Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Friday, April 27, 2007

So lucky to be off today!

Wanted to wear my fav cutoff jeans yesterday but found holes in the frontal region. Bummer! Watched the coronation of the King for a bit then decided to go to KLCC. Stopped by at mum’s place to sign some docs only to discover that the crazy sisters just woke up, at 11.30am! Had a sudden attack of verbal diarrhea and they got the full blast of it. Haih, pantang tok nenek budak pompuan bangun lambat.

Reached KLCC and discovered the convention centre was hosting a home deco expo. Woohoo, just my kinda thing!

Decided to catch a movie. Gave cheeky bom bom a free reign to pick a movie. And she picked ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’! Alahai anak mak ni….But then, mengalah jelah…let’s see what that movie was all about. Boy, was I surprised!

What really stood out was the eerie music and the sound effect. Eh takut mak okkkk! Albeit there was practically nonexistent to the story line and the adaptation of Thailand/Korean horror movies but I like okkkkk! I was spooked to the core and had to practically sleep on top of my dearest that nite. Opps, too much detail. But my point is, it was not a bad malay movie. It was neither thumbs up nor thumbs down so in my book, tu kira oklah tu.

Some may agree or NOT but what the hey, everyone has their own pandangan.

Short post…nothing much to blog about! Half of the day gone with the expo thingy and the movie thingy.

It’s gonna be a long holiday for me since I’m off next Monday. I don’t foresee me having the extra time and internet connection at the places I’m going to so I don’t think I’ll be blogging for the next few days.

Patience my grasshoppers, patience!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flea markets

There are just so many flea markets in KL now that we are literally spoilt for choice. Kiara, Bangsar, Curve, Amcorp etc, infact most shopping complex will have a flea market season at least 12 weekends a year. Years ago when I tried to dabble in business, together with a couple of friends, we opened a booth at Mont Kiara which was among the first flea market of its kind then. It was a valuable experience, one that would teach me that even “BFF’s” can fall out because of money.

Although it was fun while it lasted, it was also extremely hard work. Standing under the hot sun the whole day is no joke. The moment a person stop by your place, it would give you such high hopes and your spirit would be soaring high but to have it plummet down to earth the moment they leave you with just a smile, without buying anything. After whole day having the fluctuating of feelings, it can definitely drain your energy.

When we first started, we thought the ambiance and the mood would be similar to the summer car boot sales in the UK or Portobello Street Market made famous in a scene from ‘Notting Hill’ starring the bumbling Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts or the Flea Markets of Pasadena, California but we forgot the most crucial factor. The weather! When it rains… it pours but most of the time…. it’s like a winter afternoon in the SAHARA! One could fry an egg on one’s forehead! The hot burning mid noon sun can play havoc to a person’s state of mind and temper. Never again!

For those who have not experienced trying to sell a trinket from a stall to make a living….. trust me…. however bad you think your situation is behind that desk, in that air-conditioned office and rushing to work in that tiny car of yours….it’s much better than selling trinkets!

So, all of you out there having a break for a bit, checking out this humble blog of mine…. Bersyukurlah wahai kawan-kawanku!! There’s always someone worse off than you out there.

For now, I’ll just content my self for being ‘the buyer’ or the one that walks away with a smile!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Problem? Who? Me?

Warehouse SALE... 90% 21 - 29 April 07
zara, guess, vs, MNG, dockers, levis, GAP, ripcurl
quicksilver, billabong, CK, oshkosh, o'neil ... ….etc

Whenever I received such emails, I get that familiar fluttering feeling in my tummy and I can feel the mounting excitement and the image of future buys starts to float around in my head.

Gosh! Women and shopping!

My parents started giving me allowance since I was 13. I was able to buy my own cds, my own clothes and my own books the moment I entered secondary school. Back then, every Friday, most cbners would hang out at Yow Chuan Plaza mostly to bowl or to hang out at KFC. There was this one music store that we would frequent coz the staff can dubbed the list of songs we liked into 1 cassette.

Cassette? Diam! Taulah dah tua, memang zaman tu masih zaman cassette. Cis!!

Anyway, my purchasing power started from there, then gradually upgraded to other things.

