Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Friday, December 29, 2006

Last but definitely not the least!

Happy New Year and Eid-Dul Mubarak to all my chummys. Unfortunately I will not be in town to celebrate both days. My mum had a sudden flash of inspiration to 'tukar angin to PD' and party there instead...alahai...back again to that polluted seaside, whats with the impending rain and the probability of banjir. So persoalannya again...swimsuit or bikini?...tapi its raya...cam tak sopan gitukan...good ole swimsuitlah nampaknya...shucks!

This will be my last muse before we enter 2007. I hope what we have wished for year 2006 has come true, I know mine did : D

Lets pray that 2007 will be a blast year for all of us!!

p/s I thought I have watched my last movie of the year, whatdaya know? Im watching CINTA tonite with da family...hah! finally!..i know, i know, bring buckets of tissue!!! I will.......................NOT!...chewah, eksyenlah pulak tu... : )

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last movie before year end!

Went to catch the movie ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ yesterday at GSC Berjaya Times Sq. with my dearest. It was a powerful profound drama by Zhang Yimou and superb acting by Choy Yun Fat and Gong Li.

For those who don’t know what the heck im talking about, well, its the latest movie shot inside China's famous Forbidden City. Gong plays an Empress in the late Tang dynasty who discovers that her husband The Emperor (Chow Yun Fat) is slowly poisoning her. Already upset by the recent end of an affair with her stepson Wan (Liu Ye), The Empress hatches a plan to kill The Emperor with the help of her own son Jai (Jay Chou). But as the plan is put in motion, each member of this incestuous circle discovers secrets and deceptions deeper than any ever imagined.

I’ve always been in awe of Gong Li’s timeless beauty but it was her acting in Memoirs of the Geisha that got me hooked. I have made a point since then to watch her movies…to me, she is a remarkable actress with the same standard as Meryl Streep.

So go on now, go and see the movie but be warned to self arm with tissue….or maybe its just me being my usual emo self..but really! Its worth watching although the ending is a bit tad depressing.

p/s Sapa yang memang suka breast tu, ha! memang sesuailah tengok cerita ni...pergi jangan tak pergi!!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I salute 2007!

Beats me how the time zipped by in a flash! Another year, another wrinkle. Glad as I am to greet baby 2007, it’s kinda sad to say goodbye to ole 2006. It’s the year :

1) I turned 18++++++++++
2) I landed this fantastic job with excellent pay and cool benefits to boot....suckers!
3) I finally had the courage to say hell with it and leave the ole co and my silly fucktard boss...sod off!
4) I took a crack at biz and learned that I sucks at it....never again!
5) My beautiful daughter landed her 1st brochure adv. and mama glowed with

pride by the sideline
6) My cheeky bom bom set off for her 1st school and mama bawled like a
7) I made lotsa new friends and discovered my true friends
8) I uncovered and learned my true strength during trying times
9) I appreciate my ability to execute multi tasking
10) I acquired my 2nd car....so why am i still taking the commuter?
11) I initiated my very own blog..lets see if this will last!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


In each other's hands, we have found trust & comfort
In each other's arms, we have found happiness & joy
In each other's hearts, we have found a love that will last forever!

Im going to be ok!

J asked me how's my work coming along...wellll...my life is beginning to look normal again after the gruelling week. Just had to sort out my priorities to get the right balance. Although work is a bit teeny weeny complicated and for awhile, i thought i would probably suffered mild heart burn by week end, but nothing of that sort happened..thank god! True to my sayangs prediction, ive sailed my first week test with flying colours!

I may have added few new rules and brainstorm new ideas that are logic to me alone, but i did get the job finished on time and that's what matter most, right? Although i must thank my senses, which as always are incredible...ahem!...to avoid being in some tight spots. No thanks to a green monster in the office which we can bitch about it later...

