Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a boy !!!!!

I'm terribly excited, in case you can't tell. I'd had a dream shortly after we found out we were pregnant that we were at the doctor's for the ultrasound, and I'd seen quite clearly a little watchamacallit; I've been convinced since then that we would have a tiny belalai. It was amazing to have it confirmed -- so many emotions ran through me -- how will hubby be a father to a boy, how will he teach him to shave, will hubby need to learn about sports if he takes to them, the future mess...MESS!!!!

IT'S A BOY!!!We got it on video...

No, we or I will insist in getting a decent name ... NO Javanese names puhleeeze! ending with an Al-Rashid.... definitely!!

Oh, did I mention -- it's a boy!!!!Woooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thunderbirds are GO!! 2

Abang Commando.... macho!! and a F-16 Thunderbird kena tow AAM truck..... habis minyak kot??

So close... boleh lastik nih!!!
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Thunderbirds are go!!!

Thunderbirds are GO!!!! Got conned by my hubby's siblings to see Thunderbirds last Saturday.... I was hoping to see Lady Penelope walk by just to check whetehr she is really suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Head wobbling like that all the time is not good for the neck I suppose!! Nope... it's the US Air Force F-16 Thunderbirds on show lah.... This is a parked Sukhoi....

Hubby aka Pak Ngah with the Lil' Devils

Myra... strike a pose!!

Abang.... boot terbukak lah!!
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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Allahyarham Mohamad Dahan, Doha, Qatar


ٱلَّذِينَ إِذَآ أَصَـٰبَتۡهُم مُّصِيبَةٌ۬ قَالُوٓاْ إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّآ إِلَيۡهِ رَٲجِعُونَ

yang bermaksud

" orang-orang yang apabila mereka ditimpa oleh sesuatu kesusahan, mereka berkata:

Sesungguhnya kami adalah kepunyaan Allah dan kepada Allah jualah kami kembali."

Al-Quran; Surah 2 - 156

Dukacita dimaklumkan saudara kita En Mohamad Mat Dahan yang bertugas di Gamuda WCT, Doha ,Qatar telah kembali ke Rahmatullah akibat komplikasi jantung. Marilah kita sama-sama mendoakan agar rohnya diterima Allah SWT di dalam golongan orang beriman. AMEEN.

Semoga ahli keluarga arwah diberikan kekuatan dalam menghadapi dugaan besar ini.


A message from the Malaysians Association of Qatar.

I was shocked when I heard that he has passed away. I was really looking forward to see the family this coming Raya. Nevertheless it seems that God love him more than we do but I will never forget him as one of the most sincere hearted person ever in Malaysia. Abg Matt Doohan, you will always be remembered, thank you so much for all your advise and help.

Abang Mat or Mat Doohan (Orang Kuat Kuala Pilah!!) as we know him was our neighbour across the street. We first met in 2002 as neighbours in Saujana Impian Kajang. We were both first time house owners. Him and Kak Idah with Iqa and Farid was the most cheerful family ever. Abg Mat was the most 'ringan tulang' person I know, a Mr Do It All, does not interfere about matters that don't concern him and the best friend one could ever have. A Saint in our eyes.....

My condolences to the family and may his soul rest in peace

Goodbye Mat Doohan...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Best Nasi Kandar of Penang

After months of surfing the net, googling and trying to narrow down the best nasi kandar in Penang, we finally came to the conclusion that the 2 best Nasi Kandar is either Nasi Kandar Line Clear or Nasi Kandar Beratur.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear is located at the meeting point of Lebuh Chulia and Penang Road. Its not actually a shop but just under a makeshift roof by an alley that was used to be known as 'Lorong Taik' !!! Yucks!! It is open 24 hours and is busy 24 hours

Nasi Kandar Beratur is located right next to the famous Masjid Kapitan Kling. The main business starts at 10pm and according to 'hardcore' fans, the best is only if you eat after 2am!!! Bloody hell!! Nasi Kandar after 2am!!! Apa gila orang Penang nih!!