As far as I can remember, I would always have a seasonal fetish. It can be shoes craze, t-shirts craze, handbags craze, fixation on certain make up items, obsession with books, obsession with earrings, jeans mania..etc. My fixation will change once I’m bored with the things that I have amassed. Not a healthy habit I know but try reasoning that with my head and you will fail for sure. Believe me, I’ve tried!

So now, I have this thingy for perfumes lak! Help!!!

p/s Sogo/Jusco are having sales for members. Die! Die!

Monday, April 23, 2007

What's new?

As we grow older, it’s difficult to keep in touch with old friends. Except for the occasional children birthdays, puasa & raya gatherings, if it’s not for internet, we may not keep in touch at all. When was the last time you wrote an actual letter to your friends and posted it by snail mail?? When we finally meet up, that’s when you learn that so and so is preggy, so and so has divorced and that’s his new girlfriend or so and so is now a highflier of some multi national company.

So even if some people are calling for restriction in blogging or some other internet activities, but if truth were to be told, we need the internet to keep in touch with others. Especially with the recent massacre, the importance of the need to socialize is becoming clearer! So try to keep in touch with your old mates before its too late …..and snap!!

Happy B'day Pop!

At last, mum decided to celebrate dad’s birthday at home. She cooked up a storm and called some her friends. Few hours of eating, playing cards, gossiping away, I forgot whose birthday it was until my niece reminded us that we have yet to cut the cake. Poor dad, his birthday party was used as an excuse to meet friends, yet again!

It’s a bit sad but due to the rat race of Kuala Lumpur, even living within a radius of 25km among each other, we only get to gather up the siblings maybe once a month!!! I wish we are like the Swiss…. 4 working days 3 day weekends. They are so laid back the even their cheese have got more holes than others.
2 of the crazy sisters left early to go to Good Charlotte's concert. My dearest with all honesty asked who is G.C? Duh....thank god that I at least know of them. Largely due to Joel being Hillary Duff's ex but still...taulah jugak! Pinky sat in a corner with the cats sulking because she was not allowed to go despite having the ticket. Hmm...that's new development! Like I said earlier, she normally can get away with murder but I guess her luck has run out!
*muahahaha* devilish laugh! It's about time!

Blind date

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy meets girl’s parents. Received their blessing, they get engaged. Few months down the road, girl had second thoughts and breaks off with boy. Boy broken hearted, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. Friends were worried and hoped that boy should start dating again. A friend sets up a blind date. Boy agrees and arranges to meet girl in a public place. Boy decided not to abide by their clothing arrangement. Boy waited from afar for the girl…no sign of the girl..???. Time past and still no sign of girl. Boy called girl’s handphone. Girl next to boy answered her phone! Gadinggg!! Ceeh!….She also decided not to abide to the promise of what to wear. Both were curious but didn’t want to let in…they were worried if the other looked liked Quasimodo or looked like a really stressed out Korean or even a good looking Jabba The Hut. The plan was if it’s someone they didn’t fancy, they could just slip away and make an excuse later…..NOT!!

If they live happily ever after, imagine the story they have to tell their grandchildren!!

Good Version : Your grand ma/pa was very cunning when we first met…..
Angry Version: Tok hang memang tak boleh buat janji dari dulu lagi! Masa tu….

Not fiction but true account of what happened to my cousin!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pervert update!

Guys! Guess what? The sex maniac in my office may have just met his match and will get his just desert!!! He stupidly wooed the wrong girl this week who happens to be the best buddy of the HR manager! *rubbing hands gleefully*

Crazy sisters!


When she was born, I was already 21 years old and was on break between college and university. I had the opportunity to be a sabbatical mother. As mum was a busy bee then, she practically slept with me every night. In terms of looks, she's quite different from the rest of the clan. She took after mum but with curly hair like dad with the smallest pie-hole (that’s mouth to you) I have ever seen. She was so pink when she was born hence the nick name!

When I left for Uni, she was still talking in that gibberish baby babble. Few months down the road, I called home and discovered she could already speak properly! I was pretty upset having to miss the transition from baby to toddler. She’s quite lucky to be born when everyone was pretty much settled, life was too comfortable for her as she was spoiled by everyone. My parents seem to have mellowed down greatly compared to when I was growing up. Boys can now call the house freely unlike my time when if a boy called the house and was unfortunate enough to be answered by ‘auntie’….will be subjected to hundred of questions and even they still did not get to talk to me! Some of them just gave up and said it was the wrong number the moment a mature woman’s voice answered the phone. Yupp, Pink got it good! The little brat!

