Welcome to paradise....

Welcome to paradise....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nexus Karambunai - Heaven!

Anyway, my trip to KK started off with a few relaxing days stay in the tranquil Nexus Resort Karambunai which was definitely not enough. I must recommend to others to stay at least a week here to really enjoy the place coz there are just so many things to do. 1 day for each hotel star rating and 1 day for the journey…

The ambience, the look and the sound of Nexus Golf Resort Karambunai can put you in a permanent holiday mood as permanent as my stretch marks!!. There are enough natural looking pools to fit hundreds of guests at one time and plenty of sun beds between the pool and the beach without you having to arm wrestle or waking up at 5.30 am to ‘reserve’ one ahead of the German Hospice Group!!

I especially love the fact that when I stood at the pool area looking over at the beach, I can see left and right, people being massaged, people on horses, people enjoying snacks by the ice cream cart, people sun bathing here and there, some beach games being played, some people playing board games etc.

When one has been brought up watching Fantasy Island, one would have a preconceived idea about how a resort should be like! And this is definitely it!

For their little guests, they even thoughtfully added a half shade across the kiddy pool so that the kids can spend all day in the pool without the worry of sunstroke and there’s even a Nexie Club with activities to occupy the kids giving time off to the parents to do their own stuff…quickie and all heheheee.

However, to stay here without a car, one needs to be prepared to eat and live in the resort. It’s about 40 minutes away from the airport and the nearest place to eat is probably 1 ½ hours away on foot!

The only thing that I wished they had is a Karaoke outlet and my daughter wished for a playground! Apart from that, its picture purrrfect!

Pictures can tell a thousand words! So go get yer Kleenex and drooool …

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Holidaying is one of the ways to reduce stress!

What better way but to start with stories about my much needed holiday voyage to the land beneath the wind and to the land of hornbills. The famous ‘No Confidence Vote’ state of Sabah and Sarawak, by far the largest under-developed state by land mass in Malaysia!!

The Flight
LCCT – Kuching – Kota Kinabalu
Why Kuching stopover???...... don’t ask….

Did you know that one of the criteria to be an Air Asia stewardess is “to have inexhaustible smile”??!! Ironically, I did not even see a smirk on any of the stewardesses faces on my recent flights!! Apart from a slight twitch from their upper lip towards the “X-press” check-in passengers i.e. people who insisted to pay extra money to be seated First way before mothers with infants, wheelchair bound and fossil aged passengers!!! It’s a bit ironic that one would choose a No Frills airline with the same seating configuration, same class for all or fairness like the ‘Round Table of Camelot’ yet ‘Pay Extra’ to get positive discrimination…. Duhh!! Lack of smiles? Maybe it’s because the girls were forced into those uncomfortable tight, short red skirts that seems to show their very distinctive ‘Grandma styled panty lines’….Air Asia…. Now everybody can squirm!!! Good value? 10 sen flight YES RM8 Nasi Lemak NO!!
*end of intermission*


Incidentally, the last time I was in Sabah, it was for my birth!! Yes, that’s right! I was born here! I can still remember the first faint words I heard …..Push!!!Push!!! Sikit laaagi… It’s a girl….. with attitude-lah!!! God sent me to a land of natural beauty and tranquility and where did I end up??? In KL!!! Peergh!! Everyone here ends their sentences with a Bah! Imagine if every state speaks the same insane way…. Rak for Perak, Tan for Kelantan, Dah for Kedah. Worst would be Johor with Hor which sounds like a swearing New York pimp on crack!!

To be continued...

Sometimes less is more...

After a long soul searching, I’ve decided that my blog should be somewhere I can impart some kind of knowledge to the readers rather than a meaningless story about my life which of no concern to anyone but me…. It may be exciting, refreshing, witty, and full of love, inspiring, cynical and sarcastic but to others meaningless nevertheless…

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I thought, I thought, I saw a pussy cat!

Wow...this blog is full of cobwebs already. An example of obsolete material that is in desperate need of rejuvenation.

Anywho.....A blogbuster is coming to your home pc next week! Get your nasi lemak and your teh tarik ready coz the new post is going to blow your socks, thongs and bras off to high heaven.....hopefully!

Jeng......Jeng........Jeng !!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

I thought I was gonna take a break from blogging but this is important!

No, we are not going to hike the price for fuel anytime soon, most likely in August.

Then next day, all hell broke loose when people scrambled to fill up their tank because of the price hike!

~ - ~

No, the election is not going to be soon.

Then next day, parliament was dissolved to make way for election campaign!


No, I’m not getting married.

Then next day, please meet Malaysia’s new 1st lady!


No, Thais and Singaporean are banned from buying Msian petrol.

Then next 2 days, the ban was lifted off!


Will there be an end to this saga of hypocrisy?