But in all, I must say that im quite pleased with meself for a job well done...im patting myself in the back now..heh! Good way to end the year, eh?

p/s that reminds me, my gf went for a job interview in HSBC last week...dia kata separuh mati kena taro but that coming from a person who said the same thing about separuh mati dengar i berceloteh sepanjang hari...now it can't be that bad, can it : D


Some people are meant to find...

A rare delight in each other
To love being together
To share a richer rapport
A deeper laughter
A truer understanding

Such feelings don't diminish with the years but only stronger
To bring their hearts closer together

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Feliz Navidad!

If ur thinking of going to Ikea this weekend....forget it! Big mistake! With the christmas day just around the corner, memang menyumpah tak sudah kena himpit with smelly bodies.

Yup, just came back and couldn't wait to bitch about it. Memang nasib sial sikit hari ni coz dahlah ramai org, which triggered my migraine then the whole goddamn place boleh black out...so add hot to the 'already uncomfortable swarming with people' space...bullshitlah if i say i didn't maki hamun dalam hati. Couldn't maki outloud seeing that im such a goody two shoes...snigger!

On top of that, just had 2 espresso down my throat, so there i was, energy level was extremely high but unable to vent it out in that stupid hot and confined breathing space in addition to the long queue line....my long face could probably freeze middle east all over...eiii geram betul mak!

Moral of the story is...Ikano Power Station...?...not so power after all eh?...had to endure friggin 45 mins blackout!

Oh but there was some compensation...got lotsa knick knacks for my house and whilst lining up, we were entertained by a guy snoring like a bull who has lost its horn, sleeping on the 2nd hand me down settee...letih sangatlah tu...so for a moment in time, fellow shoppers were smiling at each other sharing our little secret everytime the guy snort out loud....

Merry Christmas Guys!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bored to the max!

Couldn't blog for 2 days due to my new work commitment..tough! On top of that, had to attend some stupid briefing course for new staffs...alahai...dah tua bangka macam nipun kena induction lagi. memories of having attended BTN course before flying off came flooding back.

Talk about BTN, can't believe that it has been nearly 10 years since i last attended it. Ive actually made some reaaallly good chummys who has been with me through thick and thin till now. Dalam dok kena dera panjat gunung, mandi sungai pukul 3 pagi, mandi from kolah batu ramai2 whilst being serenaded by bull frogs and swating big flies and kumbang besar, masih sempat lagi buat lifelong kawan and kenyit mata dengan the guys...alah, dah sah-sah budak berhingus yang masih bergetah without any spare tyres and stretch marks..harmless flirtation sudah semestinya part and parcel of growing upkan....

Anyway, off with the day dreaming, back to reality, as expected, some of the speakers were so membosankan, i almost, almost tertido...i remembered the email i received about some eye sticker trick nak elak kena kantoi bila tertidur....damn i wish i had one of those sticker now. So I had a choice whether to listen to the drone of monotone voice or jot down some notion in my good ole notebook...

Hah! Guess where this piece of note is being copied from..hehe...my note booklah apa lagi. Seriously, if i had forced myself to go on listening diligently, they would prolly have to pry my stiffen corpse body obscured by cob web, from the chair.

Jadi sebelum itu berlaku yang mungkin akan menyusahkan hidup orang lain, adalah lebih baik saya mencatatkan apa-apa yang terlintas di kepala otak ini bagi mengelakkan saya tertidur seratus tahun didalam dewan aircond yang sejuk yang amat sesuai sebenarnya kalau nak beradu...

p/s actually above, was all I could merapu, coz damn ngantuk cannot think straight anymore.....

Holy smoke!

Hash, weed, grass..some of the underground names given to this mind intoxicated ration that often reduces the players to babbling brainless idiots or foolish dimwit.