But she is the youngest! Being an ‘Ucu’ has its advantages… I still remember being the youngest was like having the freedom to do pretty much anything and never get scolded. Tak aci! She is so into boys and make up and all the girlish thingy so unlike the other 4 sisters! At her age, for the rest of us, our wardrobes were mostly sneakers, shorts and t-shirts. Not her! Like I said, she’s a spoilt brat!

To Pinky, belajar! Jangan dok ingat boys saje tau! Nanti kena sebat baru tau!

Crazy sisters!


Tish was a very cute and adorable baby. But her beauty was often overlooked because she was a cry baby! She would cry when she wants to eat, sleep, shit, play, for the fun of it…in another word, she would cry all the bleeping time! We were afraid if her mouth would permanently be etched as ‘empat segi’ coz it’s always opened due to crying! When she was young, she had the habit of exchanging her letter ‘N’ with ‘L’ thus its levermile instead of nevermind, cocolut instead of coconut..etc..you get the drift!

From the time Siti burst into the scene years ago, people have been making remark on her resemblance to Siti. For the longest time we thought she was miss goody too shoes, ms nice and dainty but something happened that altered the image..she actually cut school because she was afraid of her teacher! She and her friend sat at the bus stop infront of the school and just waited for the school to end. Luckily a neighbour saw her and reported to mum! You can imaginelah what happened next. It was probably a good thing coz somehow after that incident, she became quite studious and actually scored 7As during her PMR. When she was
about 12 months, she actually fell off from her high chair and bumped her head very hard that it actually made her ubun-ubun feel like Tau Fu Faa. My mum was very worried, upset and didn’t stopped crying the whole time we were at the clinic. Luckily she was okay.

She’s in college now, enjoying her new found freedom and friends. She’s quite playful but somehow manages to come across as prim & proper. Unfair! And she is also one that stays loyal to just one person. Hish! I always thought that young people should enjoy their lives and go on many dates before you finally settled for that perfect someone.

To Tish, enjoy, enjoy gak but study jangan lupa ye!

Crazy sisters!


El was born when I was 13 years old. Being the third and the last in the family, I was basking in the attention and love from everybody in the family. Naturally when a new baby comes along, I was resentful and very jealous. That was until I discovered that having a new baby was very useful. She would be the guest at my imaginary tea party, she would be my imaginary talking baby doll, I would practice applying makeup on her chubby face and trying out clothes and various hair accessories. Very practical indeed!!

I thought she was the ugliest baby I had seen then. In the eyes of 13 yrs old, the world was divided into cute and ugly, nothing in between. But the moment she got her teeth and hair and became chubbier, she was the most adorable toddler I’ve seen then. Of course, I had grown up a bit by then. With her big eyes, long silky straight black hair, chubby cheeks and full lips, she was the ‘star’ in her kiddy. Few years past, she cut her hair short and dawn was the tomboyish era. Kureng sikit! Then she discovered boys and started grooming herself but had to grapple with facial skin problem pulak. But she turned out all right at the end. People always telling mum how much Tish look like Siti Nurhaliza but personally with the right makeup applied, I think El looks more like Siti eh?

She’s all grown up now and is leaving us to further her studies soon. I wish her well. Although I wish that she would play the field a bit more but I think she has set her heart to be loyal to one person. She’s got a good heart but can be very rebellious at times. Years ago, ‘macam anjing and kucing’ would probably best describe my relationship with my brother but now I would have to hand over my crown to her and mum!

Oh and btw, we thought she was going to be the last hence her nick name being baby. Even though two more babies came along later, to her chagrined, the nickname prevails!

To Baby, away from home will make you realize how much you would miss home especially mum. Not the rest of us but mum! Believe me! Been there and done that! Try to make lots of new friends especially boys and broaden your horizon and views on life. You can’t live and eat on love alone. Financial security is still important. Don’t forget to travel. Now is the time to do lots of that! But most of all, don’t neglect your studies especially if you want to work where I’m working now!! Hoh!


