD & CLEAR. Now it’s their turn to show us what they can do and whether they could keep their promises. They have been saying all this while that in these modern times, they understand the younger generation better than BN. After all they represent Rockets (DAP) and Space Exploration (PAS) whilst BN is still Dacing when the whole world is using digital scales. Sometimes one needs the young to lead the young. You don’t expect Samy Vellu to do the Hip Hop? Hip Pop Crack!! Mungkin lah…

Apparently the current government have failed to listen and satisfy thus frustating the most crucial generation of today….young, intellectual, professional….27 to 40 year olds. Orang macam kita lah!! Which some call it as Generation Starbucks. Why?

Is it because the UMNO youth leader is too engrossed in senior politics and have forgotten his role? When the issue of ‘Youth’ comes about it is translated to ‘Mat Rempits’ only? UMNO youth is seen as a club/pool for parasites trying to make a ‘Buck’ thus avoided by intellectuals and professionals like the plague? UMNO youth have forgotten about the Malay Agenda due to gluttony of government contracts? It’s not cool to be an UMNO fella?

Interviewer: Would you like to join UMNO?
Professional Youth: Ummm……Nooo lah

I dunno lah…Go figure…

The ballot list by SPR is segregated by age. Those born before 1963 will vote in ‘Saluran 1’ 1963 – 1971 ‘Saluran 2’ 1972 to 1986 ‘Saluran 3’. This started in the last election in 2004. So what’s my point??

If one had a brain the size of an Amoeba, one could already suss out that in 2004 Saluran satu will always be pro BN (Org pencen kerajaan, org tua yang takut kalau perang kena makan ubi kayu lagi etc), Saluran 2 less favouring BN and Saluran 3…..BN? Over their dead carcass!! They’d rather shove a Durian up their @$$... This was 2004 OK…’they’ knew that the youths are not voting for them automatically like in 1964…..dulu kalau Dacing letak kambing pun menang!! Basically lost because they’ve forgotten to do their homework..

Thank you BN, for all the education that you’ve given us….we have become smarter & wiser. Unfortunately assuming that the youths are ‘Dumb’ & ‘Blind’ have caught you by surprise. We are not ‘Dumb’ for we have spoken and we are not ‘Blind’ for we can see a brighter path when the deadwoods are cleared.

As they say… To Assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME

Now wake up!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

And they were one...

Last Monday, my in-laws had a pretty grand shindig to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. As usual, the event were jointly organised by their anaks and the menantus under my FIL’s eagle eyed guidance. Lately, all the family activities seem to be that way. What used to be and most of the time, still is his forte (in organising), I think he is slowly relinquishing his reign to prepare his children to take over the duty.

From the coloured theme to the multimedia presentation to the food to the place to the door gifts..etc, the beradiks and the menantus all chipped in. We started of at 6.30pm with cocktail for the friends to mingle and reminisce about nostalgic old times. Right after Maghrib, the event which is similar to a small scale wedding party, started! I must add that the owner of The Kampung Pengantin in Jalan Ampang were most obliging in meeting our every demand.

Though the rain slightly dampened the air and drowning out the multimedia presentation, it was a good night. I was especially proud of my daughter for being brave enough to go up on the stage in front of hundreds of guest rendering a special dedication to her grandparents i.e. Yayie and Neena.

There were hardly any dry eyes when the multimedia presentation (fantastically done by my SIL*kipas sikit*) was shown which depicted their love story which started in 1964 till the present day. And it has to be said that the loudest was my dearest!!! He bawled like a baby and actually had to delegate his ‘speech’ to his sister who also bawled whilst reading the speech especially made to their parents (though not as bad as my dearest)!! Later, I was quite surprised when he asked me if I felt ashamed about him crying. The man who cried at our wedding, cried when our daughter was born and cried during this party!!! Why on earth would I be ashamed? I’m actually very proud that I have landed myself a man who is not afraid to show his feelings! Crybabies are men too….i suppose..

When I stood there enjoying the event, the questions that went through my mind were….

1) How many of us will reach the 40th anniversary? While some of us smoke 2 packs a day, eating heavily fried items everyday, daily TehTarik ….Forget about it!!

2) How many old couples do we know that are still very loving towards one another and still bathe together at times? …comparing the size of tummy flabs ,crinkly knees, amount of silver nose hair or whose nipples are dropping closest to their belly button!!....Not many I tell u..

3) How many couples who really have gone through really bad times and really good times together, yet never fighting at all? Impossible you say….unless you’re married to a Saint

4) How many couples who are truly lucky to be married to their soul mate? Not Elizabeth Taylor or Zsa Zsa Gabor…..or even Ayah Pin

5) How many couples, who others never spoke in condescension but always in a good light? Rosmah and Najib…..NOT!!

6) How many couples that really go out of their way to help others never expect anything in return but just mere ‘thank you’? Mr & Mrs Ah Long…NOT!!

And as I squeezed my dearest’s hand that night, I sent a little prayer to up above hoping that we will be one of those couples……and in the slightest whisper I could hear my dearest say, …………….so I’m gonna be stuck with you for the next 31 years huh!!!