Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fugg you...

Since tomorrow is a holiday, on top of needing to do a bit of shopping, i'm contemplating on whether to go the harith's saturday nite live show all the way at that tempat jin bertendang. Why?? Well, lemme tell you a secret...i used to adore siti n but ever since she got hitched to that datuk k, i cant stand her anymore. reason? lets just say i was privy to the inside sad story...so back to my plan, i got to know that she is going to be one of the guests of that show and although I dont like her anymore yet I still read every bit of story with her as headlines, I still surf her website and I still get excited whenever I hear about she performing somewhere....so what the fuck is wrong with me???

I like the person Im suppose to hate??? Help me!! I am a dumbass!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And the clock's ticking.....

Busy busy busy...that's all i can say for now. need to prepare and finish up so many things before going off to langkawi for almost 2 weeks for a course...crap!

Cheeky bom bom shed some tears yesterday when i told her that i was not gonna be around next week...so did I....sob sob..it will be the first time for us to be apart and to be honest, im not sure im tough enough to handle this separation..even whilst writing this, I can feel my heart tightening.....I wish something will happen so that I don't have to go...............

Monday, January 29, 2007

Many Happy Returns...

My cheeky bom bom celebrated her 5th birthday with a blast. When I said a blast, I really mean with a big bang. My dearest woke her up by playing the guitar and sang birthday song for her complete with drum roll music in the background and so there was the beginning of a smile, a giggle, a bit of tickling session, loads of laughter and promises of something greater....

It was a greaaat party. Good turned out, good food, good fun, good ambience but most importantly, the guest of honour and her little friends had loads of excitement!! Yeah, that's what counts most!

Special thanks to all my guests and especially Aida, Ching Yeng & Pi Yun (nice pix eh) for volunteering to face paint the guests...

The bike is the pressie from my dearest which my cheeky bom bom has been asking for the past 2 years but mama did not allow before this as she couldn't bear the thought of her precious one having bruises or skinned knee as such. But could it be its simply becoz mama is in denial that her cheeky bom bom is growing up too fast for her own liking??? Oh well, I finally gave thumb's up this year and cheeky bom bom now wants to go to sleep with the bike and not her favourite teddy anymore...hark!!

Home made pinata which the mighty, the knight in shining armour, the warrior and even the king himself tried to whack but failed miserably so at the end it took an 8 years old student with the wisdom of an 80 years old monk who took matters in his own hand and just tore the damn thing apart!!!! Hehe..better luck next time! BTW, it was supposed to be an octopus but looking at the pix.....what the hell is it???

p/s See!!! No pix of the rest of the guests...semua takut gambar masuk blog...aiyaa !! Actually, aku pung.... : D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

On the road....

I hate....

1. Motorcyclist that hogs the road. purleezlah, drivelah by the side, dontlah be in the middle of the road thus others have to terkedek-kedek ikut u just like the 'pukul berapa tok harimau' game. If not for fear of being sued, I could have run them down by the hundreds now!

2. Drivers who switched lanes without giving signal...dumbass! U think the road belongs to your father issit??

3. Drivers who gives signal and immediately switched lanes without judging the speed of the other incoming cars...who the hell taught them that giving signals means you have the right to tukar lane as and when you feel like it...hishhh

4. Passengers who put up their legs on the dashboard...tak sopan langsung!

5. Drivers who likes to drive very close to your car bumper..what the fuck!! hello!! I have as much right as you to be in the fast lane. I am going fast too..so fuck off!! Aku brek nanti, kan dah dua-dua susah..

6. People who don't seems to know their rules and regulation that 'right' always have the right of way!!

7. Drivers who do not stopped at the zebra crossing...shishhh, ingat org saje je nak conteng colour belang-belang tu kat jalan issit...bangang betul!

This list does not end here! Watch this space...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Meet prince-si hantu watermelon & snowball - si pembunuh dan pemakan lalat

Hectic weekend

This is my life last weekend..........

Yes people, as mentioned earlier, I was gonna run around KL to prepare for the party and run around i did...what a weekend! penat siot...

We managed to stock up for the party packs, decos, pressies for cheeky bom bom before squeezing in some 'splurging on books' time at the Times Warehouse Sale (gila babi murah!). Then the call came in.....

Father in law(FIL) just had his first heart attack and warded in IJN...mahu berterabur kereta lain trying to avoid our speeding car...hell, how we managed not to get into accident or stopped by the police was beyond me...

So we 'berkampung' at IJN for the rest of the weekend and thank god FIL made good recovery..phew!