Americans love everything huge and exaggerated. Its always shopping spree..or drinking spree this one though happens to be the worst campus shooting spree in U.S. history!

Awful. At last count 32 dead (including the shooter) and 24 injured at Virginia Tech Virginia Tech campus.
When I first heard about this news on the TV, I thought it’s one of those daily news from Iraq…’Human bomber strikes again in Iraq…..bla…bla…bla but then did she say America? The U..S of A…Then what came through my mind was, “OH, not another Columbine again?”

What the hell is wrong with people these days? This is becoming a common thing every year. Ok Virginia whacked 32 poor souls…..come on Berkeley…..you can do better next year!!! Got game?
People go to Uni to further educate themselves so they can have a brighter future and possibly a better start to life, not to have to look over their shoulder in fear that somebody is going to snap and start pulling the trigger of a semi automatic glock whilst ploughing the rest of the cafeteria with an Uzi loaded with full metal jackets. (so far no report of the type of arms used)

UPDATE: The gunman in Monday’s Virginia Tech campus shootings has been identified as Cho Seung-Hui, 23, a student and native of South Korea, campus police chief Wendell Flinchum said. He has been living in the US (PR) since he was 8 so he was practically an American by upbringing and surrounding. No wonder-lah! An ABK American Born Korean. So he has a problem with rich kids in Uni…..duuuhh! who doesn’t… they drive all the cool cars, get the cool friends, they have all the fun but that does not give you the right to pop em’, he’s a 4th year English Major student. I suppose they’ve erased the word ‘Moron’ from his dictionary.

What I would like to ask Mr Flinchum is that it took two hours after the first attack for the gunman to strike again killing more this time. What happened after the first shooting??? One would imagine that after such an incident one would put a curfew in the Uni??No? Or shooting of students were such a norm that no concern was alerted….were there more killings before at Virginia Tech??? I bet he would now be called Police Chief Flintstone for his bumbling heroism…the knincumpoop! I would send him to Iraq for his efforts or better still, send him to Ijok for the by-elections.

Appropriate. According to White House press secretary Dana Perino, the El Presidente George ‘Dubya’ Bush “was horrified and his immediate reaction was one of deep concern for the families of the victims, the victims themselves, the students, the professors and all the people of Virginia who have dealt with this shocking incident. His thoughts and prayers are with them.” I suppose the White House have these answers as standard except for a few strategic words added on. It just doesn’t sound sincere if u ask me. Heck, I’m sure he’ll be thinking,”Damn! They’re gonna take my guns away now!! @#$%# Koreans!”

Not so appropriate? “The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed,” Perino said. “Certainly, bringing a gun into a school dormitory and shooting … is against the law and something someone should be held accountable for.” All the laws were followed, the weapon was legal, only shoot your enemy….in his eyes I suppose all of them were the enemy. The law doesn’t say ‘If you start a massacre, please don’t kill yourself for you should go on trial for long and painful punishment.’ But then again Dubya ‘is’ from Texas, a redneck and owns a few thousand acres of ranch. Its part of their culture to carry a gun I suppose just like a Scottish with his kilt, a Punjabi man with his turban and crooked knife, a commuter with his/her iPod, a woman with her lipstick or a traffic police officer with the latest handphone that costs at least his 2 months salary etc.

Question! I wonder… if the shooter had been a muslim, do you think the Bush administration would have been so quick to defend his right to bear arms…? Or would the media try their best to connect the shooter to Al Qaeda…in six degrees of separation kinda scenario??? Cho Seung Hui… the shooter – favourite food…. Kimchi- Korean delicacy – Korean Brand Samsung – makes handphone - Ben Laden….. Aha!! Ben Laden uses a samsung handphone… see I told’ya they were connected… tadaaa!!!

Well, OK: The purchases were legit, according to
this ABC report -- the shooter did have the right, as a resident alien, to purchase firearms, and he did so at a local gun shop. That’s the thing, the gun laws of America (depending in which state of course) is so relax that its so much easier to legally buy a gun than ......say….abortion???

