Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Men - What do they want really?

I have always wondered about the saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus'. Can this approach be used in our chain of thoughts when it comes to gift buying for these two genders?

Why is it so difficult to get a gift for a man? I have spent the past umpteen years cracking my brain trying to get the perfect gifts for the men in my life i.e my dearest, good ole dad and my brother. In all those years, I would probably have scored once or twice the perfect present! The rest…blegh!

When we were little, dad has had hundreds of shirts, ties, garden stuff, the odd book, some scary undies & hankies! Now that we are adults, we hope to at least get him something a little more substantial. Hence lots of phone calls between us trying to find out his latest hobby!

Why can't men just be straight forward like a woman when it comes to buying gifts. Buying gifts for my mom and sisters are always fun and easy. Infact, months before any event, birthdays, anniversaries or mother's day, I would dropped hints *really heavy hints* to my dearest for the things that I want!

Replies like 'anything dear' or 'don't go through too much trouble' or 'don't spend too much' or 'Oh, don't make a big deal about my birthday', does not warrant to anything if during spring cleaning, suddenly one find those gifts tucked away at the back of the cupboards (hoping that I will not find out but I did!)!

There were the forgotten shirts, pants, electrical gadgets, cool items to me but apparently not so to them…etc.

This year was no different! I had worn out my shoes last week, hunting for a gift for dad’s birthday. I flirted between shirts *eyes rolling*, pants *what’s new?*, books, socks, electrical gadgets, sporting equipments, etc. But nothing seems to fit the bill….or should I say the budget..hehe.

At last I got him a sport t-shirt!

So did my other siblings!

But they became insignificant, paled in comparison, when we saw what he got for himself!

Duh….I shouldn’t have bothered!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Please come tooth fairy!

Cheeky bom bom has joined friends her age having lost her front tooth.

She was quite upset by it as first especially in view that she is due to present bouquet of flowers to our DYMM Permaisuri Agong in a few weeks time. I have been telling her bedtime stories about a girl with no front tooth which at the end will either became a heroine, married a prince or became the most popular girl in the school.

Help! I’ve ran out of storylines to bullshit! Ideas anyone?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bob the builder!

The past few weeks have been quite stressful for me. Every time it rains, my lawn became a lake. I know that the Chinese believed its good feng shui to buy a house near a water source but having muddy foot prints on the porch was a bit too much for me.

This was made worse with my dearest latest project. You see, he has taken pity on me having to clean the rabbit’s cage daily that he has decided to build them an outdoor Eco-friendly Rabbit Hutch.

The Hutch must:
1 be made from 70% recycled stuff
2 able to fertilize the whole garden
3 look cool and not the ordinary ‘Reban Ayam’
4 Children friendly
5 Easy to clean & maintenance free
6 Cost less than my last shopping spree in Pavillion

So along with the water and the mud, I now have to live with litters of wood, wire mesh, assortment of tools and ‘atap genting’. So you can imagine the state of my lawn every time it rains….every gardener’s nightmare!!

But everything is almost back to normal now. The rabbit’s hutch is finished and I’ll bet you couldn’t find 2 happier bunnies than mine within 50km radius from our home. Before, in their small humble bedsit, they had nothing else to do but eat, they just ate, ate and ate. But now, they can actually hoppity hop, stretched to the max or simply laze around in the duplex A-Framed apartment which my dearest lovingly named ‘Istana Polo Johor Bahru’.

Now, most evenings you can find him sitting in front of the rabbit’s hutch, talking to them or simply looking at it smiling proudly with his own handiwork. You know, the way he looks at the ‘Istana Polo’, I think he secretly wish that he can became an animagus and joined the rabbits in their new home. In a few months, hopefully Tango and Snowy could be as productive as Tengku Yem & Raja Zarith Sofea …..the residents of Istana Polo in JB.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All about him!

I received an email this morning about a newly found creature that looked like a little ‘anak naga’. Forwarded the email to my dearest for confirmation and this was his reply…

“Anak naga yang i tahu gelap sikit..... now he is about 38 yrs old... Raj Kumar a/l Naga Rajah”!

Recently, a friend of my dearest took a picture with the 2nd place winner of One in A Million, the singing competition.

My dearest: Dia ni yang bapak dia Teletubbies kan?

His friend: *paused*

Several seconds later…

His friend: Oh, sebab bapak dia Nd Lala! *tergelak*

So readers, did you get the jokes? *grin cheekily*

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Small they may be but...euwww!

Neighbour: Babe, I just bought hamsters so I will need your advice on how to take care of them!

Me: Err, what makes you think I’m an expert at all?

Neighbour: My daughter told me that you ‘bela tikus’ at home.

Me: Err, ‘bela tikus’ is not the word that I would choose since I will kill those bastards the moment I see one.

Neighbour: You mean, you have real tikus at home and not hamsters?

Me: Yeah! Why? *dahi berkerut*.

Neighbour: Damn! When she said you have tikus in your house, I really thought she meant hamsters. Now what am I gonna do with my hamsters? I know nuts about them.

Me: *Pointing at the computer, giggling* Good luck friend!

Yeah, you have just learned something new about me today, I hate small hairy animals…MAK GELI SIOT!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I wish I'm a kid again!

I know April Fools is totally pointless, but I really can't pass up a great opportunity to talk shit. And this year, shit is indeed high on the agenda.

Meet the latest addition to our family, Tango and Snowie!
Tango is a Lionhead and Snowie is a New Zealand White and Flamish mix.

They are the very epitome of what life should be…sleep, shit, eat, shit, play and shit some more. They may look small and helpless but don’t be fooled by those big angelic eyes. They are in fact a shit machine put on earth to drive humans crazy! It’s unbelievable to see the amount of shit they churned out daily. If bunny’s poo is valuable, I would be a billionaire many times over! We accidentally left the gates open one day and when we got home the house was scattered with their ‘Pil Chit Kit Tek Aun’.

We have also adopted a stray cat named Felix!

Having said that, these cuddly animals are wonderful addition to our little animal farm of cats, tortoise, fishes, red ants, domestic gecko, wild birds and squirrels. Suffice to say that our house is quickly becoming a place of attraction to the neighbourhood ‘ankle-biters’ i.e. children…if only I could charge by the minute *sigh*

Oh… and I took leave from work last Friday bracing myself with crowd pushing, sweating bodies and hot humid mildly air-conditioned air at the Mattel Warehouse sale. I went a little overboard coz I bought tons of toys not only for cheeky bom bom but also myself. Hey, who said toys are only for children. Its not *shaking head* and it’s not just me coz when I reached the pay counter, amongst the toys I picked, I found toys that my dearest had also sneaked into the basket for himself *rolling eyes*. His argument is that it states on the box that it’s for 10+ year olds…apparently he out-qualify by about 23 plus years!!!

Oh… and I must also publicly apologise to my dearest old friend, Fida, for missing her housewarming cum birthday party last weekend. We had to help my stranded sis in law when her car quitted on her on the highway right after our bowling tournament. By the time the saga ended, we were already too tired to go anywhere.