Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Thursday, May 31, 2007

15 years -The result!

It was him all right and we started to correspond after that. What happened next was not cheap coz the letters were followed by phone calls and visits until I actually furthered my studies there.

Crazy huh?

Not all was rosy though. For the first few years, we were actually having a long distance relationship so when we finally got to be together, it took us awhile to get use to the idea of having our partners close by thus the obligation that comes with it. Being new to the independence, living in one of the most metropolitan cities of the world, all the bright lights, new people, new everything, I felt smothered like my wings were clipped and wanted to break off but somehow we hung on and didn’t go through it. We decided to work hard building the relationship.

It was all worth it coz after 15 years, we are still together and still crazy about one another. Plus, the gift from above in the form of cheeky bom bom completes our lives!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

15 years - What are the Odds?

Once in M’sia, I could not get him out of my mind. Gilakan coz we didn’t talk long enough for me to fall hard for him but I guess once again, it was meant to be. Armed with the only clue that he was a Johannian, I did some research among friends, seniors and was satisfied with what I found out! He didn’t lie about his school, apparently he was in UK as a student after spending some time working in Tokyo and he was not a Psycho-maniac from hell, or at least he wasn’t one during school. Remember that I could still be wrong coz I couldn’t find any pictures of him to verify.

I decided to take my chances and just write a simple note to him to see if I got the right person!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

15 years - How it began!

So how did it happen? How did I get to know my dearest? When did Cupid unleashed its arrow? I suppose everyone has their own tale, the fortunate or unfortunate events that led to it, the simplest of meetings to the most controversial match-up. Well as reported at Nona’s magazine issue September 1999, my answer was simple. It's a loonnnng story.

But the summarized version is that I saw him, knew I wanted him, pursued him, got him and married him! Sort of like Victoria conquered David to become the Beckhams or like the female praying mantis that gets its mate, did what she had to do and then devour the male’s head. That’s very much myself except the part of devouring the head…. well, not just yet lah!

I was 18 (he was 20), eager to check out the universities in Britain. The last 2 days before departing back to good olde Tanahair , my eldest sister , a friend and I decided to stay at the old Malaysian Hall at Bryanston Square. As we were entering the front hall after some last minute shopping at Oxford Street, I saw a good looking guy locking the door opposite me. We waited at the counter for our room keys. Turned out he was the receptionist on duty. Anyway as fate would have it, not that we were spastic but really, we couldn’t figure out how to lock our room door. The receptionist guy came up and showed us how to work the door. It strikes me then that he really was a very tall bloke. Whatever he said then might as well be in Greek to me coz I was not paying attention at all.

The next day, as we were checking out, he was still on duty, he said something that really caught my attention, “You look familiar”! Yeah, not the most original thing to say but it got me hooked nevertheless! Within 10 minutes (whilst checking out), I managed to find a common ground, he was an ex-Johannian whilst I was an ex-CBNer. Anyway, we said our goodbyes and that was that. While waiting to board our flight at Heathrow, I realized that I forgot to ask his name! My friend said that there was an X name on the duty roster and she was sure that she heard someone called him by that name.

But still, she could be wrong……

Hidden Agenda!

We first met on 4th June 1992.

This coming Perhentian trip was planned specifically to celebrate our 15 years’ anniversary! Mentally we know what we want to do there which by far involves nothing innocent *snigger*. Perhaps now I should be thinking to throw in dinner, drink, moonlight dancing, you know all those basic plans first, before I entertain any dirty thoughts *devil in disguise*

Monday, May 28, 2007


My conversation with a datin.

Datin: I’m going to see Raja Nazrin and his new bride early next month at a function *proudly*

Me: Oh yeah, when? *smiling*

Datin: 10th June *gloating*

Me: Eh? What function? *curiously*

Datin: Perak Ladies Club Charity Nite! *puffed up*

Me: Oh, I’m going too *knowing look*

Datin: How come? *crest fallen*

Me: My mum helped organize *modestly*

Datin: Oh? She’s an active member? *haughty*

Me: She has to, she’s the President! *grinning*


Last Friday was the final leg for my organization’s idol singing contest. I was expecting lots of William Hung wanna be, tone deaf financial wizards with thick dark plastic framed glasses and suppressed personalities popping anti-depressants like M&M’s singing Chan Mali Chan or the musically challenged favourite, My Way! … Bankers should just be bankers rather than make a fool of themselves singing off key rendering the audience laughing shamelessly, so I thought. But somehow, with the right sound system set-up, lighting and setting in place, the finalists sounded quite good actually. I was seriously impressed!! Note the emphasis on the word finalists.