I would be a little suspicious if a man comes up to my gun shop and says give me 3 dozen boxes of bullets of these…4 dozens of those….or if a young looking bespectacled Korean guy comes in and asks for a Surface to Air model STA 1156-E Rocket Launcher but then again the Americans are so naïve. Remember when one of those guys of 9-11 disaster. At the flying academy he actually stressed many many many times to the instructor that ,” I just want to learn how to turn the aircraft!!”. He wasn’t interested in the take-off, landing or any other part of the flying process…..just turning the nose to a particular direction. Its like if a customer of a Bank keeps asking for the twentieth time, what time do you top-up the ATM machine and how much can it fill at maximum or when your 5 year old daughter out of a sudden asks,’ You never liked that crystal vase on the coffee table, right?kan?kan Mama?’

Wouldn’t you feel a wee bit suspicious?

So what went wrong?

Oh I don’t think there’s even the slightest chance that this will lead to a serious discussion on whether guns are too easy to get hold of in this country, or in some parts of this country. Any minute now, I’m sure somewhere somehow someone will begin to attack Virginia Tech for having a policy that
forbids students to carry firearms on campus. All discussion after that will focus on one question and one question only: whether this and other similar incidents could be prevented if as many law-abiding citizens as humanly possible carried concealed weapons everywhere and if it were legal to have a gun in churches, schools, workplaces and virtually every other location in America. And then what? Nothing will change. And there'll be more massacres. Or will it be …Woi! You think you got spetol u so great ah??? I oso got maaa….u shoot I shoot…u think I takut ka?!!

Here's what I think: Law-abiding citizens packing heat sometimes do prevent horrors like this, or minimize the number of innocent victims. But the gun culture that puts weapons in the hands of those law-abiding citizens is the same gun culture that makes it too freakin’ easy for sickos and psychopaths to arm themselves for slaughter.


1.Perhaps they should have special program to check on their citizens’ mental being.....especially the seller’s

2.Perhaps mental examination compulsory for gun application candidates……if they look a little nerdish, extreemish, a bit of a fruitcake or if they come in with a clown suit…..Don’t sell em!! If it’s their first time buying a weapon and orders a Bazooka…..Don’t sell em!!! If they come in with their mommy….forget about it!!! Ask him to join the Navy….that’ll put some hair on his chest

3.Perhaps they should have regular special courses to relieve stress…. Like bunjee jumping with the bunjee cord tied to the Ò@!!$

4.Perhaps companies should offer to stressed out staff a weeks’ paid holiday shopping in Milan….and for the employers pls refer to No. 3

5.Perhaps if you force your kids to aim for 15As in SPM at the same time bombard them with ballet, golf lessons, Tae Kwan Do, equestrian, classic Indian Dance lessons with Ramli since primary school then is there a chance that your kid be another case like to the Korean shooter due to stress and lack of interaction….. to think of it, how many hours does a child… say the age of 10 above have time for themselves after the school, homework, tution, chores ??? We work from 9-5. Their hours are much longer….just like housewives. By the time they enter Uni, they’re all stressed out ready to retire.

So many perhaps but no right answer…human will always be human…to err is human! The planet has survived millions and millions of years from amoebas to dinosaurs to all sorts of animals….but since 1000 years ago, we human have left the planet with nothing but cancer at the final stage…imagine just 1000 years and we’ve destroyed the planet we cling our very lives to. Gives new meaning to ‘Don’t shit where you eat!!’ don’t it?? Now that’s another subject……….

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My baby! Part 1

She was born at 2.56pm on 31st January 2002 weighing 2.72 kg. I was in labour for 18 hours after being induced twice. I can’t even begin to describe the pain! If my belly were to be slashed over and over again by the sharpest scalpel, then that could be it. She was my own little miracle, a gift from god. Only those closest to me were privy to the difficulty I had to face to conceive and finally carry her for 34 weeks. But all that was well worth it. To see her growing everyday, to watch her mischievous and funny antics whilst discovering the world and to actually learn some new things together with her, is definitely something I would never trade for anything else…ever!

Her first word was of course mama! Her bathing equipment had ranged from periuk to the sink to baldi and to mini pool. I find that everyone who has ever babysat her at one point of time would normally favour her even until now. It’s not fair I know, but who wouldn’t want their child to be the favourite one kan?