U know when u r in your malas mood and got nothing better to do cept laze the day away, that’s when your mind will idly go down the memory lane which brought me to the following…

Back in the student days, it was norm for fellow uni mates to experience pot smoking. One friend actually went as far as to have ‘dapur’ or the place where he concocted the magic potion in his room…memang kerja gila…hehehe

So anyway, for moral support, we had gone to a band competition held by our uni. Thus lo and behold in that dim smoky filled with sweaty and smelly bodies; we had experienced our first ganj. While we were enjoying the loud blaring music, most of the students were puffing away blatantly ignoring the rules and regulation. Strange but within that close proximity, by just being a secondary smoker, we experienced the euphoric feeling, the blissful feeling, not a care in the world whilst being in seventh heaven kinda sensation. The effect is similar to the high feeling of a drunkard person….albeit the outcome is unique to each individual…hence the following:

A: cuba engko tengok aku punya parut ni. ada hari aku rasa buruk sangat tapi hari ni aku tengok sexy sangat…kau rasa sexy tak?

B: Yalah, it looks very sexy. my parutpun sexy jugakkan...and went on and on talking abt sexy scars

C: laughing none stop even if the conversation were not funny

D: smiling away whilst the cheek getting redder but did not contribute to the conversation

Me: was cool & collected, no effect whatsoever (serious, don’t ask me why, probably due to my inability to inhale???entahlah labu..) so I was left with the task of egging them on to say or act something wacky..heheh

p/s you know who you are, I would like to apologise if during that crazy wild nite, I prolly encourage you to do something nuts which none of you have any recollection of doing…but it was fun eh?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Puppy love!

I was cleaning my room yesterday when i stumbled across a box full of junks from yesteryears. Flipping thru, i discovered some long forgotten love letters dated back umpteen years.

I remembered the first time ever receiving a hand made card when i was 6 yrs old from a fellow kiddymate. It had pictures of hearts and tiny flowers and untidy scribbles of ‘saya suka awak'…ish budak kecikpun pandai nak mengorat ..this guy actually came back into my life when i was in form 2 after searching high and low for me...amazingkan..but alas it was not meant to be coz he definitely turned out quite different from that cute little boy i remembered....yeah i can be cruel sometime, i know, so sue me... past is best forgotten!

Back in my good ol all girls school, we always have candy daylah, flower daylah, song dedication dayslah...our interact club was quite active in organising events as such. It was kinda popularity test to see who will get the most...not a healthy affair..but hey, what the heck, masa tu masih budak lagikan, popularity was part & parcel of growing up. So I did get my share of pressies, quite a lot as I recalled…from my assortment of pet sisters, admirers, best friends (our gang was called the G22 and am still close to most of them). Tu belum lagi when the event was extended to the neighbouring all boys school…hmm, lagi best.

Ada one time tu, during form 3 when I had blossomed quite nicely, I received valentine flowers dedication from 2 different guys and the next thing I knew I had agreed for a date with both guys for valentine..dont ask me how that happened..actually I do…both of them were cute and I didn’t want to say no to any of them for fear of turning them off…the logic of a 15 years old girl!! bodoh sikitlah masa tu…bah humbug!

Anyway me and my partner in crime came up with an ingenuous plan of her pretending to be dating the other guy and were having a tiff and every 15 mins she will interrupt my date pretending to ask me to talk to the other guy on her behalf. I had adrenalin rush dashing back and forth in YC between my two dates…..phewww…never again I tell you…I was quite crazy back then…. One of them finally caught on but he was quite nice and understanding about the whole thing…what with me swearing I only said yes out of fear..chewah, berlakon konon! Dasar penipu!!!

But not all was good memory. In college, I left a card from an admirer laying around in my dorm. Little did I know that this guy already had a girlfriend whose bff was my dorm mate. Wah…apa lagi, perang besar couple tu and ended up with the girl shouting at me for being a cock tease! Celaka betul…memang sueylah masa tu…macamlah its my fault boyfriend dia gatal and tergila2 kat aku…ah fuck youlah...pandai2lah jaga boyfriend sendiri.Im sure some of you would have remembered this incident kan kan kan...bloody hell betullah...because of one foolish guy with crooked teeth, my reputation of being miss goody two shoes was dented....bastard!