Cheeky bom bom had so much fun being fawned over my mum and the crazy sisters that she wanted to spend the night there. So the honeymooners seized the rare chance to catch midnight movie just to find us dozing on and off during the screening. If you have a soft spot for a loser with superpowers, profusely ejaculating white sticky bodily fluids all over New York … except onto his hairy untalented double-timing waitress girlfriend or if you’re a man with an ego the size of an amoeba that needs a serious blow-up (No pun intended..) than you might enjoy the movie but if you are a neutral moviegoer, I’d bet Spiderman 3 would make u an arachnophobia within the first 15 minutes of the movie. If you happen to follow the story, New Yorkers are in danger of these so called ‘Baddies’ who are actually related or have a grudge on Spiderman himself. To solve the problem, the most logical answer…. Get rid of Spiderman! Haven’t they thought of using Shelltox or Ridsect… Baygon works really well for me. Seriously bloody waste of money and time!

Picking up cheeky bom bom the next day, I flipped through the many wedding invitation cards. My god, have you seen the card designs nowadays? Seriously

We dropped by at Parkroyal to check out the FJB’s warehouse sale. Now that’s what I call a
seriously good bargain.

Btw, my dearest is still in denial that he has put on a bit of weight even though the hammock has now snapped twice!! Gedebok…aduuhh @#$%^$!?#! Serious need of crash dieting session.

And as usual, the house is once again in a mess, with us getting ready for our trip to the island this weekend! I want to bring the laptop but I kept on getting this image of the lappy being in water! So should I or should I not?? I’m seriously demented!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Puff! puff!

My gawd! I was actually robbed of my breakfast / brunch / lunch / chatting / blogging / bitching / gossiping time…this morning!

What have I been busy with? Wellllll, this morning my biggie boss wanted some infos by 3pm and after consulting my informers, I disclosed them to her but she was not satisfied coz she is so sure that she has read somewhere some additional infos which she cannot recall where she read it from!!! So I hit the panic button and literally hassled the whole world (really the whole world!!)! Few hours later… my infos remain unchanged and it’s already lunchtime. I’m in dilemma now, to tell her the same infos again would probably reduced her to think of me as incompetent but the thing is, I’ve ran out of sources to ask from. Bugger!!

Never mindlah, put aside the problem and let’s

I was so hungry just now that I had to run to the cafe without being seen, grab any edible item within my reach like under 15 seconds throw the money at the cashier and run to my office, gobble the food up in the elevator. All under 10 minutes! Kesian ke tak kesian?

Go cafe after lunch hours and you can only lick the gravy of the empty food trays. That’s all that’s left. Gravy!! You think what? I’m Oliver Twist issit? Have gravy for lunch only ah? People can die you know. So that’s why I HAVE to get my lunch earlier. Or there will be no lunch at all. Else I will be very hungry and angry tau....hangry!

Anyway today my mum is taking cheeky bom bom for dancing class with Pak Ngah, the M’sian songwriter in traditional music. I’m just hoping that she will not turn out to be like her ‘spastic born with 2 left feet’ mother!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Breaking news!

Bugger! I just found out the scrabble score! The highest score was 429 and highest score for a single word was 95! The hell?? Man…don’t I just wish I can dig into the winner’s head to see where these brilliant strategies are coming from!! Thank god I chickened out from the tournament. My score would have definitely been biasa-biasa saja!

Btw, during the girls’ nite out, mak sudah termalu tahap cipan gaban okkkk! I accidentally said konek very loudly causing the whole damn café patrons to look at our table. Pundek betullah! I wanted to crawl under the table and let the earth eat me and left my remains to be eaten by the ulats and the kerenggas and the semuts that live under the table!! Or peel off someone’s face and stick it on my own. I fuck up big time tau!!! To cover my extreme embarrassment, I put on a very fake Scottish accent pretending I no nuts a single malay word…totally oblivious to the fact that few minutes ago I was practically punctuating my every sentences with very malay swearing words!!!

Confirm nak kena gi holiday gilerrr... Jom? Jomla.......

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rocking my baby....