She’s the product of mixtures of genes. All the blood of mamak, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Javanese, bugis, baba nyonya and malay combined giving life to her! The moment I stepped out from the house with her, I have yet to encounter days without having someone come up to me and compliment on her looks. It made me glow with pride but it made my dearest collecting ‘rotan’ for future beating of boys hounding our lives to date her!

When she first discovered the word ‘kakak’ at the tender age of two, she insisted we called her ‘kakak’. There was one time in the car, we were talking about her, when suddenly from the back comes this small voice stating ‘kakaklah’! She loves to sing! Now at the age of 5, her knowledge of the latest pop singers surpassed even mine! I can only imagine what the future would hold!! Among our prized possessions are the tapes we made of her singing when she first learned to talk. And boy, can she talk! The only time we see her stop talking was when she sleeps, even then, she always ‘mengigau’ in her sleep!

Oh and she's smart too. She was at the top of her class last year and the teachers actually gave her a party. See what I told you about favouritism?? I even received a call from the teacher late last year asking whether she's coming back to the school this year simply because some of the boys will only go to the same school if she is also going! Hoh! I should ask for an advertisement fee...shish!

I could go on and on talking about her but for now, this will do.

She’s my pride and joy! She’s the product of eternal love! She’s my cheeky bom bom!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Simplicity is more!

You are feeling grumpy, hot and sticky! Mad at everything and everyone...

Sitting on the settee, you look at each other!

Then out of the blue, he said 'God, you're beautiful! I love you!'

Suddenly your world is right again *-*

Football fever

OK, I know that it’s been all makan bola, tidur bola, minum bola these past weeks. Everything else has been forced to play second fiddle including AF5. That’s right folks, even the great grandmother of all reality TV shows, at least for most teenagerslah, had to take the back seat to 22 men and one little ball.

Have you ever witnessed your office mates walking into the office with their eyes looking as square as your TV set? Or perhaps, when you greet them, the first thing they said was goal morning? Or how about when someone starts to annoy you, do you suddenly have the urge to pull out a red card and yell, ‘you’re off!’? Well, if you have, then you and your buddies are probably suffering from an acute FA cup or Euro or Champions League or English League Fever.

Anywhere you turn now, you will hear the names of Thierry Henry, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Raul and Ronaldo. Walk down any street and I guarantee you that you’ll bump into someone wearing a football jersey. And if you think you’re safe if you stay home and just watch TV, think again, football has invaded every single channel. Even the latest HBO ads are football-driven! You can’t escape it.

But with that said, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest footie fan on the planet. Some of the football fanatics I know can spit out obscure facts like when Canada last played in the World Cup or when the next England match is. It’s mind blowing how easily they can remember these facts but cannot recall their wives’ birthdays!!

So why bring this topic up?

Because I’m still upset having loose out to my dearest during our wrestling session for the TV remote last Saturday nite thus missing Ebi’s performance!! Sob!

p/s I have to admit though, it is kinda fun to watch the knowing looks that passed between sleep-deprived commuters.

The 'Meeting'

Ha! Jawab! Jangan tak jawab!

Friday, April 13, 2007

October babies...

* Loves to chat (hoh yes)
* Loves those who loves her (too much sometimes)
* Loves to takes things at the centre
* Attractive and suave (sudah semestinya)
* Inner and physical beauty (but of course)
* Does not lie or pretend
* Sympathetic
* Treats friends importantly
* Always making friends (true)
* Easily hurt but recovers easily
* Bad tempered
* Selfish
* Seldom helps unless asked
* Daydreamer
* Very opinionated (have to what?)
* Does not care of what others think (sometimes lor)
* Emotional (yup)
* Decisive
* Strong clairvoyance (scorpio trait)
* Loves to travel, the arts and literature (most definitely)
* Soft-spoken, loving and caring * Romantic (sokong!)
* Touchy and easily jealous (very true)
* Spendthrift and easily influenced (yeah right, I dont think so!)
* Easily lose confidence (too much confidence lagi ada)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


We are babysitting a friends’ parrot for the week. Beautiful thing has got no name , it cannot speak but it purrs when you stroke its neck but yet cheeky bom bom is going crazy over it. She has trouble waking up
in the morning but since the existence of the bird, she’s up and running by 7 am. By the way she calls the parrot ‘McCall’….. maybe she heard the word Macaw on Discovery. I’ve had my share of many pet animals whilst growing up but with the arrival of this bird, whose exact species I did not catch coz I was too bloody sleepy when it arrived last night, it is a confirmed fact that I can only tolerate cats!! I find cats friendlier, more approachable, cuddlier and cuter. Shoot, I have to remember to keep the cats away from the bird...kalau tak habislah!