It has been awhile since I last received an impromptu card or flower from anybody, not even my dearest (excluding time kawin, kat hospital or birthdaylah). Last was prolly during uni days, so long ago..hint! hint!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My crowning glory!

I'm officially bengang! So what if i want to colour my hair? Its my hair and im entitle to do whatever i want with it, i nak botakkan ke, or i nak colour pink ke, its mine and mine alone. Who are u to tell me what i can or cannot do...blahlah!!!!

Im sure the above is similar to all of you, may not be hair but something else? I happened to think that burgundy strawberry is the in hair colour now...so yes people, that's the colour of my hair now..a bit too much especially in the place where i worked now...but what the heck....im making a fashion statement!

But what gets to me is some old extended family members who felt it was their duty (not my parents or my dearest) to lecture me about how it is sinful to colour the hair...u know, cannot bawak sembahyang and all....helllooooo! My ibadah is between me and my god, who are u to tell me that because of this, i will rot in hell.... lu sapa?

Im sure a lot of you was or are in this situation kan? Sweat not coz i I happened to know for a fact that if its permanent colour, the molecule is bigger thus the smaller water molecule can sip thru....chewah...sepet the science genius is in the house!

Eiya, betul! Tak tipu! Benda ni aku belajar masa kat Boots in Bayswater, ada makcik Arab bagi talks on the permanent hair colour thingy...it makes sense, no?

So armed with this knowledge, i shot down my makciks (respectfully of course!)..terdiam dia org...yeah, me with my verbal diarrhea...so sue me.....


Nope, i failed in my task to tempt my dearest to watch cinta. Since most of my f&f have watched it, im left with the miserable task of finding hard for my next mangsa...damn! i never like to watch movies alone. did it once or twice back during the student days but somehow it left me with empty feeling afterwards having noone to share that moment with...nahhh...im way too people oriented to go alone...seriously! if left to devise things alone, you'll never know where that might lead me.

Similar to that one time when i left myra alone in my room, aleh2 bila bukak pintu bilik, yarabi, bilik macam tornado lalu and muka myra penuh dgn my newly acquired lipstick...wahhhh! There was one time when i had few hours to kill before meeting my dearest, so there i was walking along piccadilly, when i was hit by a suiside brainwave to watch an xxx movie in soho..it was effing cheapo, so apa lagi, nak cobalah....never again! bila duduk je, i noticed that it was full of men and when i said men, ya'a, men tengah dating men and doing an x rated version movies of their own..lahabau...i didn't immediately left though, mungkin out of curiousity or a shock to the nervous system rendered me temporary paralysed but what made me calibut was the fact that i caught the eyes of a perverted guy smiling smiling at me and gesturing me to sit with him......oh situasi yang menakutkan yang mampu membuatkan bulu2 di badan berguguran....never again!!!!

So that my dearest people, is one of the reason why sepet should never be left alone...u'll never know!!!!heheh.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep....

Its 12.18 am and believe it or not, i cant sleep! me who usually cannot open her eyes the moment the clock striked 10pm is actually blogging now...amazing gila wa cakap lu! harus kena panggil reporter edisi siasat! tah angin pus pus mana dah sampuk sepet malam eh pagi ni.

Im actually babysitting my mom's house whilst the rest of the family are extending their holiday from pd to bangkok. why im not there with them u asked? alah sedihnyalah kan..kitakan budak baru kerja, manalah boleh ambik cuti banyak2. lainlah kalau opis tu bapak gue yang punya...sigh :(

i feel like paksaing hubby to watch 'cinta' with me tomorrow. heard so many good reviews that i feel i should at least attempt to watch it..support msian film that kinda stuff. though i doubt my dearest wants to go seeing he is allergic to these kind of films...hmmm...must find ways to lure him....hey i know....meatballs at ikea!

dahlah, otak dah beku tak tau nak tulis apa. mulut dah menguap beribu kali tapi mata taknak katup jugak. otak rasanya dah separuh biol cannot think anymore...i know i should have refused bing's coffee offer just now...but the smell was so aromatic...cannot tahanlah..iman tak kuat!

crap...gotta find ways to put meself to sleep...think that counting sheeps trick will work? i'll let u know tomorrow....