Cheeky bom bom cried buckets last night because I wouldn’t allow her to follow me for my girls’ nite out. My reasoning was that she has exam today went into deft ears drowned by her loud wailing. Anyway when I came she was already asleep. Later when I woke up at 3am to switch off the aircond, whilst straightening her blankie, she opened her eyes, took one look at me and started crying again!

The heck….?

Anyway, went to work as usual but I could not get her sad eyes out from my mind. By noon, sat back and look at what I’ve accomplished for half of the day and….nada! So I packed up and just left the office!

It made me very happy to hear she said ‘I love you very much mummy’ during our ice-cream tryst!

But it made me very unhappy to hear a friend who is a teacher, after the salary hike is now getting 3.5k monthly salary!


I would gladly take a very significant pay cut if it means that I get to work for only half a day with long school breaks in between if it’s not for one crucial factor….

For fear that I might just be tomorrow’s news ‘Cikgu hilang sabar dan membelasah murid’!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Touch down!

I'm back in the game! With my score of 296, I still got the touch after all..hehe

Monday, May 21, 2007

Diamond baby read a Malay novel...gasp!

Last friday, I read malay novel for the 1st time in donkey years; to support my budding writer friend. On the surface, I’m more than willing to try anything new. I’ve laid snakes on my shoulder before, I plucked my bare hands into a tub of maggots before, and I watched a Paris Hilton movie before too. Yeah, that was a traumatic one. So when the chance to read a newly finished untouched virgin book was offered to me, I said bring it on! To be honest, I really cannot remember the last time I read a malay novel…if ever! But this one pleasantly caught me by surprise. Best siot!!!

The thing is, my organization encourage reading habits to the point of reimbursing staffs for any purchase on books. So I would regularly go on book ‘frenzy, rampage, ran amok….like I’ve never seen books all my life before’ excursions. Ok…so that was a little over….tapi suka mak lah!

I’m absolutely anal about book fair walaupun ianya adalah seperti night market held in open air. Those giant unglamorous fans that blows your hair out of proportion stood in every corner you can find. The whole area is packed with jostling people browsing books everywhere. Promoters hollered great deals over the microphone like their selling pots and pans in a night market.But oh the discounts……it’s crazy I’m telling you.
It’s a haven for book whores!

Normally I would go home contented with enough to read for a year man! But not once I came back with a malay novel not even picking up to read the summary.

But now, gosh! You just don’t know what you’re missing!

Failing words...

I love scrabble! And I'm quite good at it too…or so I thought! When the chance to represent my dept. for the inter-dept’s scrabble competition arises, I jumped at the offer. Since I haven’t played for quite sometime, I decided to practice a bit a home. But after losing so spectacularly to my dearest for the 3rd time in a row…WTF…I’ve decided to bail out. Why? Because I only play to win!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a sore loser (*read bull crap*) but there is a big difference between competing hoping to win with competing knowing that you have a chance to win!!

Just like how Harry Potter said in the chapter "Horcruxes" in Half Blood Prince, "There is a difference between being dragged into a fighting arena to face a battle to the death, and walking into the arena with the head held high."

Over-anal eih? Well who cares anyway. It’s keeping my mental in check so I’m going to practice religiously for the next 1 year in time for next year’s competition!!!

But right now let me just sit quietly under the table drowning in my sorrow for losing, munching away a carrot stick. Mak trauma tau…..i’ll never get over it…

Friday, May 18, 2007

And the winner is....

Just thought I’d drop by for a quick post today… life has been rather hectic lately (although the actvities are somewhat non-productive)

But my, my, my, what an interesting week this turn out to be.

E! channel

It’s been a couple of weeks, but I still can’t get enough of it. Although I have to wrestle with my dearest (for his channel 78) and cheeky bom bom (for her Disney & MTV channel) everyday but it’s all worth it. Now I can actually stop buying Woman’s Day, Hot, New Idea, Hello..etc! Ops, did I say stop? Oh no no no, never stop but reduce! Yeah, that I can do!!!

WTF! I’m not a big fan (yeah right!*rolling eyes*) of the show but now that the end is near, it’s quite interesting to note that this is the first time that I cannot gauge who will be the winner. Almost all the finalist is likely to come up top. Plus, trust astro not to divulge the percentage this week to add to the suspense..clever move! It will be an interesting ending this season so I will definitely tune in for the final. (Jangan kacau aku malam esok tau!)

