Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Something to ponder...

Great minds talk about ideas...Average minds talk about events...Small minds talk about people...
And you are.....?

The art of kissing ! I like....

A kiss on the lips is probably going to be the first intimate thing that you do with your partner. Kisses on the cheek are a commonplace (not for us Muslim of coz..) greeting between friends and family, but a kiss on the lips is something that's generally reserved for lovers.

After the genitals, the lips are the most sensitive part of the body. They're full of nerve ending and can give and receive hours of pleasure.

Some couples seem to fit together well and kissing immediately feels perfect between them. Others have to work at it, and it's one of those activities that's often hard to encapsulate easily in words so becoming a better kisser is often a case of trial and error.

The key to perfect kissing is to start gently and explore. If your partner reciprocates then, continues, if they draw back, then do something else. Here are some popular techniques (whatever works for you...):

French Kissing
Start by gently exploring your partner's lips with your tongue and as the open up, gradually increase the depth and urgency of your exploration.

Nibble Kisses
You have to be very, very gentle with this one. Gently caress your partner's lips and tongue with little bites.

Chicken Kisses
This is when you gently peck your lover over and over again. As well as being sensual it can also be ticklish and stimulating.

Suction Kisses
Suck on your partner's lips or tongue, or even teasingly draw their breath through your mouth.

Teasing Kisses
Gently and teasingly kiss your partner on the cheeks, the chin, the eyelids, the nose-in fact anywhere but the mouth. It'll only be a matter of time before they pull you to their lips.

Remember kissing isn't just for lips. Being kissed all over can be wonderfully intimate and playful way of moving from romance to seduction.
P.S: To ensure you're kissable, keep your lips soft and smooth; always ensure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Life like it is...

These past few weeks have been quite hectic for me, work wise. With the completion of our Annual Report last week, playing host to the Global Islamic Financial Forum (GIFF) at KLCC Convention Centre this week and the industry’s upcoming dialog session in the 1st quarter of next month, one would think that I would probably have my pillow and blankie ready in the office. But no such thing happened. It all boils down to good management, prioritizing and delegation. Life need not be so hectic and stressful!!

The GIFF received good response with almost 2000 participants from all over the world representing various organizations. The event was officiated by Pak Lah accompanied by Raja Nazrin with Mahadzir Lokman emceeing adding a bit of glamour to the forum. The forum was such a grand affair enabling me to rub shoulders with just about any Malaysian Corporate figures that you can think of.

Although some sessions can be quite long winded at times but with this forum, I have finally established and firmed up my position in the financial industry.

For that I am glad and thank Allah for his blessings. I am also thankful that life is quite a breezy affair nowadays enough to enable me to blog at least once a week if not every day. Life is good, no?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 Divas Concert!

When 3 Divas performed on stage together, one would expect goose bumps all the way! But sadly not for me!! Of course they were stupendous and no doubt deserved to be called Divas but to put them on the same stage together, there was no aura so to say. TT covered the high notes, Kris the mid-range and Ruth was singing the lower key. They all sounded well together but it was more like an acapella group rather than 3 powerful Divas. The audience was robbed of their diverse and superb voices. I would have preferred them comparing or dog-fighting their diverse vocal talents. Plus the musical ensemble “Persona Malaysia” led by the talented Bapak Erwin Guttawa, although was gila babi best, but too overpowering at times drowning the Divas voices.

When the 3 Divas performed, you also expected the stadium to be a full house but sadly no. It was not crowded at all that we were able to upgrade our tickets and the organizer actually had to slash the ticket pricing to more than 50% to lure the crowd which sadly again didn’t work. This is one grand concert that I’m pretty sure did not reap any if not little profit.

Don’t get me started on our own home grown talents who performed that night too. For Nurul, it was obvious that it was likely a favour done by an old friend of her ex-hubby. She did come across as a divorcee trying hard to revive her dying career. It didn’t help that she looks a tad like Naomi Campbell before the community service of course . As for Dayang, the girl who actually lost out to a 16 year old girl, was given a jolt of confidence by the Divas or was this really good marketing from her record label. And err… whatchamacallit….Noryn Aziz??? Who ??? Liza Aziz I know lah, infact Liza would give the Divas a run for their money!! Don’t get me wrong, they are talented but I feel that they should not have lowered their status by performing with the Divas coz in comparison, it made them look amateurish!!! But to think of it, as they say in show business, any publicity is good publicity

There was a tribute segment where the Divas sang songs by Sheila Majid and Siti Nurhaliza. Ironic when Kris sang Lagenda as a tribute to Sheila who sang the song as a tribute to P. Ramlee. So, who are they toasting the song to again?? They actually focused Siti on the BIG screen. Sitting next to her was her new groom…. The teenage basher himself. Datuk K ickboxing! Was he concentrating on the concert or was he trying to think of an answer for the judge. Its ironic that to solve his sons drug problem, one should beat up the neighbour’s kid. Wasn’t it his kids pictured plastered on the internet with a Vodka Martini in his hands…..the boy has upgraded lah!