Friday, December 15, 2006

Malaysian letter writing!

I didnt want to blog abt my work but for this, i just couldnt help myself.

Just got a letter from a malaysian who started of his letter with:

"ampun beribu ampun sembah patik harap diampun. patik mengharapkan belas kasihan pihak tuan bagi mencari jalan penyelesaian seadilnya bagi diri patik yang lagi hina ini"

wtf.. ada org tulis cam ni? kalau tak gi sekolah sekalipun, cannot use common sense ke on how to write a letter ..? have we really come down to this? we actually need to have another class on top of the normal class to teach children how to write proper letter? normal school edu. not enough mei? and dont tell me this person mungkin tak pi sekolah! the fact that he can write means he has at least some basic school edu! please dont let me get started on the teaching quality nowdays....sampai esokpun tak habis tulis!

talking about letters ye, i have come across so many names that left me flabbergasted that some malaysian had actually carelessly named their child without thinking of the impact it might had in the future... dumbass!

following are some of the names that i have came across:

chee ba bi, sanggul emas, jam bin ban, sanggar gemilang, tong git tong....serious! tak tipu tau! ciankan....

The heck....?!

Tol lima lebuh raya naik -- Antara 30 sen dan RM1 berkuat kuasa 1 Januari 2007

eh govie think we can just pluck money from the air issit? wtf!

more reason for us to use public transportation...my good ole commuter...oh tidak!

eh, that reminds me, i got few more commuting tipslah to share:

Be vocal if someone is harassing you in whatsoever way...girl power!
based on my personal incident with ‘si gatal’ which details were too gory to be retold but there were loud lecture, by me, finger pointing, by me, public broadcast, by me etc, enough to ensure that the guy will not be near my vicinity in his lifetime....ha padan muka ko, ngapelah masa kecik dulu mak ko tak tanam je ko hidup2..ei, kejamnyalah pulak si sepet ni..oklah oklah, retract balik statement tu, ganti dgn, ngapelah masa kecik dulu mak ko tak libas je ko dgn penyapu lidi bagi berbirat dan berparut muka/badan ko yg akan buatkan ko lagi malu nak jln2 kat luar...hah, amacam..ok tak..? screw all the perverts...except yours truly of course..ahem

Do not commute if hit by shopping craze mood
the other day, during a brief moment of insanity, I have decided to do some shopping at Sogo. Bad decision! Laden with my shopping bags, I boarded the jam packed 6pm train. As god would have it, one bag decided to burst open. Contents went flying here and there. I think you can picture my red face as I tumbled across the train picking up my things....cibai cinabing betul...malu siot!

anyway, back to the tol thingy...kalau kerja cop duit takpelah jugak....eh, hang on...actually i do....heheh...go figure!

Gasp* Im a storyteller!

My cheeky bom bom cannot go to sleep unless we tell her a bedtime story. And she insisted that it must be something new since she knows most of the story book tales oredi.

I tell you, its not an easy task..ingat senang ke? I must have used all the animals in the world and depicted them in so many imaginable situations that it must be a record!

But of course the stories always ends with...and princess myra lives happily ever after....

ah...the joy of such innocent mind...........

p/s malam ni nak goreng cerita apa pulak ek?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Im scared/

You know that im a newbie in the co. Yesterday was informed by my biggie boss that yours truly have to take over a certain hot job function that's being fight over by the senior staffs...alah mampuslah aku, sure jadi juara carta orang yg paling dibenci pada masa kini...damn 10x damn. Why moi.....???