OK, did my survey, ate the same standard Nasi Kandar from both places. Nasi Kandar + Bendi + Ayam Goreng + Sotong + Kuah Campur ..... 3 Panel judges, me, hubby and my brother in-law BEAR who happens to be a Chef from Le Meridien Dubai.

And after piling ourselves with a gazillion calories and shorten our life by about 48 months, we have unanimously picked a winner.......& the winner is .............. LINE CLEAR !!!!

p.s. 1 advice... if you think you can't stand eating at a 'not so clean' place.... I have 1 word for you... TAPAU!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mak Suka Dia !!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Pattinson

Date of Birth
13 May 1986, London, England, UK

Birth Name
Robert Thomas-Pattinson


6' 1" (1.85 m)

Mini Biography

Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986 in London, England. He enjoys music and is an excellent musician, playing both the guitar and piano.

When Robert was 15, he started acting in amateur plays with the Barnes Theatre Company. After, he took screen role like Ring of the Nibelungs (2004) (TV) (Kingdom of Twilight) as Giselher and Vanity Fair (2004) as Rawdy Crawley.

In 2003, Robert took on the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). He got his role a week later after meeting Mike Newell in late 2003.

He has since been cast as Edward Cullen in the highly-anticipated film, Twilight (2008/I). His music will also be heard in the film. Robert has also completed upcoming roles as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes (2008) and Art in How to Be (2008).

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have a secret!

I’m beginning to like Tomok in OIAM!!

I was never his fan...BUT....now I can't deny the improvement and talent the boy has shown the past few weeks.

Amazing how budak suara mengongoi can transform his persona into something close to being cool. I think with all the hype about transformation in AF7, they can learn one or two things from this boy!

P/s don’t breathe a word of this to anyone okay? I would die from embarrassment if anybody found out my latest obsession.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A plea to the politician!

I wanted to blog about this but kept on procrastinating...biasalah tu. Oh well, better late than never right!

Anyway, I thought this was a good article which best represent my feeling. Nevermind the fact that some people thought he was doing it to promote his business. The fact remains, few people would have done it. Its better to be seen doing something rather than just talk cocks in kedai kopi, under the tree, barking here and there, demo here and there but zero action. Kudos to you Anas Zubedy for taking the 1st bold step.

The author also has a blog that's worth visiting.

Published in The Star on 26 Feb 2009 by Anas Zubedy:

Dear Malaysian Politicians,

Please stop the power chase, call for a truce and focus on the economy.

I do not claim to speak on behalf of all Malaysians, but I have strong convictions that many share my sentiments.

Our concern today is not who rules the country or heads the state governments but the looming bad economy.

Whether Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat leads, it is meaningless if Malaysians have no job to go to, no money to pay rent and no means to put food on the table.

I am a business owner, like other business owners and managers of corporations I have a responsibility to ensure people under my care and payroll continue to have jobs and a decent income to take home. We work hard and willing to go the extra mile to make sure our nation not only survive this crisis but come out stronger and wiser. We need your help.

Let me explain. I am in the business of Training, Development and Consultancy and have 20 people in my team.

Saedah is 42. She keeps the office clean and helps organise the training rooms. She has four children and her husband is unemployed. She was first hired on a part time basis, because she is very hard working and has a great attitude, we offered her a full time job to help provide a stable income for her family. Even then, when her third child started school this year, it was a struggle for her to buy new school uniforms and other necessities. Saedah lives on a ‘kais bulan, makan bulan’ basis, so, if she is jobless, her tap runs dry.

Samsuri is 27 years old. He lives with his sister and her family in a low cost government flat in Sunway. He does our despatch, helps with various clerical works and occasionally acts as a driver. During the first week at zubedy, we learned that he not only did not have money to buy new clothes and shoes for work, he had no money for lunch. Like Saedah, if he has no job, his tap runs dry too.