In all, it was a fantastic night and btw, my dearest said that I look like Titi Dj….hehe….ye ke??? Kembang siooot Minus the nose of course…

Good news! Pineapple Event Management will bring in Beyonce i.e Bouncy next….. this time buy your tickets at the last minute!!

Knight in shining armour anyone?

Last Friday, as I was enjoying the unusual smooth ride home, one policeman suddenly stopped the traffic flow. The reason? Because there was a young boy wanting to cross the road and there was neither traffic light nor a bridge in sight. And this alert policeman (I guess on his way back home too) upon noticing this boy’s predicament, took unto his lawful hand to stop his journey and help out another being. To some of you, you might think why the heck am I highlighting such an insignificant event. He’s just doing his job…right… But the truth is, it is quite uncommon to see a simple deed of help by a complete stranger. I have seen such instances as I’ve mentioned before in my blog, those unselfish acts en route my commuter trips.

In the harsh reality we call ‘today’s world’, it’s hard to find someone who does something without having an ulterior motive. Some say that selfless individuals are a dying breed but I can’t bring myself to believe that. There has to be good people out there. They may be a little harder to find nowadays, but I have faith that they’re out there and some day, we will cross path. That’s why whenever we do cross paths; I will take the opportunity to tell their story.

After all, you can talk the TALK, BUT can you walk the WALK? Or you’re just another one that only TALK C**K!!

It’s befitting that this weekend we celebrate Police Day! Kudos to the Police Officer the other day…….hell, I miss the ‘Bobby of Scotland Yard’!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Are you sleeping brother john?

Lack of sleep can alter a person’s mood in the blink of eyes. Realizing this, I was determining to sleep early yesterday hence by 8.00 p.m; I was already sitting in my bed flipping the channels.

I thought I was going to be on TV last night after I caught a TV reporter aiming his lens at me during an event at my office yesterday. So I waited till the news ended, takdepun. So there goes my chance of 15 seconds glory. I was about to turn off the TV when this show called 6 degrees came on.

In this hour-long drama from the producers of "Lost" and "Alias," six very different New Yorkers go about their lives without realizing the impact they're having on one another - yet. A mysterious web of coincidences will gradually draw these people closer...

Six degrees of separation refers to the idea that, we are all no more than six degrees of separation from each other. They say that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of six people, which means that no one is a stranger... for long.

So is it possible to locate a man, given only his photograph and first name only?

A UK game company is testing the power of the Internet by asking that question. They have recruited one of Earth’s 6 billion residents — a man named Satoshi — to participate in this experiment.

“We are each only five to seven people away from any target in the world. Someone, somewhere, knows Satoshi — so we must track down these people, and thus Satoshi, using word-of-mouth communication. People from over 40 countries are already participating in the hunt, with more joining every day.

Coolkan? To think that the possibility of what separates me from Brad Pitt are merely 6 people? *devilish laugh*

Then after that, I thought I can finally rest! So I flipped the channel to 8TV for my last browse when suddenly this very captivating show came on. DAMN!!!!!

Teman is 8TV’s new show and it is a blend of reality TV, travelogue and skin care. Yes, you read that right, skin care. The show concerns two friends – Mimi Rahzia and Belinda Chee – as they travel around Peninsular Malaysia and indulge in the activities offered at the places they visit. There is a fair bit of drama involved as the girls find themselves go from one destination to another. They will also be sharing some travel tips along the way and one recommended product will stand out more than anything else – the new Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream (the sponsor, of curse!). Btw, the girls are also armed with a video camera and a laptop and they will be blogging their activities.

So I hang on and stayed awake for another 30 mins to watch the show.

By the time it ended, it was already 10 p.m. But another show came on that got me hook. FUCK IT!

It was a mini-series aptly titled ‘touching evil’. Memang evil betul……it made me lose my beauty sleep. Anyway, it was about a man returning from a year-long psychological leave of abscence after surviving an almost-fatal gun shut wound to the head and is assigned to the FBI's new Organized and Serial Crime Unit (OSCU). Its quite interesting because he actually lost part of his brain and went clinically mental for a while and when he came back was virtually shameless as a result of his brain injury.

So don't bother calling me today, Im feeling sleepy and grumpy! Harmphhh

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another week gone by...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who am I?