Home front, my dad’s birthday is coming up next week. I’ve asked one of my sisters to play PI and find out what his heart desires. She smsed me that most likely dad would love a treadmill. Hoh! I would like a treadmill too….You think money grows on tree issit??? She texted me few hours later to say that maybe he would like a coffee machine instead. Ah! Much better! Moving lower in size and value. I still have many unopened wedding gifts that may contain a coffee machine….muahaha*devilish laugh* Not an espresso machine lah….. Keep the info coming dear sis, I’m still hoping that you will hit the jackpot with my all time favourite gift, a book!

That reminds me, mum wants me to rekki locations for his birthday dinner celebration next Saturday….aww mum….

Being the health conscious man that he is and a fussy eater to boot, it is a bit of a task to find the exact place that would appeal to him. I’m stuck with steamboats…apa lagi eh? Lemme know if you have any suggestion eh.

Btw, I know some of you are Perakians. Do you know that our dear Prince Nazrin is getting married this 17th May at Istana Kuala Kangsar? Pheww, finally eh? More details later…

Work wise, tomorrow is my big date with the industry. I can’t wait *rubbing hands in glee with sinister gleam in the eyes*!! Siaplah kau....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bloggers United Malaysia gathering!

Thot I'll just post this ad here. Might be fun to go, eh?

Bloggers United Malaysia Gathering 2007 - Embrace and EngageAn event in conjunction with World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May

Date: 19th May 2007, Saturday
Time: 6 – 11pm
Forum: 6 – 8pm
Buffet: 8.30 – 11pm

Speakers: Confirmed attendance by Jeff Ooi, Marina Mahathir and Tony Pua. Details at http://bum2007.wordpress.com/

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And the plot begins...

The world is full of shit!!!

When we heard the stupid navy guys’ side of the story soon as they were released by the Iranian, my dearest actually predicted that Iran will showcase a video that will contradict what the navy boys were saying.

True enough!!!

Served them right! Now the whole world is exposed to what kind of liars the British are and the Muslims are not as gullible and stupid as they like to think we are… the west will realize that God’s religion was spread from the Arabian land first because the Arabs needed help most…not Asians or Europeans, the Arabs can’t see eye to eye which was great for the west to control the oil, oil was a gift from god to the Arabs unfortunately they would have preferred ‘Brains’ and last but not least IRANIANS ARE NOT ARABS….THEY ARE PERSIANS…. Among the smartest people on earth…. Take that British Yobs! If you’ve watched the movie 300 the Persians were the ones conquering the world ….unfortunately the Spartans were better warriors….but still stupid Europeans …anyone with a name like Koskas Pontupulouspulous will always sound stupid.

Never relate Islam to the Arab……Islam is a religion, Arab is a race. A religion can never be underestimated but a race will never be perfect.

Padan muka kau!! I really can’t wait to see how this saga will end!!

Unspeakable act!

I’m boiling mad!!!!!!!

In my line of work, I’m required to deal with as many people as I can to get the truest picture in order to help me regulate the industry. It never crosses my mind that one of these people would turn out to be a pervert. It’s practically unheard of and I must be insane to even think about it. But I guess human being human, there will always be a spoiler no matter in which line you are…however prestigious your institution may be, how brilliant you are, how professional you are supposed to be and how distinguished you are. Its shows how gullible I am when it comes to take people at face value!

What happened????

It was supposed to be an innocent chatting among colleague to ‘gali’ his head to my advantage. Somehow or rather, the tread of conversation changed to something that I can only likened to being sexually harassed. The fucker actually dumb fucked my mind and started talking about the size of his ‘package’ and whether I can guess the size of it…etc. To hold his job he’d sure need a brain. By listening to his conversation he must be thinking with his ‘other head’ Now this was a major case of ‘Dick Head’ , if he’s using his dick head more than his brain, it should be as big as a melon…..and believe me , I would have noticed. Nobody walks around the office like there’s a bowling ball hung between the legs.