Alicia in Client Servicing turns 26 this year. She lives with her dad who is 71 years old and retired. Her mom passed away when she was little. Alicia is a hard-working team member, has a gentle caring outlook and fun to be with. (We like to poke fun at her as she blushes easily). Last May her dad went through a major operation, thank God he has recovered well. Alicia needs a job, both for herself and her dad.

Sudesh, 38, is one of our facilitators. When his father passed away last year, he moved back and lives with his mother in Seremban. He shuttles between Kuala Lumpur and Seremban daily, leaving home sometimes as early as 4 in the morning and returning late at night. He is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice, he knows what he needs to do to survive and to care for his mother, but he too needs a job.

Like fellow Malaysians, every one of us in zubedy needs employment, those that live from hand to mouth like Saedah and Samsuri and others like Alicia and Sudesh with family to care for. We Malaysians need the Malaysian economy to be strong. We need you, our leaders, to work hard and to work together to make our economy viable.

So this is my plea.

Pakatan Rakyat, please stop your attempts to take over the federal government and persuade BN’s lawmakers to join you. Stop all legal proceedings, no more 916 and let go, just let go. The nation can wait till the next general elections if they want change. By doing so, Malaysians will see your party as caring, unselfish and gracious and give you their support in the next elections.

Barisan Nasional, please stop any attempts to take over PR states and win over PR’s lawmakers. You have proven your point with Perak. The nation can wait for the next general elections if they want your party. Focus all your talent, energy and hard work in steering the country out of an economic downturn. By doing so, Malaysians will see your party as caring, unselfish and smart and give you their support in the next elections.

BN and PR! Call for a truce. Get together and compromise. Someone has to give in. Or has hate consumed your heart till it blinds you? You can do it. You have enough intelligent people between you. I am sure you can find solutions. Take the nation to heart. That is why you are in politics in the first place.

Focus on the people.

Focus on the economy.

Anas Zubedy
Managing Director
Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd

Friday, March 06, 2009

Perak Oh Perak

My mother hails from Perak and I have spent most Hari Raya's in Ipoh... so Perak will always be a part of me. Unfortunately things are not going so well there at the moment. We are being laughed at by everyone especially the international eyes. For a state that has a Sultan who was once Chief Justice of Malaya it is quite a blow for Perakians all over the world.

Are we running the state from under shaded trees now.... with full robe and all!! Is Monkey business equivalent to Monkey Politics?? C'man... even Zambians have upgraded their schools from under the Boab tree using charcoal on grey slates!! And to insult the Sultan to such an extend... how rude...

I like the change from the old stagnant big headed system we've had for the past 15 years... infact i thought some changes would be quite good but unfortunately the opposition have yet to learn to be mature politicians. For what i know The Sultan is wise and fair.

After the results of the last general election, BN had won 28 seats and 3 opposition parties won 31 seats. By majority of party.. BN should have set-up govt as the others were campaigning under different flags. But he was fair, he had asked each and every opposition winners whether they would agree to collaborate as Pakatan Rakyat, they said Yes, and as a wise and fair Sultan he agreed that PR set-up govt as they now have majority.. following rules and constitution of the State of Perak. All agreed ... no protest from BN as this would constitute to Treason...
Suddenly 3 PR monkeys decided to Jump Ship.... and the fair Sultan being very consistent had called them personally to ask whether they have inclination to support BN or PKR. They said as independents, they were leaning towards BN!! So by majority there should be a change of govt..... correct??? You see what i mean by immature .... PR does not accept this...
It is also agreed and understood that the MB answers to the Sultan then to Prime Minister.... that's why they are called Menteri Besar!!! Not a normal Menteri dalam Kabinet dapur!! All that happens in a soverign state need the blessings of the Sultan... Penang/Melaka/Sarawak/Sabah/WP is different... they do not have a Sultan!! To make stately decisions without his consent is fundamentally wrong! To hold a state assembly without his consent is wrong! How difficult is that to understand..

This is my simple understanding of the situation.... I would hope that the powers that be can explain in detail what it is supposed to be or not to be, so that everyone will understand crystal clear. Let the courts decide... worse comes to worst have another state election, choose the better of two evils... spend more of the people's money to satisfy political greed ..... whilst the world is devastated with fallen economy...