Who keeps an arrow in her bow,
And if you prod, she lets it go?
A fervent friend,a subtle foe - SCORPIO

A fixed Water sign and the most powerful of all the signs, eighth zodiac Scorpio represents transformation. Scorpios are dynamic, mysterious, intuitive, intriguing and exciting. They hold a magnetic intensity and hypnotic personality under their calm and composed exterior. Scorpios possess penetrating eyes which makes their shyer companions feel naked and defenseless before them. Determined and forceful. Emotional, powerful and passionate.

Scorpio at Work
Scorpio employees usually exude a quiet self-confidence. They are self-sufficient and do not depend on others for a sense of self-worth. They keep their private life separate from work. Scorpio employees take complete responsibility for their actions and their situation. Those who don't do the same will have to endure the Scorpio wrath. And if you tread on their fire be sure to expect retaliation. They won't take insults or opposition lying down.
My 2-cents: And my ex-boss is feeling the pressure now! Tulah, buat lagi...kan dah kena!

Scorpio in Love
The symbol of sex, Scorpios are passionate lovers, the most sensually energetic of all the signs. They live hard and love hard, and give their hearts fully and unconditionally. Woe be the one to break Scorpio's heart! There will be a price, the sting of this scorpion can be deadly! The sex addict, EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict future. Most erotic. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want. Sexy. Attractive. Easy going. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. The sexiest ever. Romantic. Caring.
My 2-cents: Sorry my dearest, you are in for a long haul. There is no escape!

On the dark side....Jealous and resentful. Compulsive and obsessive. Secretive and obstinate

WTF! Betul kot....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Is this the right one for me?

Few weeks ago, looking at the almost empty bottle of my favourite perfume, along with the many changes in my life, I felt that maybe it was time for me to try out different brand of perfume. Short of going to all the perfume counters, spray my wrist and wait for comments, taking a short cut, I emailed to all my dearest friends asking them to vouch for some perfumes and I received various suggestions which in the end confuses me even further.

I read once that if you have a certain personality type, such and such fragrance group is for you. Bullocks to that, I say. for me its quite easy, if the frangrance you choose should uplift, excite, warm and most of all, make you happy, then by all mean, you have found your perfume.

My first signature scent was The Body Shop's Strawberry EDT. That was way back in school of course, masa zaman semua nak sweet-sweet..hehe

Then I graduated to Mark & Spencer's body spray during college days.

Then as I grew older, having earned my own money and developed my own personality, I have decided to go for perfume that is strong, seductive, sophisticated and fresh with a tinge of oriental smell.

So back to my dilemma, after going through the list of recommended perfumes, I have decided to stick with my old perfume brands which are either from E.L or Dior which I feel best represent my individuality.

So have you found yours yet? If you have not, try this website http://www.sephora.com/. It may be of help to you...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shhh...a secret!

I have a secret!!! And I'm about to indulge it here!! So it's gonna be our little secret...shhhh

I'm a biter! Up to couple of weeks ago, I still chew my nails as short as my nails allow my teeth to gnaw upon. I can't remember how it started but I remembered the many ways I tried to break this bad habit..

1. Applying cutex - I think I've swallowed enough cutex that if I squeeze my intestines hard enough, I prolly don't have to buy anymore nail polish.

2. Stopped watching nail-biting induced movies - nope, that didn't work either. Tear jerking movies can make me resort biting my nails too. Come to think of it, I prolly would have to stop watching TV altogether and come to think of that again, I should prolly just stay at home, never set my foot outside again and die an old spinster coz it seems, just about any excitement, horror, anxiousness...etc, unconsciously, my fingers will find my mouth.

Now, all that has to change! Why? I caught my cheeky bom bom biting her nails!! Oh man…like mother like daughter and what goes around comes around kinda thingy? Is it genetic or was it something that she picked from watching me?

Well, that spurned me into action! I’ve decided to stop biting my nails and it has been 17 days and 6 hours since I had my last bite and am still counting till the day I can finally say I was a biter…wish me luck!

p/s I finally had nails long enough to enjoy manicure..hehe

hail to handphones

I realize I’m supposed to be over it, but I still think having a cell phone is cool. I know: gadget-wise it’s a little passé. It’s not a palm pilot or a Playstation 2 or some kind of new and expensive portable MP3 Player. But, boy, it sure is cool that you can actually talk to people on that little thing!

I try to be businesslike. I don’t makes calls for no reason. I mean, if you call someone from in front of their house instead of ringing the doorbell, that’s not calling for no reason. You’re avoiding the trouble of getting out of the car. That’s not geekiness, it’s laziness. Right?

I admit to a secret thrill every time my cell phone rings. It’s the same excitement I used to feel every time I got an email, back before the Internet turned to crap. When I got my cell phone I didn’t give out the number, because I didn’t want it going off all the time. Now I wish it’d go off more often, just so I could hear that magical ring (ascending ringing option, volume three, ringing tone "polite", vibration on).