Whilst there, many of our friends came to visit FIL including these 2 guys, TA & I. We were drinking at the cafe when the guys got an eyeful of g-string and immediately took out their PDAs for a pix (konon2 nak tipu2 je, as a joke). In the midst of the excitement, I noticed a teenage boy passing by, glanced at our table, stumbled a bit but continue walking. I looked over my shoulder and to our chagrin, he sat at that table (now we shall call table x)....shit! He must have said something coz everyone at table x looked at us...double shit! Mutually, we all got up and waited for the elevator. Lo and behold, when we got in, so did table x...WTF....and the g-string person which turns out to be the mother...(wahhh, auntie, you really look good from behind)...smilling smilling at these 2 jackass...ha! padan muka ko..kan dah kena tackle dengan auntie separuh abad (but with good body of course)...muahahah...that really made my FIL laugh when we told him about it later...and to think that these 2 romeos who are very male, very grown up, very professional people in their own fields, can be reduced to hot blooded crazy teenage boys with raging hormon at the mere sight of a g-string....men will always be boys...no such thing as 'boyz II men' eh...anyone going for their concert???

Friday, January 19, 2007

Love good mags...

Before I forget...Ive just discovered this fantastic magazine that is especially good for career women...its motivational, entertaining, colourful dan apa2 perkataan yang sewaktu dengannya..go read it!

p/s Suridah kinda look like my chummy, the one with the new baby boy...related?? hmm...must ask her....

Dear diary...

A lifetime:
What I am today is what I have learned and experienced over the years.

5 years ago:

I became a mummy and nothing gives me more pleasure that the sight of my own creation and sees her growing each day creating her own personality with our guidance. Oh and I was much much slimmer then…bummer

1 year ago:
I was in a shitty job that stress me out so much that my hair were falling out by the chunks. Thank god it all grew back and I said au revoir to the old spineless bugger aka ex-boss

Received 2 exquisitely made telekung from mum who just came back from Jakarta and cheeky bom bom went gogo gaga over her new flowered hat

Due to work, I will have the chance of meeting the most eligible bachelor in town, Pak Lah…muahahaha

Tomorrow is Awal Muharram so with great pleasure, I wish all my muslim friends Happy New Year! I will be busy running around town preparing for the party which venue am still not confirm..crap!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Help is on the way....

Its hard for many Malaysians outside Johor to really understand the seriousness of the flood problem in the state. I for one, has many Johorean cousins but since none of them are affected in any way whatsoever, has no real grasp of the ongoings ‘cept doing my bit of donations organized by my company and mum’s social club. Else, like everyone else, i read about the situation and watched the images on tv but still unable to comprehend the magnitude of the destruction, cocooned in my own nest, spared by the heavy rain.

The reality is that the monster floods in Johor has become a national disaster. Death tolls may be very small but many thousands have been affected and rebuilding their lives will take time.

But one story send in by a reader of The Star, who shared the experiences of her flood stricken relatives, caught my attention. The villagers were starving but the abundant food being prepared in a neighbourhood hall was only for visiting VIPs. However, help came when you least expected it. There, most of the flood victims were Malays. But Chinese neighbours drove around to hand out bread, biscuits, drinking water and blankets. The local temple organised help, no distinction of race was made. When the water started to recede, Chinese doctors made free house calls. These people gave help from the heart with no reporters trailing them, no TV cameras to record their deeds.

Now, this is truly the stuff Bangsa Malaysia is made of…selfless, race and religion blind, good Samaritans abundance of Malaysian spirit!!

p/s last I heard, they dont need food but more blankets, pampers, tikars, tilam.....and such.

Hilarity to the point of absurdity!

I love British films with their black, quirky, subtle yet witty humour. Its the kind of comic that hits you after 10 secs of walking away and your head goes *ping*...'oh now i get it'..and you either go haha or say oh crap...

Not in random orders are 10 of British films that I never get tired of watching ...(there are more of course)

1. Wimbledon
2. Nottinghill
3. Love Actually
4. Bridget Jones Diary & the sequel
5. Shooting Fish
6. Four Weddings & A Funeral
7. Train Spotting
8. Fish Called Wanda & the sequel
9. Calendar Girls
10. Monty Phyton

What??? You have never watched any of them?? Well?? What are you waiting for then?? Go on...go and catch them right away and be prepared to laugh....but then again, you may not laugh...some people are just not gifted enough to understand their humour *grin*

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ke mana tumpahnya kuah.....