Dont get me wrong, in my heart, im whooping with joy, in my head, im doing double somersault, in my eyes, im seeing dollar sign which means more shopping..yea...but reality check, shit, there are lotsa hati that i must jaga so that i wont be an outcast....memang mampuslah kali ni...

oh and in my ears, im still hearing the wonderful testimonial from my boss...sigh... : D

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Not again! Today at the traffic light where there is a time indicator for the lights to change, a car in front of me stopped quite so sudden when the time indicator was at 5 seconds (green). I nearly had a heart attack slamming the brake coz i was poised to step on the gas to beat the light.
So there we were looking at the green lights counting down when we could have been moving still...4...asshole....3...cibai....2...pundek....1...babiiii!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Nice easy trick...

Just thought of something. It may not work but I was thinking that next time if I get stop by encik polis, the following excuse might just do the trick:

En.P: Tau tak berapa laju awak bawak?
Me: Sorry encik, nak terberak ni. Tu depan tu ada gas station. Tulah nak cepat takut tercirit dlm seluar.

hehehe..think it will work? If I can master enough strength and energy to keluarkan gas beracun yang maha pekat, ahhh, sure can get off free punya....


So there i was, dripping wet fresh out from the pool when suddenly a whisp of something smelly caught my nose. Ewwww, the hotel mgmt had tied 2 foul smelly ponies just by the pool to entertain the kids. Busuknya, harus boleh termuntah and tergolek dog time tu. At least mandikanlah dulu the ponies, bukannya takde air, bergelen-gelen air kat laut tu..chisss

Apart from that, I had a greeeaat time in PD. we had a nice apartment decorated in balinese style with fantastic views of the sea, garden and pool. Must be the best room in the resort!

On top of that, there was a Thai fair nearby the hotel...and boy! the earrings are to die for..gila babi murah....definitely a great de-stress holiday!

p/s help! i know nuts abt putting up the pix, yeah i admit, im a bit of a spactic when it comes to this sort of thingy..just bear with me, ill be good someday, i just know it!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Till death do us part!

Replacing my dad, I dated my mom to go to Dr. Fazley & Azrene's wedding last nite at PWTC. I must say that the affair was tastefully done without it being too much of a lavish affair. The hall was screaming with Minangkabau's deco. Amidst the speculation, 'stories' and such, the hall was packed with the likes of VIPs, royalties, artistes..etc.

The couple was...well...regardless the fact that the bride was more than a head shorter than the handsome doc..they really made a cute looking couple. One thing i can say of that bride, she has a very sweet smile.

And the food...biasanya food hotel ni, after some time, it has lost it tastes and surprises but i must say that yesterday's spread was not too bad..sedap sehingga menjilat jari.

Altho I must dedicate this para to the pelamin...my goodness datuk nenek...cantik giler! it was a miniature palace of the Golden Horses hotel complete with the pillars and domes and water fountains...cantiklah...the pillars were a bit too much though coz tenggelam the pengantin...nasib ada projectors kalau tak haram tak nampak.

To the lovely couple, selamat penganti baru! Forget all the chaotic pre-wedding. just concentrate on the roads ahead...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Decision! decision!

My house is in a total chaos now. Our holiday doesn't start until this friday and its not as if we are going overseas or somewhere equally far, its just to that over exposure, overly polluted 1/2 hr drive, PD. But the amount of mess, macam nak pergi setahun ke luar negara.

Clothes strewn all over, food stuff mountaining on the kitchen counter, beach toys resembling stepping stones on the floor, all sort of colourful bags, dari kecik ke sebesarnya. I know, i know, its only 4 days but u'll never know when you just might need all these. Plus im meeting some friends there as well, mana tau nak pergi joget ke, karaoke ke, ronggeng ke and i overheard my mom saying that we might have to drop over some distant cousins' place for wedding. See! So many contigencies what if...to be planned.

And i still can't decide between bikinis or swimming suits....damn! im in dilemma..to be beach whore or to be a saint...but secretly i do wish to be like bo derek. let all the men drool looking at me all dripping wet...hehehe...ok, ok, im a pervert! hey, its my dream and its my blog..so sod off!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To add or not to add?

