Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My writing achievement

I’m sitting here typing away with a big stupid grin plastered on my face and if I look down, I’m sure my feet are not touching the ground. Yes people, I’m on cloud nine because my first article to my organization has just been published today. Yee Haaa!!

Quick, throw me a bucket of water before I start to inflame due to excessive high spirit!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Academy Awards 2007

Being sleep deprived 2 nites before; I really wanted to get a good rest last nite. But alas, it was not meant to be Yes, I watched the Academy Awards last night. I did. I enjoyed it, particularly when I fell asleep at midnight and the show was still going on (hey, I had to get up and go to work this morning). But, no, I’m not being tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic, I did enjoy the show.

Earlier on, flicking the remote between NTV7 and Star Movies, I got very frustrated. Academy Awards on the feel good channel scheduled to end at 10.30pm which is just nice for me to catch up on my beauty sleep. Butttttt, apasal banyak sangat edit. Even the opening speech by Ellen DeGeneres was edited!

Due to the bad editing job, I had no choice but to settle for Star Movies which ended at 12.30pm. I have to point out the reasons for me not turning in early though:

1. I thought Ellen was really, really funny. She was able to keep me from turning the channel. I like that Ellen. Btw, I thought she proved to be the perfect Oscar host for the evening. She was delightfully uncontroversial and may have set herself up as the Oscar host for the next decade. Did Ellen make a mistake and say Penelope Cruz was from Mexico? I’m not sure; it went by too quickly for me to say definitively. Though it was a good thing that Ellen came out to clear up any misunderstanding and Penelope got more screen time, and that’s really all the publicity anyone could ever ask for.

2. I also loved those weird performers that made the designs with their body and weird sound effects singers. That were pretty cool! But that Tom Hanks? Not funny lor. Especially when Jack Black and Will Ferrell did such good job

3. Forest Whitaker and Martin Scorsese's acceptance speeches were priceless. Berair gak lah mata ni...

4. Will Smith’s son was gullible and cute. Geramnya, rasa nak picit pipi and tarik rambut dia.

5. It took 26 years, six directing nominations and two screenplay nominations, but Martin Scorsese finally has his Oscar. Righting one of Hollywood’s biggest oversights, the Academy Awards bestowed Martin Scorsese with a best-directing Oscar on Sunday night for The Departed. The movie also won best picture.

6. Overall, I thought that this time, Academy actually got the awards "right." There was nothing upsetting.

So here I am, reporting live from my office’s PC with my Panda’s eyes. Over and out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Game over..

FA cup, the gunners & chelsea...what a girl to do on sunday nite but get the pop corn and cokes ready for the big final. With mighty high hopes, we jumped up and down when Theo Walcott scored that 1 and only goal but alas our high spirit dropped down a notch when Didier Drogba scored Chelsea's first goal not long after. Our ecstasy plummeted to ground zero when DD scored another goal again securing their victory.

Bila habis, kita kata, elehhhhh, Chelsea bolehlah menang sebab player dia lebih...hehe, memanglah kata -kata hikmat seorang sore loserkan...

On a happier note, I finally learned to make Chang the Chinese dumpling. Susah sangat nak cari yang halal so last2 buat sendiri with mum's assistance of course. And not badlah, if I have to say so myself....

Friday, February 23, 2007


Yup, I'm here in front of the PC during today's longggg lunch hour with no plan of going out in the hot sun. Frankly I've had enough sunshine to last me few more days just lazing around in the office. I don't have the energy to dodge wild bunch of crazy shoppaholic female bodies in Sogo on Friday...wtflah right...gaji or no gaji, the place will be swarmed to the max. Why issit that Sogo must have sale every month. Isn't there some kind of regulation that says sales can only be offered few times in a year only?? Are they expecting my organization to regulate their industry as well?? Like we got a lot of time on our handlah ye.

Seriously! I have nothing against sales but too much of a good thing is really not a good impact to the monetary movement in M'sia. People will hog their money and wait for sales instead of spending their money tak mengira masa.