More on my durian mad cheeky bom bom! A neighbour bought some durian yesterday and she asked me if she can have some. I said no coz it was nearly dinnertime and dont want to spoil her appetite and off she went to sambung playing. 15 mins passed and I called out to her to get ready to follow me to tesco but she didn't answer. tengok kat luar takde, I yelled to the neighbour, if they had seen her and they pointed to the neighbour with the durian....yupp, there she was with a durian in her hand. I gestured to my cheeky bom bom whilst thanking wordlessly to my kind neighbour. And this what my daughter had to say for herself...

"I didn't ask for it, aunty just put in my hand. and said, takpe, satu je...tak mintakpun..."

Ha! Tu dia jawapan budak umur baru 5 tahun. So later that nite, we had no choice but to go and buy durian for her.....my dearest pointed out to me that wasn't it me who did the same when I was her age, making rounds to all my mum's friends so often that I know more on the ongoings in their lives than my mum!!!!! Double damn...what goes around comes around ke????

New life...

Saturday - Paid homage to one of my chummys who has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy...hehe...that was for your benefit 'f', now that i know you're a fan of my blog : D.........It was a great gossip session huh? Having said that, it was kinda nice to realise that our friendships still stand after all these times. With so many transitions in our lives from single party girls *grin* to working women to dutiful wives *snigger* to motherhood whilst juggling with careers, the running of our homes, hubbys, children, being daughters and daughters in law, being sisters to our siblings........and being good friends!!! : )

Anyway, since her house was just a block away from the Curve, we just had to drop by our fav hang out...IKEA! And again it was a big mistake what with Chinese New Year just around the corner...right and left people were snapping up the pussy willows which saw us dodging them at every corner rivalling Jonah Lomu.

In all, i have to say that that it has been '2 gluttony days' for us..., it was makan, makan and makan....nonstop!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My fri-day!

Last friday, E wanted to treat me and M for lunch at Chillis and a movie of our choice at TGV. No matter how we tried to stuff our face with the food sampai macam nak pecah perut but alas, we failed! I hope this will not haunt me come next puasa month bila perut tengah berkeroncong lapar...

We need not see the list of movies available coz no doubt Ashton Kutcher win hands down!! Yupp, it was The Guardian!!! Great combo = emo movie+goddamn gorgeous men in uniform!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I'm good!!!

Woohoo...guys, party is back on again!!! Managed to locate a college guy who has the music machine and he has offered it along with himself as a dj f.o.c!!! Aha, i knew i would find one at a price that won't burn a hole in my pocket...details of the party later kay........

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hi, Hi, Bye, Bye!

We just had the first (of many) departmental’s lunch to mark the start of our new division. You see, we just had a major realignment where people have been moved here and there, some to different floors and some even had to moved to another building altogether. No joke! Even the department’s name had to be changed to suit the new direction that we are moving towards.

Anyway, it has been an old tradition to have free breakfasts or lunches courtesy of proud parents of newborns, achievers, birthday boys/girls or whatever joyous occasions that the staffs wants to share with others. Departmental lunches are normally done via contribution of manylah...nanti kopak pulak kalau tak sharekan. Im glad to see that under the new dept, the same tradition is still alive!

Few weeks back we had the old dept’s farewell dinner held at a private golf club. And to everyone’s surprise (the old staffs), for all the years that they have been working together little did they realised that there are talented bunch of people working together under one roof. Yup, the whole nite’s entertainment, even the host, musicians and the dancing welcoming committee was done by the staffs of the same department. There were dancing, singing, poco2, band group (pop and even rock group), acting, you name it, we had it. Even our biggie boss actually get down to it and lend his voice during the karaoke session...wa caya sama lu lah! It was a sad nite for all to have finally learned each other’s talents and yet have to say goodbyes...

My offspring!

On tuesday, my 5yrs old cheeky bom bom ran back home after her mengaji, panting, to ask me if she can play with her friends outside which I firmly said no explaining to her that nightime is for bedtime not playtime. Recognising defeat, final say coming from the authority person (me!!!), dengan muncung panjang sedepa, she trotted in dutifully.

Last night, after 1/2 hr of sending her for mengaji few doors away, she still did not come back home, my dearest went to check on her and discovered that she had purposedly asked the ustaz to teach her last eventhough she was the first to arrive so that she can prolong her playtime whilst waiting for her turn!!

I know I should alerted her that I am aware of her trick but somehow i didn't...instead it made me smile the whole nite, my chest constricted with so much love and admiration for her ingenuity!!! I made her, she is me....only a mother can understand my feeling at that moment..........