Today is the audition day for my organization’s idol contest. This whole week, wherever I go, I can hear people humming under their breath (tengah practicelah tu). Since I have many friends who are entering, I’ve decided to hang around after work to give them morale support (*looking around* now where is that damn banner??)

By the way, reality shows constantly promise “the most shocking” results or events, but “American Idol’s” semi final show was really the most shocking episode of the show. Ever!! Melinda Doolittle ousted? What? Whaaaaaaaat? I sat dumbfounded in front of the television! So now, for the final showdown, it's down to either a beat-boxer or an over-sized Barbie doll that sings.

Anyway, as the saying goes…All work and no play makes diamond baby a dull woman. Agreed? Good. So I definitely going to enjoy myself with the above activities to make my week less dullish…hehe

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chicher, chicher, can I go to toilet plisss.....

Today, I’m going to dedicate this post to all the teachers who have taught me in my school years. Some teachers were inspirational, some were…not so inspirational. But inspirational or not, they have made me who I am today. To be honest, I didn’t know how I survived secondary school. Most of the time I just moped around trying to stay awake.

Yesterday Malaysians honoured our teachers with gifts, messages, adverts, awards and some even put up shows. Like her mother before her, my daughter had great ideas to show her appreciation for her beloved teachers. She chose picture frames for her teachers (at Mama’s expense …of course) the kiddies even put up a performance show for them. She came back satisfied, happy that she had made her teachers’ day! There was even a surprise for me in the form of a brooch and a card from her teacher for mother’s day. Nice!!

Then last night, I decided to revise her schoolwork since her exam is just around the corner. When we finished, she said, ‘Thanks mum, you’re not just my mama but you can also be my teacher’!

That remark got me thinking that at one point of our lives, all of us would have been a teacher to someone, be it teaching our staffs about work, teaching our younger siblings on schoolwork or more importantly, crucial life saving things like fashion and make-up, teaching our parents on gadgets like hand phones / internet or even teaching strangers on how to use the atms. So by right, Teacher’s Day should be celebrated by all not just by school children. Unfortunately, generally, the ‘day’ is normally celebrated exclusively by schools!! Perhaps it’s time we changed our mindset?? There are others too who deserves to be celebrated…don’t you think?

Anyway, the real reason to celebrate an appreciation day for educators is for their patience. Have u ever tried to teach someone the simplest things to you but an impossible task for the designated student??? After explaining it for the 7th time they‘d still have the blank expression plastered. Just because it’s easy for you doesn’t mean its ‘kacang’ for them too. That’s the reason they need assistance… get it??

So the moral of the story is that teachers are a group of humans with super patience. Imagine teaching standard 1 maths or basic spelling to 7 year olds for the past 25 years…. Day in –day out, next year back to square one again…. If it was me…. Aaarggghh!!! Get me out of this time warp!! But if was not for these patient creatures, what would you be?? You won’t be able to count properly, read properly, think rationally….what will u become??.....Oh yeah! A politician….most probably.

So yeah, Happy Teacher’s Day you ols!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

o'la la..paradise here I come...

Ahhh, island in the sun….

I finally managed to book our holiday to Pulau Perhentian. Because we are planning the trip during the school holidays , getting accommodation for a party of 8 adults was as easy as trying to convince the world that George Dubya Bush is actually intelligent. I discovered that many of my friends are also heading out to Terengganu for the coming school holidays. Coincidence? Or is it that great minds think alike????

After days surfing the net looking studying websites, pictures, forums and reports on Perhentian, it’s a wonder why most of us have NOT been there. The islands are amazing! And its bloody cheap too!! We spend hours watching the Travel channel on Astro dreaming of the Carribean lah, Hawaii lah, Bora Bora lah yet with great ignorance and foolishness we overlook these jewels right on our doorstep at a fraction of a Tahitian Holiday!

How many of us have actually been to these islands? Its about time we change our mindset and visit our very own treasures first before thumping our chests bragging about our trips to Blackpool ke Malibu ke Perth ke. Heck! I’ve been to all these places and Bali twice and they’re nothing compared to our Terengganu gems!! Not to mention Sipadan, Layang-layang. How embarrassing!! For the same price of a Korean Prada knock-off handbag (not that I have one-lah!*wink*) one could be spending a whole weekend in Paradise… full board plus Air Asia flights….u decide…. I shall definite keep u posted after my trip.

Bowled over!

