Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello people, I'm back!

Somewhere in between Jan 29-Feb 26, there were the trips to Muar, JB and Singapore, the team building in Putrajaya, few courses in various hotels in KL, many deadlines, meetings, conferences, annual report to churn out, my dearest’s business trips, cheeky bom bom’s birthday, crazy sisters Tish and Pink’s birthdays, crazy sister El’s farewell back to down under with mum accompanying her! It’s exhausting to even try listing down what I’ve been up to for the past 1 month. Who can blame me for not having the time to blog. Infact, it’s been so long since I last updated this poor blog of mine, laziness crept in and it was kind of hard to break the habit.

Anyway on with yet another tale of mine….

During one of the public holidays, we decided to hit Genting Highland the resort where if it is up to them, they’ll charge you for farting in public. With no hotel reservation, we just tried our luck! Can you believe that all the rooms in Genting were frickin gone! They must have more than 6000 rooms and none could accommodate the 3 of us! Oh well, served us right for not planning ahead. We did enjoy spoiling cheeky bom bom with all the rides though.

On the way down, my dearest wanted to check out Awana’s golf course (in front of the largest tomb in Asia…they’re busy building Uncle Lim’s final resting place on a hillside facing Goh Tong Jaya btw). I quickly dashed inside to the receptionist. They did have available room but the price! Mak datuk, I can buy a kambing with that price! But instantly I agreed to take up the room spurned by an incident! Damn! 2008 will start with an ‘Annus Horribilis’ ….from the great words of Queen Elizabeth II.

I felt like crapping!

Minutes later, I was happily crapping away in my own toilet rather that in a public loo! So far it’s the costliest I’ve paid for a load of crap. Why didn’t I just use their w/c at the lobby??? Once the tummy ache is in full motion, any reasoning and common sense is flushed out of the brain.

Trivia question: Where exactly is the rear side of a tree???
Answer: No its not where the moss grows the most… it’s when u have gotta go for a crap in the jungle, you’d go behind a tree cause you’d never go crap in front of a tree would ya…. Gaddabingg!!!

Crap rules the day!