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Madam Zorra says...


You can usher in 2007 with a whooping hurrah! You are in your best element now, as the Mars year perfectly fits your flamboyant, passionate and effusive energy. You'll be ready to try just about anything. Grab any opportunity that comes your way in love, career or business - but be practical. Investments will work out well and unexpected luck will give you the openings you've been waiting for. So do what you've always wanted to do - this is your year to shine!!!

p/s aha, does that mean i am ready to embark on dangerous mission and throw caution to the wind?

Holiday anyone?

Welcome to AirAsia.com...now everyone can fly...

1,000,000 free seats over 70 routes across Asia for 2007!

Woohooo...cepat! cepat booking...lu mau pergi mana??? wa mau pergi makan-makan kat Bangkok...



Have you ever met a person who can speak like a bullet train going 300km/h????

I've had the pleasure of meeting one, once or twice, which never fails to make me smile and forget what I was thinking, whilst talking to them!!

My mind will auto switched into this premeditated mode and starts to think...'wah, this person can really talk followed by lajunya dia, macam mesingan followed by I wish i can talk like that immediately replaced by eh, apa dia cakap tadi followed by...and so on, successfully disrupting my train of thoughts!!

Its quite fortunate that I am not in the 'world of entertainment' where Im sure we can commonly find them, otherwise, these people will think im a dimwit having to keep repeating their questions to me...hehe

p/s whoever you are, this is a rare gift indeed, so flaunt what u got!!!

50th Birthday!

This year is Malaya's 50th Merdeka Day and I have to say that I am truly proud to be a Malaysian.

Having been to so many countries, the saying that nothing beats our home country is really true. Where else can we find teh tarik/mee mamak at 3am by the roadside, nasi campur spread during lunchtime, pisang goreng n segala kuih muih by the road side during teatime, the word 'lah', the word 'sayang' which if used at different intonations can mean a lot of things, the caption 'Malaysia Boleh' both in negative and positive manners, mat rempits, 5pm crawling traffic, highways that have cracks everywhere yet can still get CFs, multi racial thus diverse cultures, peacefulness and safety comfort....among others!

I am a malay who looks so much like a chinese who at times speak like an indian!!!

Wonders never cease that with all the 'rojak' blood that I have in my genes, my chinese blood will dominate my whole outlook. Although i have dabbled a bit in mandarin class but because not a day goes by without someone trying to speak chinese to me, that I am able to understand what they are trying to convey which does not necessarily mean I can reply but enough to give out the right expression :D

Dat's the end of it!

So..um..ah..the music machine is a no go!! It's too fucking expansive!!! I was told that it will cost me at least 2k to rent it out. What??? With MP3 rampant widely, it is an outrage that it will cost a bomb to have that stupid machine at our party...hishhhh

I remembered the party we had to celebrate the end of SPM which is equivalent to today's prom nite, it cost us a mere RM500..er...hang on...at least that was the price quoted to us by a guy who had a huge crush on me who rented the machine from another guy......could it be he forked out the rest????...ah, we will never know now, will we...... gosh, i cant believe that it has been bloody 15 years since we left secondary school..shucks, im so old now : (

p/s at least I still got perfect teeth..so says my dentist : D

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Its gonna be a busy week........

*super long pause thinking of what to say*

You got so much to say but its like you got this mental blocking your thoughts but once the dam is broken, there's no stopping you!!

Im pretty beat this week, trying to juggle my never ending work, keeping in touch with friends, blogging, running a household, making sure I complete my list of what to buy before passing over to mum whose leaving for Jakarta today and on top of that preparing for my cheeky bom bom's birthday party which we gonna rejoice it together with 2 of my crazy sisters since they all shared almost the same birthdate.

The wacky sisters has been hinting to have a 'disco-like' party at the club with the theme green/white...if that happens, than I have to arrange for the music machine, djs, activities for the underage (thinking of face painting, some games etc..), the party packs and the decos...shucks, lotsa work to be done, time to enlist some help...hehe, watch guys!

p/s came across this wonderful blog on cupcakes...http://cuppacakes.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 08, 2007

Im confused!!!

How in the world do u eat this with dignity?? Is it a pie or is it a soup??? Do u eat it with fork and knife or with soupy spoon??? Ate it many times but to this day, im not sure what it is....oh well!!!

Pix of The Eye!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eye on Malaysia!