Will politicians put food on your table....NO... so screw them lot!! They should be working for us not the other way round!!!

Bali Weekend Feb 2009

Sorry for the quietness of me blog!! I've been busy with work and Myra...

We were in Bali for the last few days of Feb. Just needed a break and Air Asia came to the rescue.... RM88 per person return all in!!! What a deal!! Arrived bali 15 minutes early and reached LCCT from Denpasar.. get this.. 30 minutes early!!! Hey! these guys are better than 'Real' airlines lah!! Due to the savings from the flight... we could splurge a bit on the accomodation lah.. Since its the 3rd time we're here... we've done the tourist thingy and plan to relax and wind down.... that was the plan lah!! Next trip to Bali... no more expensive hotels!!! We only use the pool maaa .... we're gonna upgrade to Villas !!! It's the in-thing now.... follow the link http://www.pat-mase.com/

So what we found out in this trip... paintings are good and cheap.. SOGO Bali stocks much better than ours here, Nasi Padang is soo goood... but the highlight is that its our 10th year aniversary .... and we were first here for our Honeymoon 10 years ago...

Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Off To Langkawi for CNY !!!!

The time has come again for us Malaysians to clog the hiways and biways. It's CNY and 50% of the 4 day holidays will be spent on our beautiful tolled roads !!! We shall witness that Ops Sikap will be more like Ooops!! Silap... nobody will give a toss about the road rules, road rage will be a new form of sport and as soon as you reach your destination, you'll be sooo tired that everything seems like a waste of time.... but then again anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
Myra is in Standard 1 this year so we have to be part of the exodus of people who HAVE to go on holiday during school breaks.. the most frustrating time consuming, expensive and crowded time of the year. Cest la Vie...
As they say ... The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tyre. Pray for us that we would have a great time and not be treated like a retired American red-neck holidaying in Baghdad..... the worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arab Brotherhood ..... oxymoron !!

I may be a bit radical in my opinions but with the brutality that we have seen for the past weeks, my question is where are the Arabs?? The All Talk No Action People of the Middle East!!! The people who've got all their priorities mixed up... even genetically its all mixed up... they've got balls the size of brains and brains the size of balls!!!

Let's not talk about the Jewish and Palestinians issue... it has been going on for far too long... generations have died, Vendetta is there for generations to come and for them to suddenly put down their weapons, shake bloody hands, hug one another and have no animosity is close to impossible... it's like asking two people to swap a Bentley GT and a Proton Juara .... a possibility but most unlikely....

What is weird is that we have groups of very angry muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations, we are trying our best to tell the western world of our stance in this matter but the fact is the bordering neighbours of the war torn country are doing absolutely nothing??? And let me remind you that they are fighting a war of 'border' issues... not religion. Most of the world think this is a religious war.... Dumbass!!!
It doesn't help that Palestine is split to 3 areas within Israel (see map) .... how the f@&< did this happen in the first place??

If Brunei is being attacked by Malaysia for whatever reason... who should be first to help??? Phillipines? Indonesia?? China??? You'd think... Not Bloody Syria, Algeria, Cameroon....If you're fighting with your neighbour (Both living in Damansara).... who should be helping out to solve the issue??? Persatuan Penduduk Lahad Datu Sabah????

Why are we pressuring USA and UK, France for help first... WHERE ARE THE ARAB BROTHERS??? Until they learn to help one another, they will always be provoked disturbed raped and analized by the enemies of the region... or until the oil runs out... whichever comes first..

I say we should pressure the Arab nations to stand together to support their brothers... Shame on Them!! Egypt refuse the Palestinian refugee entry, Saudi Arabia is not taking a stance !!! I've actually included 'Arab Brotherhood' into my list of Oxymoron Words of the world!!

You actually think US and UK give a flying toss to what we think? Yes we are respected by the global community but are we respected enough to stop the war? Gimme a break...