And, even though it never rings, how am I supposed to resist fiddling with it? My cell phone has so many parameters and options and variables. It’s got a battery and a little screen and menus and submenus… it needs to be optimized! What am I supposed to do? Ignore all that technology? That seems irresponsible. Possibly dangerous!

There’s a game on my cell phone but it’s almost redundant. Sure, I’ve played Snake, but it’s more fun to fiddle with the rings (maybe I should try beep once ringing option, volume 4, ringing tone "persuasion", vibration off), or make sure the keyguard is on or, yes, call home and check my messages. Or I could go buy one of those earpiece microphones, so people wouldn’t know whether I was talking to them or on the phone. Fun!

Sociologists have worried that technology will turn us into a society of recluses, glued to our TV sets and our home computers. But I don’t think they have to worry. No matter how seductive big-screen TVs and home entertainment systems become in the future, people are always going to leave home from time to time. How else will they play with their cell phones

Welll? What are you waiting for? Haven't I given you enough hints! Start calling me!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To whom it may concerned...

Ya, mintak ampun beribu ampun sembah patik harap diampun. Sesungguhnya patik memang telah mencemar duli kerana tidak meng'updatekan' blog ini untuk santapan tuan hamba....ha! ambik kau!!!

Dah dah jgn nak emo lebih2 sebab aku takde masa nak berblogging sekarang. Pi baca blog lain, pi...

Btw, thanks for asking. My FIL is doing very well and going home this week. The rest? Laterlah, penat aa... another week gone without me taking a break and put up my feet..sigh!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quiz on moi

1st Taggie

3 regular hobbies:
- Shopping
- Pigging out
- Gardening

3 on your to-do list:
- Make sure to travel out of msia every year
- Buy up Blook Boutique
- Get twins and tutup kilang

3 unique traits:
- I’m a very-very light sleeper
- I can pull strands of my hair till it popped
- I can move my big toe (only) very-very fast

3 favourite games:
- sex
- scrabble
- boggle

3 regular drinks:
- Teh O Ice Limau
- Kopi O yang maha pekat
- Milo Ice

4 passions:
- My family
- Food food FOOD!

- Travelling
- reading (ok, ok, its suppose to be only 3 but I cannot help it)

3 awesome movies:
- three only? Oh, not enough….any Brits films will do

3 good bands:
- I honestly dunno how to narrow the choices

3 things you're anal about:
- Stunt dare devil motorist and motorcyclist
- Inconsiderate commuters
- procrastinating

3 random men or women:
- My dearest
- My cheeky bom bom
- My mum

3 bad habits:
- Laziness to exercise
- Overspending
- Over cleaning

3 relationship essentials:
- Communication.
- Trust.
- Love.

3 painful experiences:
- When
- Giving
- Birth

3 treasured memories:
- Sex in major cities of the world
- Secondary schools with my 21 close chummies
- The day my cheeky bom bom was born

3 favourite holiday destinations:
- Gosh, too many to list!

3 goals before 30:
- Damn! I’ve overshot 30s lah….so old..sob sob

3 biggest fears:
- Losing my family
- Losing my hair
- Losing my breast

3 things condusive to procrastination:
- I’m.
- Just.
- Lazy.

3 favourite desserts:
- Chocolate
- Chocolate ice cream
- chocolate cake

3 people to tag:
- Im way too nice to do this…heh!

My school song!

the shining star of my life,
You will always glow within me,
And through me you will shineforth,
A new light others willfollow.

With us your memory will stay,
You will always light the way,
Show us our strengths and our hopes,
CBN, our starforever more.

So hear our song sung with spirits strong,
We, the girls of CBN toda 'y
Will lift up our motto and strive to be,
Simple in virtue, steadfast in duty,
So hear our song sung with spirits strong,
We the girls of CBN today,
The youth of tomorrow,
we promise to be true,
For CBN we love you.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pre-op weekend

FIL decided to have kenduri last weekend prior to his by pass op scheduled on Wednesday. He may not admit to it but I’m pretty sure that he is intimidated by the looming date with the doc despite saying that he's feeling extra good for God has granted him another chance in life. The truth is, who wouldn't feel a bit of fear knowing that you are about to go for an open heart surgery..eh takut siot. I’m sure it’s the same feeling a mother may has if knowing she has to go for a C-section.

We decided to serve our guests his favourite food, nasi ambeng, a dish introduced by the Arabs but perfected by the Javanese…so he says : D

On top of the busy preparation, we still managed to squeeze in time for MPH’s warehouse sale, Ikea’s sale and a birthday party get together.

Looking back at my previous blog entrees…bila masa aku rest ni? Patutlah penat semacam…now I just need to find time for some spa and hair treatment sessions…crap!!