While its still hot and happening, we decided to bring our cheeky bom bom to experience the 'Eye on Malaysia'! Bila last kali korang menjejakkan kaki kat Tasik Titiwangsa hah?? Serious tempat tu dah lain giler!!! Macam Hyde Park wa cakap lu!! It baffled me that there is this wonderful place right beneath our nose and we did not know about it!!! Ive lost count on how many times Ive mentioned to my dearest on how wonderful it would be if we have something like Hyde Park or Central Park to hang around in KL...and eh, dah ada rupanya...how ignorant me as a Malaysian!!!

There were hype of activities since it is the launching of VMY 07. Food galore, activities for all ages including the small kids...it was wonderful and made me a bit emo to see Malaysian from all walks of life regardless of the races, enjoying the activities together!!

Now the 'Eye on Msia'....ticket charge, a mere RM15 each (cheap!!!!). The queue to the ticket stand was ok, just under 30 mins but the lining-up to the gondolas, macam tak sempurnalah pulak. From 3 lanes down to 1 lane creating bottleneck so ada sikit chaotic moment...i guess the organiser have never been to Disneyland kot...tahlah...the ride was worth it, 5 rounds, we got gondola no 40 out of 41. NO 4 tu!!!! Mengucap jugaklah bila naik....heheh. Actually the real reason for us to go unto this ferris wheel was the fact that we kinda ralat tak dapat naik London's Eye since it was completed just after we left London but we did experienced the ride in Paris so since Paris was open air, the level of ketakutan tu a bit more lah...else, sama je rasa macam naik kat funfair cuma tinggi sikit so mungkin gayat sikitlah kot....

Btw, org ni cam suka je minum petrol and sembur api ni coz kawan2 dia ramai dah tersandar kepenatan tapi dia masih dandy actively going places entertaining people....

p/s please remember to wear appropriate shoes though..yours truly forgot to do so!!!

NST Stand in BB!

We played host to our clan from JB on saturday. They all wanted to watch CINTA and since we have watched that and whilst waiting for the movie to end, we decided to waste our time loitering BB. Wahlau...i think its been close to 2 years since I last walked the walk in front of Lot 10. All these while, it has always been fast fast fast...parked car, get my shopping done then im gone! But this time around, we actually took our time to sight seeing the whole rendevous area since we got lotsa time to kill!!!!

I was very pleased and surprised to find this wonderful NST stand where we can actually lepak whilst reading free newspaper in the comfort of an air-conditioning room, regardless of time spent, without being thrown into the street....how wonderful is that!!!!! Check it out guys....malaysia has really come a long way.....

And that nite, we lepak at our ole haunt, the good ole Suzi's corner! Ingat lagi tak tempat ni....here's a pix to refresh our mind...should lepak there again someday...kan?

Friday, January 05, 2007


I know this topic has already been discussed world over and you'll be a tad boring reading it tapi nak jugak, aiman tak kisah, i just have to give my 2 cents worth...

Beautiful cinematography, beautiful story line, beautiful people acting in it and beautiful people watching it..chewah!

However i must say that it was not an original masterpiece. It was adopted from Love Actually with added scenes from the likes of When Harry Met Sally, Coming to America, Nottinghill and a few bunch of other soppy movies which i cannot recall the titles. So in that sense, I was kinda let down a bit but because it was nicely done and managed to make the bunch of us bawled like a baby, so i definitely gives a thumb up for the movie!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's resolutions!

Resolutions are bullshit and overrated! We should try to better ourselves everyday but in case being asked by others, my ready made answer would be...get nicer body, get nicer body, get nicer body, make more money and makes lot of amore!!!!!

There is a fine line between being confident and arrogant....am trying hard to balance that!

Whatever your resolutions are, put your heart & soul to it. It might take time, but you will get there somehow. And when you do arrive, remember to share!

Happy New Year!

New Year in PD!

I was spitting fire on new year's eve. Until today all my sms sent on that day are still being processed..bangang betul! It was an intrusion of my right to sms and i was forced to call instead...fucker! ok, ok so i got almost nil credit balance and too lazy to go out to top up so sapa yang menang cabutan no bertuah and received a personal wish from me adalah manyak untung ooo, siapa yg aku tak call, jgn ngada-ngada nak merajuk...blame it on vincent tan!

So we didnt go clubbing or anything, instead we sat on the balcony and talked till wee morning hours which kinda nice since we hardly have the time to do that anymore. From where we sat, we could picked out about 7 fireworks which was still similar to KL's skyline so nope, i didn't missed a thing!

Btw, thanks for the smses, god knows when you will received mine!

p/s no fireworks pix, battery camera kong pulak masa tu...