Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One more down, two to go....

Crazy sisters Tish and Pink are currently sucking up big time to mum. Reason? They want to have a birthday bash for their upcoming birthdays at the end of the month! You see on Christmas Eve last year, my mother decided to throw a barbeque party to celebrate crazy sister’s El 21st birthday! It was supposed to be just a small family gathering but mum did allow the crazy sisters to invite few of their friends. Few my stinkin ass! Ever heard of bagi betis nak peha, bagi peha nak @#$*&! Well instead of a few, they must have invited their whole school plus the janitor and their Bibik’s as well!

I can’t blame them coz I did the same thing when I was their age. And I guess mum also learned her lesson coz she actually catered enough food to feed the mob!

So anyway it’s kind of funny to see the otherwise pampered sisters actually lifting fingers to help around the house nowadays. They actually took my plate to the kitchen *after several hard hintings thrown their way*!!! I was sooo surprised I was pinching myself blue and wanted to go out and buy a lottery ticket there and then!! But between you and me, I’m pretty sure that their effort will be futile. After all, celebrating coming out of age deserves some sort of celebration. Definitely not for 20 and 14!

I honestly cannot recall how I celebrated my 21st birthday! But my 22nd celebration was a bit special to me because friends from all over UK came down to London to celebrate it with me during a small surprise party thrown by my dearest *then my boyfriend* : )

What about you? Do you have a special memory of your birthday celebration?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Free the mind....

Last weekend, before the madness hits full swing (work wise), I’ve decided to take my dearest and cheeky bom bom for a little time out at the organization’s newly renovated resort. Whoever designed it was a genius! Genius I tell you!
On the way home we decided to have lunch by the beach, being one of the places where I was brought up when I was a kid, I’ve always had a nostalgic soft spot for this place. The folks here were getting quite entrepreneurial to my surprise! Now you could rent beach chairs for RM15 a day, A large ‘Pasar malam’ Umbrella, Banana Boat ride, Jet-ski, kites, proper place to shower and change and quite a lot of stalls selling trinkets and knick knacks. During those days there were only the ‘Abang Tiub Tayar’ and the odd ‘ais kerim roti’ or ‘ais kerim Malaysia’ guy.

There was also a ‘pony ride’ at the square, now here’s the most amazing part….. look at the picture of the pony below….. anything peculiar in particular????

Mak Datuk ! Kenapa kuda ada belalai!!! Besornye!! That’s why they call it ‘Hung Like A Horse!!’ Poor thing… cause according to the guy in-charge, once that happens, the horse can’t move (Takut injury against the tarmac!! Hahahahaa), No one can ride him (takut org tunggang kena tunggang!!) and what’s worse is that its quite embarassing for parents who have to answer innocent questions in public from curious children like ‘Mak, apa tu?’ or ‘Why does the horse have 2 tails? Or ‘ Eeee! Macam Ayah punya!!!’

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Melaka Negeri Bersejarah

Few weeks back, on the way back to KL from Muar (a northwestern region of the State of Johor under the administrative powers of the Kingdom of Johor…according to my dearest is where all great Johoreans comes from *rolling eyes*), he decided to take a detour through Bandar Hilir Melaka. I was really tired so decided to close my eyes with the intention of visiting La La Land.

But the hustle and bustle of the city was way too much for me to ignore. I opened my eyes to peep and saw an unfamiliar sight. I got up and I saw A’Famosa. Ok, we were at the right place but what happened to the rest? Or did they move A’Famosa to a crowded city?? We parked and did the tourist thingy. We even jumped onto one of the brightly decorated trishaw with loud music blaring to the tune of ‘No Woman No Cry’…we were like a curious MahMeri child on crack! These trishaws were like one of those Notting Hill or New Orleans floats during the carnivals minus the thongs and feathers. Thank god for that! Imagine the poor Pakcik who was cycling us in thongs and feathers…eeeuuuwww!!!

Here and there, we were greeted by new sights. I was pleasantly surprised by the new development of the city. It was exactly how a tourist attraction place should look like. The local tourism authority has really done a good job! If you haven’t been to Melaka since Jurassic Park 1 like me, go! Go now and be bowled over like I did!

However there was a slight blip to the tour.