Next day, I was aching all over from too much standing up and actually had blisters from my high heels that I just had to take emergency leave, plus the babysitter went AWOL!!. Forced (or was it tricked?) my dearest to stay home too. Even cheeky bom bom played hooky from school *mama devil* muahaha. Got to finally bully my dearest to go to the dentist, the big baby!! Did some window shopping despite the blisters…women.. never learn!!!

Then on Saturday, during my dearest's office bowling tournament, cheeky bom bom tried her hand for the very first time in bowling. The bowling centre at the swanky Tropicana's clubhouse actually had lanes for children..without ‘longkang’ which is good for me too actually!!! She actually scored better than some of the ladies in the next lane! Her ball rolled in a very peculiar zig-zag route, really slow but still managed to drop 7 pins at a time. Shalin Zulkifli in the making? Talent wise I hope with better dental care of course!!! After a few frames my arms felt really heavy, as if it was stretched an extra 3 inches from me shoulders. I actually believed that I could scratch my knees without bending down! I wonder if this is what a Toll booth operator feels after a whole day’s shift.

On Sunday, during a neighbour’s birthday party, the host wanted to take picture with cheeky bom bom. The very moment the shutter bugs flicker her way, she started to arch her back, stiffened her posture and puffed out her chest and put on fake model smile…hoh! When asked by the host, she said that her ambition was to be a ‘popstar’! Hell no!!!!!! Not Britney! Not Jessica! No way!! Awww baby, please don’t send mama to an early grave, I got high hopes for you!!!

p/s I was Queen for the day during Sunday where all my wishes are my commands and my two slaves bravely tried to make them come true. Happy belated mother's day you ols!!!

MIHAS 2007

MIHAS 2007 was officiated by Pak Lah himself and blessed by our Agong and his lovely consort. With such high profile figures turning up to support the Halal industry, a huge crowd was not a surprise. Temper, mine, was extremely high. Try circling around KLCC fifteen times under an extreme hot sun looking for a parking spot but to no avail and you tell me if you can still drive calmly without cursing in every foul language you can think of!!!!

Trying to make me smile now is as easy as convincing Samy Vellu to retire from politics…I suppose they’ve thought of everything for the place to be an international convention centre as it can be until you notice the surprising lack of parking spaces. Another problem with KLCC is the traffic flow, with office traffic, supplier trucks, convention visitors all converging into the over stressed Jalan Pinang…peergh!!

For those that will be in such circumstances i.e to be involved in the opening by PM at KLCC, all nearby parking charges RM7 per entry try this….. park at UOA or Kenanga Building. They still charge a normal RM2.50 for the 1st hour and RM2 for the subsequent hours. But the best advice is to get on the LRT!!! No worries mate….if u had to park at KLCC or K Avenue, you’d be walking about the same distance plus u will be slapped with a pretty high parking fee!

By the time I parked at the super scary basement car park of K-Avenue, I was practically pulling chunks of hair out! Worse still was when I finally reached KLCC Convention Centre Hall 5, I discovered that our booth is at Hall 1…WTF!!! Dripping with sweat, my suit plastered all over my body and my tongue practically hanging out right down to my pinkie, I made my way along the never-ending hallway. Thank god we were given company’s shirt to wear on that day, else without shame I would prolly strip down to my flowery panty!!

Anyway, the exhibition was good! Good food, good ambience, good response and I actually met few old friends so yeah, it turned out to be a good day.

p/s can I be more spastic in taking pictures than I already am??? must be the excitement!! it couldn't be that i'm really a bad photographer...could it? no right? right? damn!!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Silly mistake

Ahhh, I've solved the mystery of my missing breakfast and received free lunch in return!! (definitely worth more than my breakfast, muahahhahahaha)

It was just a case of mistaken identity (the same foodie wrap). I can't blame her. Afterall, not everyone can be as observant as yours truly *cough bullshit*

So now that I'm well fed, maybe I should take a short nap and grow fat & healthy!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shit happens!

Today I’m very hungry and angry you know. I bought a somewhat lavish breakfast today u ols. 1 packet of Nasi Lemak and 3 karipap. Total RM2.50 selepas menggatal dengan pakcik jual nasi lemak tepi komuter station and dapat diskaun. So I went straight to office and put all my stuff in the pantry room. I went out for a while to do my morning business and gossip a bit with my other colleagues, came back only to find…..no food!!!!!!!

