Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Macam ni punya orangpun ada?

Today i decided to eat lunch at a particular gerai. out of the corner of my eyes, i saw the owner scrutinizing my food selection and seems to reduce the amount i took. but it was a chaotic time that i really thought I was imagining things...bad girl sepet!

At the table 'eh, you bought at makcik sukat issit'? I went like 'huh?'

'Didn't we warned you about makcik sukat? nobody goes to her anymore since she is so calculative about the food intake. if u ask for nasi lemak, she will make sure only 5 miserable kacang is on the plate'.

Me-'What? Why didn't u tell me earlier? Thanx a lot. Here i thought i was the stingy one thinking bad of other people'.

Hmm...let's ponder for a while shall we...

I really feel old...bugger. it used to be, adik! beli ni or adik! tengok ni. Now its kakak this and kakak that...waaaa : (

Im in dilemma now, i want to rebond my hair but someone dear to me said that only flat and skinny people looks nice with rebonding hair. Me with my extra 5 pounds ought to stick with wavy long hair...alah kata jelah I memang nampak cantik with my hair as it is...kan senang cerita.

That reminds me, why do men have to cakap berputar belit instead of straight to the point. i mean, when u asked them whether your hair is ok, why can't they just answer, you look ravishing or nice instead of do u feel comfortable with that style or is that the latest style ...hello! tak retilah nak digest the double meaning...

Lagi satu why do men susah sangat nak bertanya kalau sesat jln...?? Aren't we always in a hurry? fine, fine, sometimes it is good to get lost one in a while, afterall, that's how you stumble unto the shortcuts in KL but say in really genuine cases, kan senang kalau bertanya rather than be fashionably late..duh!

Its all in the head..

Headache surfaced in the late afternoon and became progressively worse. By the time I reached home, it had engulfed my head. I stumbled home, threw off my office attire, and went to bed skipping dinner entirely…chewah…ni harus boleh kurus.

Ok I lied. Just got up and had a roti for dinner. Mengigil lapar ok, tak tahan. The headache is still there and I hope it will go away once and for all after a night's sleep.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lotih mak...

Yesterday whilst watching the discovery channel abt some tribe in sumatra, in 10 mins time, these r the questions i have to answer my cheeky little bom bom:

1) mama, what are they doing?
2) mama, where are they going? go office ke?
3) mama, what sound is that?
4) mama, why do they want to eat tarantula? cian tarantula tu...nanti baby dia nangis
5) mama, why can't they eat fish or fruits. dlm hutan byk binatangkan...
6) mama, why are they not wearing anything? nampak bontotlah.nanti sejuk, boleh demam.
7) mama, why don't they go shopping, kan byk shopping malls kat sini. mama boleh ajak dia shoppingkan?
8) mama, how do they cut their hair...hmm good question..camne yek?
9) mama, where are their shoes? mama dia tak marah ke tak pakai shoes?
10) mama, why do they sleep on the rock? nyamuk aedes tak gigit ke?
11) mama, kenapa dia tak mandi? nanti dia busuk, org taknak kawankan.

hish budak ni, dah sayangkan, layankan jelah..

p/s why its always mama this and mama that...bapak not intelligent enough or patient enough issit..heheh

Im doom!

Im officially fat! My diet is not working. I starved my self like mad but…nada. I didn’t even eat my fav brownies (except the time when kk came over and tina belanja me at coffee bean) and my fav banana split (except when choy ‘paksa’ me to finish his and oh during nana’s b’day celebration). See, I was a good girl for 2 days!

I used to be able to boast that I could get rid of my baby fat by starving for 2 days. Well, it will be a miracle if that happens now. So I have to contend with this roll of fat around my tummy. ARRRGHH!!!

How stupid can u get?

I am so mad. This morning at approximately 6.30am, i nearly got into an accident. The car infront of me had to break suddenly n swerved his car to avoid some school children on bikes. These boys had a sudden death wish and was crossing the busy road (near BB), i guess for fun...haram kejadah! Yang mak bapak dia kasi anak2 keluar pagi2 buta tu apa ke hal, dasar tak reti jaga anak. menyusahkan org lain je. luckily the driver was an old man and driving at the speed of a tortoise with cramp. If it was me, with the rate of my driving, definitely I would have hit the boys...suey betul! siapa yg susah nanti? mak jugak...

And ive just received an sms from hubby merajuk coz i didn't kissed him good bye this morning...but i did!! tulah siapa suruh tidur mati. not only i have to take care of the living dead (tidur mati) but also the death wisher (hidup tapi nak mati)...takde maknanya!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kepala nak pecah...

Today we have to crack our brains for our biz plan next year. If you come by the office and see the staffs' having red faces and straining like tahan nak ug ug, you know everyone is trying to find ways to bullshit the plan next year. Tipu, tipulah jugak but of course in the hope that none of us will single handedly bring the company down. We still need a job afterall...oh, ni harus kena pikir lagi mendalam daaa..

But on a happier note, lot 10 is having sale on bras….I’m out of stock now not because of the "sport light" getting bigger but the spare tyre getting more winds loooo……….

Im proud of my fellow Malaysian bloggers!