From the moment my husband said I do, we were bombarded with the one million dollar question ‘bila nak dapat anak’? Hello…we are still trying to digest the fact that we have just signed our lives away to wake up to the same face for the next 50 year or so and of course the fact that we were plain broke, to think further than where our next meal going to come from! Throughout the next few months of post marital, that question popped up once too many times. My dearest hubby came up with some cheeky answers to stop the blushing people from asking further.

Anyway to our delight the question stopped the moment we conceived. My hope of having an extended honeymoon period went down the drain. It was great though having fussed over by everyone. I discovered early on that I just need to say the word and people would be scrambling here and there trying to accommodate my needs regardless the hour. Of course I was not aware that this is just a devise to keep my mind off the horror that I was about to face.

Someone ask me once about the birth pain. To be honest, I could not recall the exact feeling but this was what I told him, “Pull your tongue out the furthest that you can. Is it painful? No? Now pull it out and over your head! That was what it was like to me!” It doesn’t help to have both mothers (mine and in law) watching the whole process from doctor’s point of view and making remarks as if they were the football commentators..(push harder, its crowning, eeww, look at all the blood, etc). If it’s not for the sight of my beautiful daughter rendered me speechless, I would have died from embarrassment by the whole ordeal. By the way, I think all mothers would have said their daughter was the most beautiful thing they have ever laid eyes upon, when in actual fact, newly born babies are actually just cute (ugly but adorable) with their bloated, pale skin, plastered with blood.

Anyway, once I gave birth, we thought that was that. Boy, were we wrong! The question came back, ‘bila nak tambah’.

Oh boy….will it ever ends?

Monday, December 04, 2006

My commuting tips!

Why issit that everyone seems to be keeping an impressive face devoid of any emotion on the commuter. But the moment they get off, wah, started to yakkity yak like normal human being...laaaa, boleh cakap rupanya, ingatkan bisu.

I have encountered many times kejadian seperti makcik next to me belch out loud, girl with ipod suddenly singing out loud, a lady who suddenly ‘melatah’...and me being my usual self, will start to laugh or paling sopanpun snigger je...but had to stop abruptly coz no one else was following suit...oh situasi yg sungguh memalukan...terkedu sekejap!

I strongly recommend for all commuters to self armed with perfume spray or invest in the synchronize swimmer’s nose clip to combat that pungent smell of BO. Infact i would welcome the day when some inventor can come up with a machine that can detect and evict passengers with high level of BO. Ni nyusahkan org je nak kena kembang dan kempiskan hidung yg memang sedia kembang ni utk menyahkan bauan harum itu...

BTW if feeling sleepy, try to get the window sit where you can rest your head against it. Unless you look like Hannah Tan, believe me when I say that nobody looks attractive with their sleepy head lolling around providing free entertainment to others.

Note of caution: to use Ipod/MP3, one needs to be on constant self control which may be difficult to do since you are always either in the midst of mentally choreographing a dance move or mentally singing at your sell out concert

Cian dia...

Just heard the news today abt my brother in law broke his toe falling down the bed..heheh. Sent the following smses to him:

1) sex luar tabii ganas sangat sampai jatuh katil ke?
2) Missus hisap ke gigit ke

It has been a long standing joke abt him and bed. The bed actually broke on his wedding nite and now this latest incident confirms that seharusnya dia kena tidur atas lantai..muahahah

Itupun nak kena ajar ke?

It was raining cats and dogs last friday afternoon. Driving back home, I encountered a minor banjir. What a girl to do but hit the gas and pretend to be schumacher in the hope that the car will not get stuck.

Phew, made it! But aleh2 this mamat on motorbike was gesturing at me rivalling Karam Singh Walia. Lu apa hal? Oh..he was drenched from my dare devil driving stunt.

Anyhow, is it my fault that it rained? U think I can control the drainage system in KL issit? Dah tau hujan lebat macam tu sure akan basah lenjun punya,sendiri take the risk, sendiri tanggunglah...dumbass!