Who in the world could possibly steal my food???! WHO??!?!?!? I hope whoever that karipap stealer is will choke on my food; develop a stomach ulcer after that and get a permanent buasir up his arse and may he step on wet dog shit and gets shitted by pigeons every day! I got no breakfast now you know!!!!!!!!! I want back my nasi lemak and karipap!!!!!! Mak very hungry and angry tau!!! Bitch!!!!

Meanwhile…u ols go enjoy your lunch lah. Just leave me alone with my writers block syndrome here. I’ll be fine….i’m used to crying alone under the table…

Dah agak dah....

Ahhhh, it happened again! Just heard that so and so just landed another big contract with the govie! Big surprise…NOT! The spin doctors were at it again. They make hype all sort of issues…that not clean enoughlah, that not good enoughlah, that got cracked here and therelah…etc. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, somehow, some company got their big break to clean up the issue! Then all Malaysian will sigh in relieve that someone has been appointed to take care of the problem thus we are able to sleep soundly at nite! Bullshit!!!!

Was there even a tendering process???

Wake up Malaysian!!! Why do we let all our thinking process done by somebody else? Why should we just be good human resources and obedient voters? Where is our right to voice out dissatisfaction in this so called democracy country??

I can’t talk much can I?? Being part of the power that be!!
*menyekeh diri sendiri*

Perhaps kalau ada harimau sesat masa ni, memang patut makan je aku sekarang ni!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sweating like pigs...

It’s been scorching these past few days that my dearest hung up his hammock under our cherry tree on our sprawling 20’ by 75’ orchard (yeah right!) last weekend to enjoy the occasional breeze. Unfortunately for him, the neighbourhood children got to hear of it and practically created a ‘Village Fair’ hanging over at our house to have a go at the hammock. I told him that it’s much better to be inside in the full aircond blast rather than swinging under the blistering sun especially seeing we are still recovering from severe sun burn and skin peel like a python. But from time to time, I would catch the Boy Scout in him forlornly glancing at the children outside. So yesterday I did something that’s very unneighbourly of me…I locked the gate! Not very sporting of me but I think he deserves a day to laze on it without having to fight off the competition. *patting my back*

On Saturday my gf told me that she’s trying, opps make that have tried her hand in writing novels. Amazing rite! Her 1st book is already at the editor and am now well into her 2nd book. I told her that she should start her own blog but she’s not too comfortable of the idea pouring out her personal life on the net. It’s really amazing how people can rise up to the challenge of writing her own novel. The months you spend researching, exploring ideas…gosh, you really need to be resilient and tolerant…umm which traits I have absolutely none! Did I tell you guys that this budding writer actually met the love of her life when we borrowed the ‘dunk-in booth’ from the drooling Johannians during the school carnival? High school sweethearts!!! I haven’t come across many like that. Her love story alone is worthy of another novel!! Good luck to you Zie! Knowing you, I’m sure it will be a bestseller! Who knows she could be another JK Rowling in the making….. who knows anyone of us could be another JK Rowling! From a single parent living on welfare to someone richer than the Queen within 10 years of publishing her first Harry Potter!!!

Family front, a few weeks ago, my dearest brought home a (very) large plastic clear clipboard for cheeky bom bom to scribble on. Initially, I was opposed to the idea coz no joke, the thing is huge and it’s not as if she doesn’t already have a little blackboard in her room to write on. But this weekend, I finally admitted defeat! My dearest and his sisters had a little conference regarding the family business and the board came in handy for a little mind mapping chart and the fact that we are the only house on the block without graffiti walls. Usually one would know that there’s a 5 year old (Australians call’em Ankle Biters) in the house if the walls are full of crayon scribbles and you’d have to wash the soap first before soaping your hands…It proves that sometimes even the most brilliant mind can be wrong….echeh!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Old chummys

Today I’m a happy bunny! Next week I’ll be going to some forum in KL Convention Centre where I will meet one of my dearest friend, Lily whom I haven’t met for the longest time. With the internet & hand phones, we do exchange emails, mms, sms and the occasional actual phone conversation. But to meet? Hardly!

I’m sure it’s the same with all of you. Sporadically I do get the feeling of missing my old friends wishing I could do a ‘Hiro Nakamura’ & turn back time and be the kids/teenagers we once were.