Eh, apa aku melalut tiba2 ni? Menggalakkan orang belanja lebih instead of saving??? Hell, you know what I meant right? I don't have to spell things out for intelligent people whom I’m mighty proud to call my friends right? Saving, savinglah jugak but spending, hohoho....we still must!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Puff, you're gone!

It was a good thing that my course ended just in time for the long CNY’s break. So how does one recover from 2 weeks exhaustive program? Heck, by going shopping, karaoke, watched tiger shows, camping complete with bonfire and barbequing, what else? Damn, 4 days break is not enough I tell you…I’m still aching all over…penat siot!

And I also managed to meet up with some old friends from school but since semua takut sangat gambar masuk blog aku kan, ha, see, takdelah gambar korang kat sini. Gone are your opportunity for 5 secs of being famous!! *wink*

Anyway, to all my chinese friends, Gong Xi Fa Cai! To the singles, kahwinlah cepat, habiskan duit aku je bagi angpau kat korang...hampeh betul!

New job, new skills, new expectation....

After nearly 2 weeks of grueling team building activities, Im finally back into the arms of my loved ones, in one piece I might add, albeit being badly burnt by the sun. So here I am, recuperating from the peeling and what not, typing away the tiredness, the stress, the stored up creative juice, the pent up feeling of not being able to blog for 2 weeks, when a waved of sadness suddenly engulfed me. The truth is, I miss the comradeship that I have shared with my fellow course mates, I missed the crazy brilliant bunch of people whom I’m proud to call my colleagues.

For 2 weeks, 30 of us, all from different departments, different backgrounds and different cultures, came together conquering the whole Boeing 737 MAS airline all the way from KL to Langkawi, work together, brain storm together, played together, all for a common goal, which is to equip ourselves with some necessary skills before we each go our separate tasks to help sustain Malaysia's stable economy.

By day, we had to endure activities upon activities under the watchful eyes of our multi talented facilitator but mind you, always in fun.

By late afternoon and night, we concocted our own activities, always as a group, be it water polo, volleyball, karaoke, other sporting activities and even barbequing, enjoying our organization’s beautiful resort and all its offerings.

On the last day, we had to present all that we have learned to our seniors and that went well. We capped off our presentation with a group's song, 'Standing in the eyes of the world' by Ella which we felt best represented us the new staffs of such an esteemed organization.

But all that, could not come close to the elated feeling of being one of the 6 selected participants to dine with the most powerful woman in Malaysia whose brilliant mind known world over. Me, who is known as a chatter box was temporarily rendered speechless to the extend of almost swooning with faint when I first discovered that I have to sit right across from her! ME!!! I don’t exactly know what I did to deserve such honour but believe me, it is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was seriously lucky coz no.1; very few colleagues can boast of having to sit with her in one table and no.2, for a number of years since this course was introduced for new comers, she had only once had the time to join the lunch invitation. We were truly lucky if you ask me! What did we talk about you ask? Oh hush….probably someday I will divulge here but for now, I have to admit that I am truly proud of myself for having successfully dine with her without making an ass out of myself and later was told that she had called us as being zesty and feisty bunch of people… make one feel good….. no?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last Thursday, whilst relaxing after a full hectic 'mind and body spent' course in Langkawi, I stumbled upon a new reality show on 8TV called What Women Want. Being the ever curious TV addict that I am (and female to boot!), I tuned in, of course. Hosted by Hannah T, the premise of the show was to answer the age old question: What do women really want in a man? After watching for sometime, I had to give the guys an ‘A’ for effort any day. But here’s the thing, is there really a possibility of a guy incorporating every feature and characteristic that every woman on this planet wants in their man? I mean, just think about it. No two women are alike. There are ladies who long for a tall, dark and handsome knight to ride up to their doorstep and sweep them off their feet while there are some who fall head over heels for the simple guys next door. I know a couple of girls who like their men to be commanding and in control all the time, while some of my other friends prefer nice quiet guys who listen more than they talk. I won’t deny that I was a superficial as they come in my younger days. If you’d asked me what I wanted in a man then, I would have said a Brad Pitt look alike. I loved pretty boys, the prettier the better!

