Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Monday, May 26, 2008

On second thought...

Perhaps I was not clear enough?

Its not forever you know but just during these busy period of mine.

The other truth is that I thought this blog of mine has becoming quite boring and predictable. Out of fear on becoming another notch in the statistic details of bimbos blog without any substance, I've decided to start another journey of self-discovery that should help me write something more concrete and refreshing!

Be seeing you, perhaps in a month's time?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is it. The time has come!

I've thought about it long and hard. I've sweat and bleed for this blog but the end is imminent and inevitable.

Due to time constraint, this blog will be closed indefinitely!

Thanks to all , you have been a great audience!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


“Mama I want to poo poo” Cheeky bom bom whispered to me few minutes before she was due to present the flower bouquet to the DYMM Sultanah Perak, Tuanku Bainun.


Racking my brain, I remembered from a distant memory of someone telling me an ancient Malay Archipelago mantra she would recite whenever she wants to control her urge to crap.

Desperately I whispered to cheeky bom bom to recite in her heart these words…

‘Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas!"
Over and over again… *Snigger*

I didn’t know whether it actually worked or just a coincidence but at least my daughter was no longer grimacing in pain, clutching her tummy…whatever works right? Maybe it was just nervousness, what she described as pain was really ‘Butterflies in the Tummy’.

Anyway Mother’s Day celebration organized by mom was perfecto! The entourage of Royal Perak sisters came in full force accompanying their mummy dearest and their ‘just out of confinement’ sister in-law, Tuanku Zara, all looking drop dead gorgeous!

Cheeky bom bom had a whale of time from her exposure to her first adult party even dancing poco-poco with the royalties and making new friends along the way.

Then the next day, old friends got together to celebrate the birth of a new born, ‘A.Zara’. Apparently ‘Zara’ seems to be a popular name these days.

I had even joked with the ‘mama’ about giving birth early and the mother brushed off the comment confidently saying that in the past all her children popped out later than the due date. Imagine our surprise when eager little A. Zara made her entrance the very next day after I commented, 10 days earlier than expected!

Tu lah Ally McBeal, kan aku dah cakap… aku ni ada Daulat Bangsawan Bugis Nusantara! *smirking*

Now I wonder if the mantra can be introduced in the Yoga class as part of self cleansing?

“Ommm Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas…. Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas… Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas….. Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas…… Kepala ke bawah bontot ke atas……

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Age Music

Last night’s wedding had me grinning and has opened my horizons to see how the traditional music develop. Maybe its due to the fact it’s a marriage between Malaysia and the land of the Bolkiahs, but the way they played the kompang!!! Yeah, you read it right. Kompang!! It was a fusion of kompang, gendang, drum and gamelan played by over enthusiast teenagers to the style of modern percussionists. At first it was your normal kompang beat whilst the bride and groom walked down the aisle. The moment they stopped at the dais, all of a sudden these boys whipped out their sticks and started to thump on the kompangs like drums and jumping like chimpanzees on a drug binge! But ada style-lah. It was fun, exhilarating and it was the perfect music to transform the somber mood to a cheerful one.

How the music has evolved as such that without compromising the traditional instruments, we can now actually modernize it to give it a breeze of fresh air. I’m quite sure that there are some ‘katak bawah tempurung’ old fashion people who may brush aside these new ideas term it as rubbish or Cultural Cancer. But then again, these are the kind of people who time and time again make the same mistake of expecting that people will be loyal and respectful to them just because they were loyal and respectful to their tok moyang without questioning the right or wrong. Oh well…..

I didn't take their picture but you can just imagine based on these....go on, go wild with your imagination!

Friday, May 16, 2008

In a perfect world, woman is King of the Day!

It was a great Sunday. That morning, I had breakfast in bed, came downstairs and was greeted by bunch of lilies and then got to open my presents. My dearest gave me some perfumes to go with the pretty dress that cheeky bom bom got for me. Then, for lunch, my dearest grilled up some delish steaks with mashed potatoes, green beans and garlic, mushrooms, and Dijon onions on the side. What made the lunch special was that I didn’t have to cook and I also didn't have to clean up. It was great! Then later that night, my dearest brought me out for the most romantic candle light dinner. It was a perfect day!

Then I woke up from the perfect dream! Bah humbug!

Reality check!

Got out of bed and went downstairs where I was greeted by the sight of my hubby and daughter sprawling in front of the TV looking hungry, piles of dirty clothes in the cloth bin, dusty house that surely needed vacuuming and million other things that only a mother knows how to do best.


Why can’t it be Mother’s Day everyday?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Successor to my Alma Mater!

Yesterday I was genuinely humbled yet again by a friend.

Months ago, in passing I mentioned wistfully to a friend that I wanted cheeky bom bom to go to Convent school when she entered standard one next year. Realistically, I know it’s almost impossible due to the distance and the house address guideline thingy.

Yesterday the same friend surprised me by saying that she has pulled some strings and reserved a place for my daughter in the school. I was flabbergasted.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that someone who is currently going through a terrible test of her life, yet can find the time to help me out (bearing in mind that I never ask for her help) without any ulterior motive.

I live by the Universal truth that what goes around comes around and that every one of your good or evil deeds will reward you tenfold. I must have done something right in the past to be blessed and surrounded with many good friends.

To Zira, you don’t know that I have a blog, but if you happened to come across this blog of mine one fine day, do know that this post is especially dedicated to you, a loyal and nice friend. This good deed of yours will come around one day back to you my friend! And mark my word that this storm you’re facing will pass by you soon. Hang in there!

And because of you, yesterday I decided to let my dearest eat the last spoonful of bubur pulut hitam even though I really, really wanted it.

Do you know that if you can count the numbers of really good friends (the kind that you can count on for anything), on one hand, than you are indeed one of the luckiest and richest person around?

So do you?

Anyway, regardless the fact that apparently in the Parliament last year, some exceedingly brilliant gentleman who had nothing better to do with his time and nothing to do in his community that this Sherlock had to point out that mission schools in Malaysia, such as Convent, La Salle and Methodist have crosses and statues representing the Christian faith in them….Well no shit.

And then there was the uneducated prick (same place, same time) had to butt in and mentioned that apparently "a father have alerted him that these missionary schools are not close during Raya"….Not close during Raya? Yeah right!

Whatever it is, come next year, my daughter will join her mother, her aunties, her grandmother and her great grandmother on becoming a member of the convent girls sisterhood!