School friends!
Back in Convent Bukit Nanas, we were known as G21! No, not the group of 21 nation treaty discussion global warming and unethical usage of fossil fuel but a group of 21 teeny boppers from a mixed cultural background. I admit that there were many who dreamt to join the gang but unfortunately the screening process was extremely tough thus most were accepted as being just friends of the G21. Cruel? Discrimination? Not really…. Why do you opt for Colgate instead of Oral-B? Estee Lauder instead of Maybeline? Ceśt la Vie!! That’s life!

We were the fore runners for the school cheerleaders and started the tradition of having yearly school carnival. I remembered the tough time we had to convince our headmistress, Mrs Manuel to let us have the dunk-in booth. She was not receptive to the idea for the obvious reason, girls being draped in wet t-shirts would be a superb attraction for the carnival but upholding the decency of CBNers….a little bit tough. Fortunately we managed to convince her that it will definitely be a ‘cash cow’ booth whilst assuring her that the girls will be in black t-shirt. Thank god that it really did make a lot of money, being a hit with the Johanian boys. We squeezed every little penny from those sad testosterone infused boys (No pun intended..) The art of persuasion and entrepreneurship mastered before college… not bad eh!

It was with G21 that I discovered the bond of sisterhood, boys, tea dances (Piccadilly in DU being the most frequent spot), slumber parties…etc. Mind you we were not bad wild teenagers, we were quite normal, many of us being top students of the school, some were prefects and school athletes. The closest thing u’d get to a sorority in KL. It was a complete unit!

Anyway, to this day we are still very close, we seldom meet but we do meet! We would love to meet everyday but then again nobody sees a blue moon everyday…right?

College/University friends
There were 8 of us! Some met during college days then we furthered our studies together to London where the lasting knot formed! There, together we learned how to really study, to set house, to survive, to cook, to shop, to sleep, to cry, to tube, to solve problems, to date men, to experience smoking, to get drunk, to be tourist, clubbing/pub crawling, west ends shows, concerts..etc.

With all of them, there are no pretences. We know each others bad habit, good habits, inside out that no matter what, you know they will always be there for you!!!

Of course, along the way, there are new friends made, colleagues, ex-colleagues, neighbours, bloggers, my team building mates, dancing partners, gym mates…etc.

There is a saying that 'People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime'.

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime

"God determines who walks into your life.........It is up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go."

Love thy neighbours!

Its 9.07pm, 53 mins to go before beauty sleep claims me. Anyway before I do that, I wanna complain! I’ve been procrastinating on this subject due to the fact that I might just hit the right button with my writing and offend the person I really want to offend! But enough is enough; I’ve just about had it up to my cute earlobes.

It’s my neighbours! 2 of them to be exact! I hate people who would force me to hear some scandal/rumor/gossips in the name of conversation! For heaven sake, I am not interested to know who’s house got a new kitchen cabinet, whose maid just ran off… with whose husband, who is having an affair, who is fighting with whom and me slowly dying inside writhing with disgust, holding on to my own vomit while outwardly feigned interest. I hate gossipers! Period! Oh, don’t get me wrong! I’m no saint! I do gossip! But not all the bleeping time, not 24 hours, 7 days a week…put a sock in itlah! Haiyah… don’t they subscribe to Astro or Streamyx.. I wonder. Plus I only gossip on things that I know the absolute truth not just on something base on my hunch and imagination.

And I noticed that it’s mostly the housewives who are most interested to ‘discuss’ about others at the drop of a hat. Mind you I said mostly, coz I was a housewife at 2 points of my life but under no circumstances was I bored enough to indulge myself in those tittle-tattle meaningless conversation.

Little wonder that I could only manage to be jobless for just a couple of months on both occasions. I find myself bored out of my skull not having proper grownup mature conversation during the day. Short of browsing the net, joined forums, bombarding my working friends with phone calls, I’d actually limit myself to subject my mind to these tête-à-têtes for just during the afternoon. Even then I would normally excuse myself early. I’d say something like,’Excuse me… I think I forgot to turn off the Uranium Enriching thingamagic in the kitchen. Pyongyang really needs them tomorrow lah… see you..’.

Why do I do it then? There might be some news that may be of importance to me and my family such as theft, fogging, dengue news…etc plus neither do I want to be seen as the lofty neighbour. I also wouldn’t want to be labeled as a social outcast.

But to gossip…no ma’am, not me!