I knew what I wanted from a man long before I met my dearest. I fine tuned my list based on my own experience and that of my friends. By the time my dearest came along, I was pretty sure that I knew exactly what I wanted.

Anyway I have listed then some of the must have qualities for my potential Mr. Right. And here they are:

1.Respect – someone who respect me as I would him
2.Great communicators & listener: - Ability to wow me with his intelligence and get along well with people whilst being able to listen to my yakkity yak
3.Sexual satisfaction – someone who understand my wants and needs and I will give him as much as he gave me
4.Honesty, trustworthy & loyal – need I say more?
5.Patience, calm & relax – definitely a must!
6.Great with his elderly and other family members – I think you can judge a man by the way he treats his family
7.Must love kids – for him to be a fantastic father
8.Dependable – again, do I need to say more?
9.Tall – he must be at least 5’11 so that my future children will be tall unlike me
10.Pleasant voice – I love deep tone voice, turns me on big time!

If you asked 10 women to come up with a list, they would have other wants that don’t appear in mine. This is after all, my list! However I’m pretty sure that if you took a closer look at the other lists, you’d find the same qualities in the majority of them. When you think about it, it really isn’t difficult to comprehend why women look for certain qualities. I guess the question here would be: “Are there men that fit the bill?” one certainly hopes so….I know that I got lucky with my dearest. He is the man of my dreams!

So to my dearest, Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!!!

p/s to all my friends and family too, Happy Valentine's Day.....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another one bites the dust..

What is it with men and gang?? There is the mat rempit gang, big bikers gang, 3 lines/lanes? gang, clubber gang, hell even proton juara has gang..I dont see woman having the word gang when we groups. Ours are more civilised and proper by having clubs, association..etc. Does the word 'gang' suppose to create feeling of being in awe or fear?? Or is it just a sorry arse excuse for being inadequately low esteem??

I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend, whom we called Pak Hitam coz he was the darkest amongst the cousins and lo and behold, in full attendance were the 'Budak Hitam Gang'. Fuck, they even have their own greeting style (can be seen from pix). Funny eh??

My crazy sisters posing with our yuppie cousin and of course my dearest, all trying very hard to look cute...

Friday, February 02, 2007

Bla bla bla

Finally! After years of zooming by this place wishing we have the time to stop and sampled the dish, we finally went on the eve of Federal Territory’s public holiday. Place was fantastic and I like the deco but alas I was feeling somewhat full so I didn't particularly enjoy the meal but of course as usual my dearest did..yum yum, sehingga menjilat jari ye!!

The next day (shopping spree day), whilst queuing up to pay, I noticed this lady with armful of clothes going into the ladies changing room not minding the sign that said 'only 5 garments allowed' totally ignoring the door minder. Anyway this lady came out after 15 mins (yes, that was how long I was in the queue) and passed the whole bulk to the minder's hand (oh, baru sekarang engkau perasan dia ye) without buying a single thing. Wahlau...yes, yes, I know there are many rude and ignorant Msian as such but it still baffles me every time I see one. I know, we know, that all ladies like to try clothes minus the intention of buying but at least be respectful enough of the people and regulations around us. Anyway, I dare not take a pix of the lady for fear of being sumo wrestled by her (yes, she was that big!) but I think with the active and wild imaginations that my friends have *ahem*, surely you guys can conjured up the image of a bigggg lady with short curly hair with no neck, red in the face armed with clothes high up to just beneath her peering eyes :D

Yup, shopping took up most of the day and by the time we managed to pop in and visited FIL, I was too tired to see Cik ops Puan ops Datuk Siti in person but I did catch her on the TV and I have to say, she looks good even with the extra flesh. Oh no....what the fuck is wrong with me???? I don’t like her anymore...I donttttt......kan?

Anyway the highlight of the day was that my phone fell into a water bin...aww…gawd dammit...last thing I needed before my trip..celaka betul...so balance of the night were spent blow drying the gadgets praying it will not be an arwah.

And it didn't!.......yeaaaaaaa