We decided to brush up our knowledge on Malacca history via the nightly light and sound show. Towards the end of the show, there was a part where the pre-recorded voice was saying how Umno and the coalition won 51 seats out of 52 seats in the first general election and it was repeated 15 times! 15 bloody annoying times! I know that election is around the corner, but enough already. Its like watching the RTM news these days…. a pre-election propaganda repertoire. After every news telecast one could hear the subconscious chant of Da…cing…Pang…kah….Da…cing…Pang…kah….!!! Apparently the faulty machine has been at it since 1998 and they couldn’t fix it because it’s too costly. So audiences for the past 10 years have to just sit and bear with it....


By the way, I have mentioned earlier that a girlfriend of mine had successfully launched her first novel. What I did not mention was the fact that she had spent a good six months researching on the subject matter, draft and redraft her stories, chalking up on money and time spent talking to friends for advises.

So I wonder how long did this person (read here for the full story) spend when she wrote her little book of poem?

Copying a sentence or two is still acceptable, but when you actually get paid for it, you have crossed the border between plagiarizing and thieving.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What does your Lipstick Shape say about you?

Mine - Sharp angled box curved tip

- Creative
- Enthusiastic, energetic
- Talkative
- Loves attention
- Falls in love easily
- Helpful

Click here if you want to know more about your character.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thread it like Ian Thorpe

Taking a bold step towards one of my new year’s resolution, we are now officially a member of a club. In a bid to have a healthier lifestyle in 2008, to shave off the extra trimmings, to reduce the diameter of our ‘love handles’… we have joined a club which offers all the facilities of a golf club minus the golf. I’m quite proud of myself at the moment mind you coz this is my very first club which I paid with my own hard earned dosh. Not a supplementary card from dad but MY OWN *patting myself in the back*

So you see, I really can’t be blamed for spending my every free moment at the club now can I? Although I have to admit a little secret…I have yet to use any other facilities apart from the huge pool. When it comes to swimming I’m a natural, I’m like a duck to water, like Britney to motherhood..Not!! more like Bush to oxymoronic public statements or like American Athletics to anabolic steroids… really! I really cannot avoid it.

I may have set my mind the moment I left the house that today I will at least try the gym or the cross training sessions but the moment I set foot at the club, I will walk straight to the pool like a fly into an ultra violet light….my will power is equal to a recovering alcoholic locked in a bar full of Bacardi. Only if ‘imagining’ oneself on the treadmill would lose calories, I’d be Twiggy by now!!

I have made a promise to myself to use the gym at least once a week before they enrol me into an honorary member of the ‘Dugong’ Club!! Snigger as much as you guys want, I WILL prove to you that 2008 will be a leaner and fitter year for me….

Can o not?? Sure Can One!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy New Year Y'all

So how did I spent my day yesterday?

I went swimming!!

Crap! I hope I won't be burnt in hell for not spending more time yesterday repenting my sins for the past year.

But I had good reasons! Promise! Girls' scout promise!

I'll tell you more in the next post....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8 days after NY!

I’ve been neglecting this poor blog of mine. So many things are happening in my life right now but I just don’t have the time to blog about it.

I’m still adjusting myself back to the time before school holidays, to the time where one have to wake up at the crack of dawn, to the time where one have to drive to work yawning with eyes barely open, to the time where one have to fight tooth and nail in the evening just to get home and to the time where one would be literally dead on her feet by 10pm!

I need my sleep….badly!

Gosh, I'm even putting myself to sleep with this post. I just have nothing exciting to say.

Btw, I was pretty emo yesterday because I thought an old friend had deserted me which turned out that she thought I had deserted her as a friend. If only people can be straight forward with each other, don’t beat around the bush and lay everything out in the open, then I think the world would be a nicer place to live.

I think I’m going to take my own advice and be more forthcoming henceforth!

To Hezzy the novelist, why do people keep grudges in their heart but acted normal in front of others instead of voicing it out load? Why must a simple misunderstanding and an oversight which can easily be remedied be the reason for the downfall of friendship? Can this incident be a plot for your next novel and dedicate it to your friends?

Btw, one of my oldest and closest friends has just released her first baby! Do check it out at the nearest bookstore! I've read it and I'm not embarrass to promote it cause it is THAT good! Congrats zy!