Oh I also hate it when people kept on asking when to add another brood to my family. Eh, sukati akulah bila aku nak tambah anak! Maybe I enjoy the baby making process so much that I want to prolong those pleasurable moments for as long as I can, maybe I don’t want to add or maybe I don’t think it’s the right time yet. But the point is, it’s my life, I decide what I want to do or not to do. If I want your opinion or advise, I’ll ask for it! Else, shut the hell up!

If only I have the audacity as my dearest, he’d come up with the most shocking answers such as ‘Hang nak sponsor susu ke?’ Or ‘Selalu sangat tengok Blue sebab tu asyik pancut kat muka je… mana nak dapat!!’ He can be really rude and shock the living daylights of the kepo makciks but sometimes you have to be just to shut them up…

Oh, those evil bitches!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dear diary....


Sunday night.
I thought he was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at a cafe to have coffee. I was shopping with my friends all day long, so I thought he was upset that I was a bit late, but he made no comment. Conversation wasn't flowing, so I suggested that we go somewhere quiet so we could talk. He agreed but he kept quiet and absent.

I asked him what was wrong. He said: "Nothing."

I asked him if it was my fault that he was upset. He said it had nothing to do with me, and not to worry.

On the way home I told him that I loved him. He simply smiled and kept driving. I can't explain his behavior; I don't know why he didn't say: "I love u, too."

When we got home, I felt as if I had lost him, as if he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. He just sat there and watched TV; he seemed distant and absent.

Finally, I decided to go to bed. About 10 minutes later he came to bed. I could not take it anymore, so I decided to confront him with the situation but he had fallen asleep. I started crying and cried until I too fell asleep. I don't know what to do. I'm almost sure that his thoughts are with someone else.

My life is a disaster!


Today, Manchester United lost the match. DAMN IT..!!

Note: I'll betcha that somewhere in the world last night, the above happened!!Kudos to AC Milan and Liverpool for making the 2007 UEFA Champions League Final! The possibility of an all English final was dashed when The Red Devils let their slender one goal advantage from the first leg slip away as they were emphatically crushed by the Italians.

Part 3-Monday/Tuesday-Beachside!

Nuff said!

Part 2-Sunday-Muar!

What I heard in Muar over the weekend…pronounced as ‘Muo'

1. The Pak Imam telling the groom during the akad, ‘ saya nak goncang tangan awak ni tapi awak jangan pulak goncang tangan saya pulak, haru nanti!

2. During the akad taklik the groom accidentally read ,”Sekiranya saya tanggalkan isteri saya….(spelling of tinggalkan and tanggalkan in Jawi is pretty similar)

3. An auntie telling the bride to be, ‘Life is short but marriage is long, so be well prepared mentally & physically’.

4. Another auntie advised…. ‘people do change after marriage….most for the worse, good luck!’

5. A: ‘Eh ngape groom tu pakai rayban? B: Laaaa, kan tengah panas nak mampos ni! A: Tapi nikan dalam rumah????’

6. One makcik to another: ‘Kuatnye sound kugiran tu…. Mesti kena bayor dgn duit sumbangan….. memang sumbang!!

7. The Johor custom of charging a Toll’s (note the plural tense) before allowing the groom to
enter the house: Arrgk! Laa ada lagi ke? Ingat ada satu je tadi… macamana nih? IOU boleh tak Cik?

8. An uncle calling everyone for breakfast, ‘Cepat-cepat, siapa nak ikut sarapan kat bandor? satay, mee bandung, mee rebus, roti bakor dengan kopi 434 kaw. Pak Ngah belanja!

9. ‘Jom kita pancing nak? Sekarang tengah musim udang galah! Orang ari tu duduk satu jam, 17 ekor naik’.

10. ‘Apasal masjid lama dengan masjid baru tu serupa je’.

11. ‘Jom kita gi shopping kat Senyum, semua brand overseas ada kat sana. Murah tau!’

12. ‘Jalan nak balik Muar ni dah smooth gilerkan? Dah tak rasa macam balik kampong, tak bestlah!’

13. ‘Ish budak-budak ni. Dengan basikalpun boleh merempit. Bagus sangatlah tu, cita-cita masa depan dah terjamin hish!’

14. Conversation among some aunties, ‘Eh, nanti nak balik KL, kita singgah kat Tangkak ye. Raya nak dekat dah ni, dah boleh borong kain. Nanti kalau lambat, tailor I dah tak nak terima order lagi!’

Part 1-Saturday-Zoo Melaka!

The animals look pretty healthy, you reckon?