Came across other blogs today..told you I was a blogger virgin! Cool, some of them are! Eh, nape cakap macam yoda ni? Anyway I am really impressed with our creative Malaysian. When I have the time, I will share some of the cool blogs with you…free of charge! C, I can be a nice person….NOT!

Im a woman afterall!

I was feeling blue yesterday. So ive decided to go shopping. You know as the saying goes, ‘shopping is truly therapeutic! ye ke?…oh well, whatever works right. Sale was not that great overall but that still didn't stop me from buying about a 100 pair of shoes....kidding! Im kidding! Im still trying my level best to curb my unrestrained shopping habit!

Anyway i browsed thru so many shops that i actually worn down my shoes....penat siot! But it was worth it when I got to grab the top from zara that I have eyeing for half price and that skirt from top shop at a discounted bargain…wah, therapy betul! Harus war-warkan kat all my gff. I may be $300 poorer but at least im happier!!!

The good ol days!

I thought that the weekend before last was the last weekend (berapa banyak last weekend da..) for open houses. Boy, was I wrong!

My bff decided to be different and had his, last weekend. My eyes went popping macam ikan buntal looking at the food spread. Food galore! I had to remind myself to keep cool, and maintain, I still got that 5 pounds to loose. But…. After all, all the kuih at home dah tinggal serbuk je, even the kuih I made with my cheeky bom bom dah sadakallahulazim…blame it on my dearest, not me!

But one thing, when old friends meet, sure there will be lotsa old stories, memories to revisit. Dari mula rumah tu terbukak sampai la pukul 11 malam. Memang tak abis-abis gelak. Lepas gelak makan, lepas makan gelak, lepas gelak makan lagi...sampai malam tu masa tidur dalam mimpipun gelak…dasar sasau. Hahahhaa tau takpe

p/s to old friends, you know who u are…love u guys

Could someone tell me what's happening??

I don’t like the issue that is being hype right now in the paper. I really think the govie ought to know when to shut their mouth and when to give thorough explanation. Issues that borders on racial discrimination must have limits. I feel like taking up an ad and apologise to my fellow Malaysian…buat malu orang kampong je!

Brainless idiot!

I hate commuting! I hate the fact that there are people who disregard others when its time to get onto the train. This morning one stupid guy actually pushed me to the floor…asshole! the nerve of some people! I expect older people to have better manners than me!!! So there I was on all four when another brainless guy let out a ‘gas beracun’ worth 5 richter scale that spun my head into the galaxy. Sialan punya jantan, I could have died! Dusyum sekali.

To make matter worse, I couldnt get any seat, so I had to stand all the way to timbaktu…it's a sign that its not gonna be a good day!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Brush with fame!

Abang Reza made his own show debut on TV yesterday’s morning “ abah & fifi”. I could not, not watch it since I was personally reminded by him when I bumped into him at BB on Saturday. Not to mentioned his sister smsing me every chance she got…

Personal verdict, baru lagikan…oklah tu. Transition from teater to tv..not bad!

p/s mental note to oneself, must remember to catch van's latest movie or risk being bebel at..


Shit!!!!Double Shit!!! I cannot wear my favourite jeans without having that extra flash tumbled sideways.ugh. Cannot wear hanging show tummy shirt anymore…so sad : (

So I thought of starting an early new year’s resolution. I will starve myself for 2 days to the brink of death until I can get rid of the extra 5 pounds...heh...am i brilliant or am i BRILLIANT?!.

p/s somebody pls resuscitate me back if I over did it ‘kay. I still have that new year’s party to go to.

Saya tipu!

Bloody hell, did I really say I can now afford a jazz??? Well, that plan is down the drain now. With raya baru lepas, im broke like nobody’s business. Why the culture must be as such, asal kerja kena bagi duit raya…yang, I need gas money for tomorrowlah..broke oredi.

p/s I passed my red jazz this morning, I could have sworn it winked at me… : (

My niche in life!

I know, i know, why the long gap. My new job is keeping me busy, that's why!

Its been a month since I started my new job. i love it! For the 1st time in my working life, i actually found a job that I truly enjoyed. Why? Coz im paid to do nothing…muahaha….ops kena tengok kiri kanan dan belakang, make sure no one is here, nanti kena buang kerja pulak.

But seriously, back in the old goddamn workplace, kerja setengah mati tapi bayar seciput. Here…muahahaha again…let’s just say that the red jazz that ive been eyeing but kena pikir seribu kali nak beli ke tak, well, I can actually afford to buy it now….ck, u can close your mouth and wipe that drool…green in the face is really not your colour .

Gone are the days where ill be broke by mid month. Why must it be that beginning of the month, ill be loaded and but 2 weeks past, ill be money hunting...in my jeanslah, in my bagslah, in my closetlah, in my drawerslah even under the cupboard...asal boleh cari, im there looking! Moral of the story is, i need to curb my borosness...help!
Malulah kalau lepas ni still kena buat muka seposen mintak sedekah kat my sayangs...knowing where i work!! Is there a shopaholics anonymous, like those AA kinda counselling session thingy??? I wonder.....

p/s i do need to revamp my office wardrobe...so how loh???