Never once did I say anything to encourage this appalling thought. How the hell did a business talk turned into sex talk just boggle the mind? Believe me, my normal conversation vocabulary contains no such colorful language that I used here. It’s all very business like!!

I saved the conversation and showed to my other colleague…

Me: Look at this!
Them: Oh, we’ve heard of him. Yup he’s crazy. No need to layan him.
Me: CRAZY??? Are you guys’ blind??? This is not simply crazy. How many people have fallen victim to this??
Them: Too many times but we just ignored it.
Me: If you have been ignoring it, no wonder he’s happily broadcasting his extra-curricular activities freely. I’m gonna save this and if he ever does it again, siaplah engkau, I’m not gonna be some innocent pawn in this game. I’ll go straight to the management.

It got me thinking that if this shocking behavior got ignored in one department, how many sleazy characters were ‘protected’ thus making them invincible out there????

Are there lots of powerful people with such attitude????

Bill Clinton got away with it…..If Hillary gets to be President, she could do the same and not be found guilty……..but that’s called Double Jeopardy

Are our ministers like that???? Are our Mufti’s like that???? Are our teachers like that??? Would I be offended as much if I was a man and the other party is a woman??? When is too much…. too much???

The answer is YES there will always be such yoyos as long as we keep quiet.

Silence from a wife of a child molester, silence from a wife of a woman beater, silence from you knowing something is wrong… its all relative. Make a change…… Let it be known (pls refer to my article about the ‘groper’ on the commuter).

Together we CAN make a change.

To that ugly stupid limp dick, sod of!! Is your self esteem so low that you had to resort to this to make yourself 'bigger'?? Stupid cow!

Never cross a Scorpio’s wrath!! I can get ugly!! You’ve been warned!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Close encounter

Woohoo, I’m somersaulting with ecstasy, singing with joy, bursting with happiness, feeling like I want to kiss everything and everyone.

The verdict is finally in! No one from my department will be sent out due to shortage of staffs. Yeeeehaaaa!

Lega gila...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scary Mary

This week is not a good week for everyone in my department. Everyone has been on their toes and double checking their work ever so carefully making sure no mistake is being made. So what's going on that makes everyone heart started drumming every time the biggie boss called anyone of us into her room?

In May, we are launching our 'One Stop Financial Centre' and the project manager has asked all departments to give one staff who is an expert in their field to be stationed at the centre. You probably would think that it’s a good career opportunity to be chosen thus regarded as skilled staff. But the truth is, everyone dreads going to the new place as it’s probably gonna be just like any other tele-centre where there is no if not little room for promotion and recognition. Your career would probably plummet to ground zero screeched to a halt. Dammit, whoever thought of the project should be shot dead. Why can’t they just leave such centre being operated by players in the industry? Why the motherboard has to adopt similar approach. It’s not enough that we are overseeing the whole thing but now we’re providing services which rightly so should be helmed by others.

Aku sepak kang…

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dance anyone?

Have you ever heard of ‘Latino aerobic’? Well, it is a dance cum aerobic workout which apparently has been making rounds in Malaysia for the past 8 years but this is the first time I have ever heard of it. Coerced by my friends, we raided our local (yes, that tempat jin bertendang!) dance workshop to try out this un-traditional aerobic workout. We were introduced to fun cool steps which incorporated the latin dance moves such cha cha, bolero and salsa. Believe me, it burned more calories than the normal aerobic or treadmill session.

Of course being the spastic that I am, it took me a while to learn the steps. After the 1000th mistakes, my brain finally decided to wake up and knock some sense to my head which is to stop and observe before I made further fool out of myself. I put it down to sheer luck on my part that my fellow exercise mates were concentrating hard on their dance moves not to notice that they have a retard amongst them!!

At the end of the lesson, being the good business minded and sympathetic person, the instructor formally welcome us to the class and encouraged us by saying we were quick in picking up the dance moves. Oh well, I’m sure I could almost hear he added under his breath ‘2 out of 3 was okay’. Bah…humbug!

Hell, wait till my next class!! Tengoklah nanti….