Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Off To Langkawi for CNY !!!!

The time has come again for us Malaysians to clog the hiways and biways. It's CNY and 50% of the 4 day holidays will be spent on our beautiful tolled roads !!! We shall witness that Ops Sikap will be more like Ooops!! Silap... nobody will give a toss about the road rules, road rage will be a new form of sport and as soon as you reach your destination, you'll be sooo tired that everything seems like a waste of time.... but then again anywhere is walking distance, if you've got the time.
Myra is in Standard 1 this year so we have to be part of the exodus of people who HAVE to go on holiday during school breaks.. the most frustrating time consuming, expensive and crowded time of the year. Cest la Vie...
As they say ... The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tyre. Pray for us that we would have a great time and not be treated like a retired American red-neck holidaying in Baghdad..... the worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Arab Brotherhood ..... oxymoron !!

I may be a bit radical in my opinions but with the brutality that we have seen for the past weeks, my question is where are the Arabs?? The All Talk No Action People of the Middle East!!! The people who've got all their priorities mixed up... even genetically its all mixed up... they've got balls the size of brains and brains the size of balls!!!

Let's not talk about the Jewish and Palestinians issue... it has been going on for far too long... generations have died, Vendetta is there for generations to come and for them to suddenly put down their weapons, shake bloody hands, hug one another and have no animosity is close to impossible... it's like asking two people to swap a Bentley GT and a Proton Juara .... a possibility but most unlikely....

What is weird is that we have groups of very angry muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations, we are trying our best to tell the western world of our stance in this matter but the fact is the bordering neighbours of the war torn country are doing absolutely nothing??? And let me remind you that they are fighting a war of 'border' issues... not religion. Most of the world think this is a religious war.... Dumbass!!!
It doesn't help that Palestine is split to 3 areas within Israel (see map) .... how the f@&< did this happen in the first place??

If Brunei is being attacked by Malaysia for whatever reason... who should be first to help??? Phillipines? Indonesia?? China??? You'd think... Not Bloody Syria, Algeria, Cameroon....If you're fighting with your neighbour (Both living in Damansara).... who should be helping out to solve the issue??? Persatuan Penduduk Lahad Datu Sabah????

Why are we pressuring USA and UK, France for help first... WHERE ARE THE ARAB BROTHERS??? Until they learn to help one another, they will always be provoked disturbed raped and analized by the enemies of the region... or until the oil runs out... whichever comes first..

I say we should pressure the Arab nations to stand together to support their brothers... Shame on Them!! Egypt refuse the Palestinian refugee entry, Saudi Arabia is not taking a stance !!! I've actually included 'Arab Brotherhood' into my list of Oxymoron Words of the world!!

You actually think US and UK give a flying toss to what we think? Yes we are respected by the global community but are we respected enough to stop the war? Gimme a break...